All Security - Staff Meeting - Conference room Bravo

Posted Feb. 8, 2021, 3:09 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Maeve Harlow (Chief of Security) (Robert Thompson)

Even though everyone on the Viking has only been on board for less than 24 hours Maeve thought it was important for her staff to get things in order and start a routine. She spent the better part of her evening working on a staff schedule and where each security team would be posted. She wasn’t like most security chiefs she prefered that a team stayed in their respected areas of the ship for two week periods before switching off to go to a different area of the ship. This meant that nobody got stuck forever in a relatively low-risk area just twiddling their thumbs.

Once she felt she was ready she called the meeting. =^= Harlow to all security staff meet me in conference room Bravo in 1 hour for briefing and to obtain your assignments. =^=

Lt.Cmdr, Maeve Harlow - COS

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