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Posted Jan. 20, 2021, 12:16 p.m. by Commodore K'hal (Fleet Commander) (Geoff Joosten)

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After settling in and changing into a fresh uniform, Michelle slowly made her way through the Starbase. Eventually she found herself in the Command Center, heading towards the Fleet Commander’s office.

It seemed like only yesterday she was having a meeting with one of the Starfleet brass. It was then that Admiral Witting had assigned her to the position of the Viking’s First Officer. It was no secret the reputation that the Viking had as a ship. It wasn’t particularly an assignment most officers would desire. Often times the joke was that you got assigned to the Viking when Starfleet had no real use for you or no where else to put you.

Michelle never did buy into all the stories of haunting and supernatural occurrences. Although after what had happened to the Viking she was starting to reconsider her views. Deep down she knew there was some sort of explanation for the ship simply disappearing and ceasing to exist, but the data that had been collected didn’t shed any light onto the phenomenon.

Walking up to an NE who was working at a console, Michelle inquired if the Fleet Commander was in his office. The NE nodded, and Michelle made her way over to the office door, which was closed.

Ringing the chime, she smoothed out her hair and tugged at the bottom of her uniform jacket. These kinds of meetings were never fun, and she was sure the Fleet Commander would have plenty of questions for her.

-Michelle Allen

“Enter,” came the growl from within, a voice graveled similar to someone who had smoked most of their life.

When the door hissed open a Commodore sat in a simple desk with simple items, the office held only one item that was at all personal and that was a shadow box with all of the man’s pips and commendations. K’hal was a hard man. Chiseled features of a man who has seen too much in his life, and eyes that were alternating between dead and pointed depending on how interested in the conversation he was.

“Allen. I wasn’t expecting you so soon. Where is the other captain,” he asked eyes darting around as if she was going to appear at any given moment. When she failed to appear he turned his eyes back to Michelle. “The admiralty has been talking. Meridian is a strong fleet, and you have been reassigned to me… as you can tell because you are here.”

He took a breath, “Do you want a coffee? Scotch? This is going to be a long conversation… Captain.”

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