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Posted by Commander Maxwell Watley (First Officer) in ALL CREW - DEDICATION CEREMONY for the “new” Viking

Posted by Commander Michelle Allen (Acting Captain) in ALL CREW - DEDICATION CEREMONY for the “new” Viking
A notification was sent out to all rostered Viking crew.

ATTENTION - Ship Dedication ceremony
TIME: 1900

TO CREW: Have all personal belongings shipped to your new quarters by 2000 hours. USS Viking scheduled to depart Starbase at 2200 hours promptly. Direct any inquires to Starbase personnel coordinator Lieutenant Cindy Poole

Lt Cindy Poole was a shorter woman with curly black hair. She held a PaDD and greeted members from the Viking crew as they entered the main hangar bay area and directed them to the large loading bay area which had been cleared of all equipment to make room for the large compliment of crew who would be attending the ceremony. It would be standing room only, but these kinds of ceremonies didn’t last long.

-Lt Cindy Poole, Starbase Personnel Coordinator

Watley arrived first, the older man had not had much to do in the hours before the ceremony was to commence. His face was glum, and he dragged himself into the hangar bay. He hated these ceremonies and the attention that came with it. It had always been a point of contention within his family. Watley’s family had always hugged the spotlight, while Max had simply wanted to stay out of it. This ceremony, as silly as it was to him, still filled the XO with an almost inappropriate level of anxiety.

Lt. Maxwell Watley- XO

Peter had managed to connect to Starfleet Intelligence to give his private briefing on the situation and then connect with his family. He had also spent some time working out his frustration of losing yet another Captain on some unfortunate junior Security Officers in need of some sparring earlier in the day. He managed to gather his sparse belongings in a small bag and made his way to the Hangar area. Already in the room, he saw the small pudgy man in a command uniform, the new first officer. He’d been unimpressed by his file and was even more unimpressed by the man in person. He said nothing, simply moving past him towards the back of the room and watched for new arrivals, hoping to see at least some familiar faces.


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