Starbase 257 - Arrival of the Viking crew

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It had felt like a longer journey on the USS Pennington than it actually was. Michelle had spent her days writing reports and checking in with the various members of the crew.

When they finally arrived at Starbase 257, it felt like she could finally breathe and start to put what had happened behind her.

Walking down the gangway and into the Starbase, she felt the buzz of activity, excitement and curiosity surrounding their arrival. She had been informed that many of their new crew had already arrived at the Starbase and was waiting patiently for new orders. She herself didn’t even know what would become of them, if they would be given a new ship, or simply given new assignments.

She was greeted at the end of the gangway by a Starbase NE from the security department, holding a PaDD and giving out assignments for temporary quarters.

“Commander Michelle Allen,” She said, looking at him sternly.

“Ahh, yes,” The NE said. “You have been assigned temporary living quarters Beta-Six-Three-Two-Nine. I also have a note here requesting that you report to the Fleet Commander’s office at your earliest convenience.”

“Of course,” Michelle said flippantly, tucking a stray strand of hair behind her ears. “Have all the crew of the Viking been accounted for?”

The NE nodded. “We are still disembarking the remainder of the crew from the Pennington, but I believe there are no discrepancies from your crew roster.”

“Very well,” Michelle said. “Carry on.”

She stood to the side to watch as the crew she barely knew exited the Pennington and made their way onto the Starbase.

-Commander Michelle Allen

“You alright Captain?” Peter said to the Acting Captain, despite the fact that they no longer had a ship he felt the title was necessary for crew morale, they’d already lost too many friends. In his right hand he held a curved sabre in a hilt and in his left he held a photo frame.


Michelle sighed. “Yes.” She said flatly, looking at him, squinting her eyes slightly as she tried to remember his name. “Sigmundsson is it? I’ve been summoned to the Fleet Commander’s office. No doubt he wants a report of what happened.” She sighed softly. “What’s that?” She asked, gesturing to the items he was holding. “Things you were able to recover from the ship?”

-Michelle Allen

Kristi had gotten separated from Mike at some point that morning when they were boarding at the Station. Sighing as she got off, she murmured a quick hello to the Captain, not wanting to intrude on the conversation she was in. Stepping off to the side, a small bag on her shoulder, she sighed looking at the CIO’s sword. In her bag were a couple things she had acquired on the way to the Station. Unfortunately, she hadn’t been able to recover anything from her room before it was part of the vanished part of the ship. Except for a few pictures she believed she still had in her personal files, she wasn’t really missing anything she couldn’t live without.

Leaning on the wall, letting the bag slide to the floor beside her, she waited for Mike and hoped he hadn’t gotten off first and already taken off.

Ens. Kristi O’Larria

Kalika sighed and passed the others as she disembarked. She got her room number and headed for it with a passing note that if Sharvi hadn’t exited yet, to pleases let him know where she had gone. The poor NE with the clipboard made the note, but she didn’t have much faith in the message actually being forwarded. She hoisted her bag onto her shoulder in a better position to carry and headed deeper into the station. She’d managed to get her personal belongings from her crate in the hold. But her own room had been too far out of the way. Thankfully, she didn’t have much in her room as it had all been packed up when she had ‘disappeared’.

Heading to her room, she sighed. How does one get over losing a ship piece by piece like that? She knew it would be hard on the crew. She couldn’t imagine what the Captain would be going thru.

Lt Kalika Darz

As he walked the halls of the Starbase, Avarak made a mental note to schedule sessions with all of the crew members as soon as he could, especially the ones who had been with the ship the longest. It was rather illogical to get that attached to a ship, but he would do his best to help them all work through the issue.

Avarak (CNS)

It was easy to spot the crew from Viking, even if Mike didn’t know everyone. You just had to see, who was looking the gloomiest. Although he wasn’t the happiest either, specially not knowing what will happen to him now, that his mission came to a sudden stop, he still decided to try and cheer up anyone he met.

“Hey guys, you won’t believe.” He spoke as he approached Kristi and Kalika. “They actually have working replicators here in the mess hall. You order a steak, it actually tastes like a stake. We should definitely check it out.” Turning to Kristi he added. “We both got quarters in the same hallway, isn’t that nice. We’re neighbours.”
He could easily get one bigger quarters for Kristi and himself, but it didn’t feel like the right time to further their relationship like that to him. He hoped he might get to talk to Kristi alone later, and find out what she’d like as well.

Lt. Mike Stone, Former Chief engineer on USS Viking

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