Side sim - Meeting the new CoS

Posted Feb. 27, 2021, 2:27 a.m. by Lieutenant Commander Maeve Harlow (Chief of Security) (Robert Thompson)

Posted by Captain Michelle Allen (Captain) in Side sim - Meeting the new CoS
Michelle sat in her ready room, looking over various reports and such. Taking a break, she leaned back in her chair, letting out a sigh. Then, realizing that she hadn’t yet taken time to chat with many of her senior staff one on one, she tapped her computer terminal to life, checking to see who might be off duty. She saw one name, and then tapped her comm badge.

=/\= Captain Allen to Lieutenant Commander Harlow. Please report to the ready room =/\=

-Captain Michelle Allen

Maeve was washing away the days’ grime in the sonic shower when the captains’ voice came over the intercom. Why would the captain want to see her…? She asked herself. Shrugging to her self she replied. =^= On my way Captain. =^=

Stepping out of the sonic shower she pulled out a clean uniform from her wardrobe. She wasn’t planning on leaving her quarters this evening, she was going to curl up with an old book for the evening.

After making herself look presentable in her fresh-pressed uniform she made her way to the bridge. Once there she made note of the officers who were on duty. She really didn’t know anyone yet other than what was in their Starfleet records. Even then trying to memorize the hundreds of individuals on board was near impossible, something that only an android or Vulcan had a knack for accomplishing. She then turned towards the ready room and pressed the chime waiting to be invited in.

Lt.Cmdr Maeve Harlow - COS

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