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After getting underway, all the DH’s would get a message of a meeting that had been scheduled for the following morning at 0900.

Michelle was the first to arrive to the conference room at 0840, a large mug of coffee in hand. She wanted to be there early to greet the senior staff and try and forge a quick personal connection with these people as they’d been hastily thrust together.

Taking a seat at the head of the table, she let out a small sigh. She had never been the most personable type, but she had been given this command for a reason and she was determined to make the best of it. She was not going to give Command any more reason to doubt her abilities.

Pulling out a PaDD, she took a quick look at the files she had for her senior staff, awaiting the first arrivals.

-Captain Michelle Allen

Maeve had been up since 0500, she had never been able to sleep well on a new ship, the doctors said that it had something to do with the harmonics of the engines and that her body had to get used to it. She really didn’t have much to do till 0900 so she began reading up on some reports of Orian pirates who have been hitting some smaller vessels in the area. She knew that it was the Viking’s primary mission to police the area from any pirate activity and to give aid to those who need it.

It was 0840 and she had yet to formally meet the newly minted captain so she decided that it might be good to attend the meeting early to see if she could have a quick chat with her. Walking into the turbo lift she told the lift that she wanted to go to the bridge and within a minute the doors opened to reveal the tight yet comfortable bridge. Not seeing the captain Maeve decided to head directly to the conference room.

When the doors opened to allow her through the threshold she could see the captain at the head of the table reading over what could only be the mission briefe from Starfleet. Taking a step into the room Maeve made her way closer to the captain. “Good morning Captain, I’m Mave Harlow your new Chief of Security.” She briefly looked down and pointed to a chair. “May I?” She asked indicating if it was alright to sit next to her.

Lt.Cmdr, Maeve Harlow - COS

“Please,” Michelle said, looking up at the new Chief of Security. She indicated the chair next to her with a wave of her hand, before extending her hand to the other woman in greeting. “It is a pleasure to meet you.”

Nearby the door to the conference room hissed open almost silently as it slid on it’s tracks. A man standing around five feet ten inches and weighing around a hundred and eighty pounds made his way in. He had a dark chocolate brown to black widow’s peak that was a little longer than regulation but was slicked back and neat enough that it fit well within Federation grooming standards. He had a mustache and goatee that belied the thinness of his face and high cheekbones, somehow giving him a slightly wolfish appearance. Science blues peeked along the collar of his black and gray uniform and a pair of lieutenant pips caught the light just for a moment. Stormy gray eyes took the room in with piercing intelligence, and seeing the two women - Captain and COS respectively, he gave them a nod in greeting. He didn’t know either of them well, and he hadn’t known the previous captain or security chief very well either. Though his brief interaction with Luna had not been so great.

Hopefully this tour would prove to be better all around.

“Pardon. I seem to be a little early. I hope I’m not interrupting anything,” he asked, his voice coming through in a rich and warm baritone as he glanced between the two females.

Lt. Woods, CSO

“Maeve looked pleasantly at the man you’re not interrupting at all. The captain and I were just getting acquainted.” Maeve reached out her hand in greeting. “Maeve Harlow, Vikings newest Chief of security.”

Mark made his way over to Maeve and took the proffered hand. His grip was firm, warm to the touch, slightly roughened skin from all sorts of activities, but not unpleasant. Not the hands of someone who only lived in the lab all the time. There was a measure of surity and strength there. A quick shake followed, before slipping away again, professional but not impersonal. “Pleasure to meet you, Lieutenant Commander,” he said with a warm smile. “Markus Woods, though I tend to go by Mark or Woods. Hopefully this boat won’t have so many screws loose this time.” He gave the ship a wary glance as though he might have to pay for that comment later.

“Yes, please, have a seat,” Michelle said, giving Marcus a nod. Yet another one of the department heads she hadn’t had much time to interact with during her very short tenure on the previous Viking.

Watley was nervous, normally he was the guy who just sat and listened, but now, he had a hand in leading these sort of engagements. The XO wished he had made it to this point in his career as a younger man, he felt so much of life had already passed him by, and the youthful follies had already come and gone. The portly aging man entered the conference room, and looking over the individuals already present, he nodded, “Good morning,” and made pace to a chair in which to sit.

Lt. Commander- Maxwell Watley- XO

As the XO made his way in, Markus turned to regard him with a nod. He hadn’t had a chance to meet the man yet, but at least this meeting might serve as a sort of introduction. “Commander,” he said by way of greeting.

Michelle gave her new First Officer a nod. The two of them still hadn’t had much time to get to know each other one on one, with the rushed departure from the Starbase. She made a mental note to reach out to him.

Just moments after the XO arrived Peter made his way into the conference room. For the past few days, he had been considering if staying on the Viking was worth it, Previously he’d stayed to investigate its oddities, then he had a reason in his Captain, then Nakuto returned. He had purpose and friends, old and new, now almost everything was gone. Ravenfall had disappeared, Nakuto reassigned somewhere else and the Viking itself was gone. The ship where he’d served as both Chief of Security and Intelligence chief. A place where time travel, dragons, insane murderous AI’s with attitude, and even Section 31 could be found, the worst assignment in the Fleet and the best. He decided that he would stay to see how the new ship would treat the crew and how qualified its new command staff was.

