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Posted Feb. 22, 2021, 4:15 p.m. by Lieutenant Mike Stone (Chief Engineer) (Miha Kozlevcar)

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((seemed good to get a thread started for the rest of us… hoping the main sim spills to us here))

Unaware of what exactly was happening on the bridge, Kristi moved around Engineering helping out here and there as they team got used to their new ship. It was weird to actually be on a ship that wasn’t falling apart so bad it barely was livable. The entire crew was busy getting used to actual specs and not ‘at least its running’ specs. And being so well maintained, this ship was a bit boring for some. There wasn’t a constant need to keep folks stationed around just to keep things functioning.

Kristi had just finished with her last round and knocked on the wall, peeking into the Chief’s office to see if he was there for an update. “Chief?” She was smiling. That, in and of itself, was something rare lately. To come to the Engineering office without a frown of doom that more bad news was coming.

Ensign Kristi O’Larria

“Ensign O’Larria, you come right on time.” He said with a slight smile. Although there was no big secret on the ship, that they were a couple, Mike still tried to call her by her formal title, while others were around. And the engineering was packing with engineers.

“Here, I got a PADD with the list of urgent repairs that we need to do, and I’d like your opinion on what to prioritise.”

He handed her the PADD then waited to see her expression. As soon as she lifted her head he said:

“Yup, there’s no urgent repairs needed,” and smiled, ” I got a full crew of engineers, and don’t know what to give them to work if this keeps up. Right now we’re still double checking everything, just in case anything was missed.”

With a slight pause he added: “How are you adjusting to the ship?”

On the previous derelict of a ship, he found her crucial. At one point he even considered if cloning her a few times might be a solution.
He hoped the lack of any real issues might not make her think she’s not useful. If anything, he was sure this won’t last forever.

Lt. Mike Stone, CE

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