Boarding medical exam

Posted Feb. 27, 2021, 7:21 a.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Zarus DeSai (Doctor) (Jim Watkin)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Maeve Harlow (Chief of Security) in Boarding medical exam

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Zarus DeSai (Doctor) in Boarding medical exam

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Maeve Harlow (Chief of Security) in Boarding medical exam
Maeve had only been onboard the new Viking for a couple of hours. She first checked in on her quarters to make sure all of her belongings were accounted for, which they were. She had then made her way to the security department and her office doing a general inspection. With everything looking the way it should she decided to head to sickbay for her boarding exam, but first, she needed to grab her mohawk from her quarters.

Maeve wondered if Zarus would be available to perform her physical
=^= Harlow to DeSai, Zarus are you available to do my medical exam and install my new mohawk? =^=

Lt.Cmdr Maeve Harlow - COS

=/\=DeSai here. I’ll be free in about 20 minutes, is that OK for you, sir?=/\= came DeSai’s voice over the comm system.


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=^= That works out great. See you in a bit. Harlow out.=^= The little bit of time gave Maeve the opportunity to pick up her new mohawk. She had been waiting for this upgrade to her cybernetic systems for well over a year. Upon entering her quarters she made her way to the cabinet where she kept the new headgear safely tucked away in a carved wooden box that her father had given to her with her first cybernetic implant after the accident nearly 12 years ago.

After picking up the box she looked inside to make sure it was still there. The metallic crown was still safe in its velvet enclosure. The blue lights along the sides shon with faint brilliance. Maeve smiled and closed the lid. She then walked out of her quarter’s wooden box in hand.

Taking the turbolift to sickbay she walked through the doors looking for Zarus. Spotting a nurse she asked. “I have an appointment with Dr. DeSai do you know where I could find them?”

Lt.Cmdr, Maeve Harrlow -COS

“DeSai?” the nurse asked and hesitated before remembering who the new name was, “Ah yes, over there. The trill with blue hair.”

Zarus was at a sanitizer station just washing their hands and lower arms.


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