The giant of a man walked silently past the other Department heads and sat down on the other end of the table, normally he would be sitting either next to the Captain or COS but both of them were strangers for the moment. He gave the Captain a nod of acknowledgment then leaned back in his chair.


Recognizing the gigantic CIO, Markus gave him a nod and a loose salute with index and middle finger. Some might have seen it as mocking, but for two people who’d lived on the last wreck of a ship for quite a while… well hopefully those insane times were long gone.

Maeve felt a little sorry for the man. In reading reports, his world basically crumbled before him. However, in seeing his record she was glad he was staying on his extra security clearance could become invaluable on a mission and would gladly share the role of COS with him.

As Mike entered a minute or two before 900, almost everyone was present already. He greeted quickly everyone in the room before taking a sit, and placing a PADD with the ship’s status and maintenance information. He still couldn’t quite get over the fact, that he went from over 200 urgent repair requests and many more less important one, to just a few moderate issues that needed to have an eye on.
Still since boarding, he had his team check out every inch of the ship, just in case.
Although he should be feeling happy, what the ship was doing fine, somehow he still felt uneasy about the whole situation with the old ship.

Lt. Mike Stone, CE

And then Mike made his way in. It was good to see more of the old senior staff had stuck around. Peter and Mike were good to have around when things were going down. Mark gave the lieutenant a nod. “Good to see you back,” he mused.

Mike shrugged simply. ” Someone has to stick around and make sure this ship doesn’t fall apart as well.” He did smile as he was happy he could stay. For a bit he was worried he would be reassigned to a different ship, and for now, here is where he felt like he belonged.

Lt.Mike Stone, CE

Maeve looked around the room it was now filling up fast. There were some fresh faces like her own to the crew, where some of the old crew look slightly withdrawn and exhausted even after the weeks leave on the starbase.

Lt.Cmdr, Maeve Harlow - COS

Turning toward the CO he extended his hand to Captain Allen. “Captain,” he offered. He hadn’t had time to meet with her in a formal way either, but this would serve as a decent start. Hopefully. He pondered tapping into his other abilities, needing the practice, but if they hadn’t read his file yet it could be seen as an invasion of privacy. Even if it really was only just listening. Or perhaps reading body language cues.

Lt Woods, CSO

Michelle looked up at Marcus with a bit of surprise. She had been preoccupied in watching her senior staff interacting with each other that she hadn’t really been greeting them or introducing herself.

“My apologies Lieutenant,” Michelle said, taking his hand and shaking it with a firm but not overly aggressive grip. “It is good to meet you formally.”

Watley looked around at the officers, they looked competent, confident, and professional. Most cutting of all, several looked young, a painful reminder to him of his slow success to the top, one full of regrets and lethargy. The old man simply nodded to those who acknowledged him.

Lt. Cm Maxwell Waltey- XO

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Lt. Tath’ihl Sharvi walked in to the conference room after completing several new personnel physicals. The Klingon Chief Medical Officer left the sickbay in the hands of the new doctor, once he got him cleared for duty, and headed here as fast as he could. He sat down, looked around at the new and old faces as the meeting was about to start.
Lt. Sharvi, CMO
At the head of the table, Michelle stood. “I want to thank each and every one of you for your service and dedication. I was able to meet some of you briefly on board our former ship, but since we did not have much time together let me give you a more formal introduction. I am Michelle Allen and I’ve been serving on Starfleet ships for 14 years. My background is in Intelligence with focus on ships operations, tactical and combat. It is an honor to serve with you and I am looking forward to getting to know you all better in the coming weeks.” She paused, slowly looking around the table at the faces looking back at her. This was her team. She knew that they each brought unique talents and abilities, and she looked forward to seeing what they could accomplish together.

“My door is always open, and I encourage you to make use of it,” Michelle said. “In the next days we will be assigning the Bridge duty rotations and I expect each of you who has completed basic command training to take rotations in command.”

Looking over towards Watley, Michelle indicated towards him with a sweep of her hand. “I would like to turn things over now to your new First Officer, Lieutenant Maxwell Watey. As he will be in charge of personnel I would like to have him say a few words and let you know what he expects from each of you.” She gave the XO a small smile. “Then I would like us all to introduce ourselves to each other since we have some new faces and many of us haven’t had a chance to become acquainted yet.” Nodding towards Watley, she said, “Lieutenant Commander Watley.” Then she took her seat again, looking towards the XO.

-Captain Michelle Allen

Mike looked around. New CO, new XO. Even in his department, although most of the past crew remained on the roster, there has been a significant number of new crew, more then half in fact. For now he still couldn’t get used to the feeling, that this is a new ship now, even if the name remained the same.

Lt. Mike Stone, CE

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