Sickbay - DeSai's Boarding Evaluation & Reporting For Duty

Posted March 1, 2021, 1:21 p.m. by Lieutenant Tath'ihl Sharvi (Chief Medical officer) (Rusty Boshankles)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Zarus DeSai (Doctor) in Sickbay - DeSai’s Boarding Evaluation & Reporting For Duty

Posted by Lieutenant Tath’ihl Sharvi (Chief Medical officer) in Sickbay - DeSai’s Boarding Evaluation & Reporting For Duty

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Zarus DeSai (Doctor) in Sickbay - DeSai’s Boarding Evaluation & Reporting For Duty
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After reporting to the Counsellor, DeSai headed to sickbay for their boarding evaluation and to report for duty.

As expected there was a queue of people waiting for their evaluations. DeSai joined the queue and took a seat in the waiting area knowing that it would not be long before someone would call their name.


Lt. Sharvi looked up from the patient he was looking over for his boarding physical, as the lieutenant came in. “Hello, welcome to the asylum that used to be a normal sickbay. ” the klingon doctor said with a chuckle, then noticed who he was. “Oh, you’re the new doctor, I’m the Chief Medical Officer, Lt. Thath’ihl Sharvi. I’ll be with you as soon as I can.” He said, going back to the patient on the biobed. “Your scans and tests are complete, you’re good to start duty.” He told the patient.
Lt. Sharvi, CMO

Zarus acknowledged the CMO’s greeting and continued to wait patiently. The sickbay was much smaller than the infirmary that Zarus was used to, but that said it served a different purpose. The Starbase infirmary had been designed for high numbers of patients, most of whom were civilians or foreign visitors. It had also been designed to accommodate patients requiring long term treatment and rehabilitation. The Viking’s sickbay was designed to serve the needs of a single crew of starfleet officers and to be able to support evacuation efforts. Patients requiring long term care would be transferred to a Starbase facility.

Zarus knew that once the rush of routine boarding evaluations died down there would be a lot of mundane work maintaining readiness for emergency as well as treating the few injuries that would occur onboard.


The ensign jumped off the biobed and left sickbay, Lt. Sharvi updated his pad, before standing up. “Ok, we are ready for you over here, let’s make this a two in one, physical for duty and your check in for duty, then you can help me finish these physicals. Nothing like a new ship to make you realize how many personnel is actually on this vessel.” He said laughing. The Klingon hadn’t really been CMO on the old ship long, but being security before a doctor, he pretty knew all the old faces, and was excited to learn about the new ones.
Lt. Sharvi, CMO

“Ofcourse,” Zarus replied. Zarus’ appearance was very distinctive. They was a trill with blue hair that almost matched the colour of their spots and complimented their blue eyes. Their face was clean shaven and so smooth you couldn’t tell that it was capable of growing facial hair and their short stature and small build made them look younger than their years.

Zarus hopped onto the bio-bed and sat facing the klingon doctor.


“This is the busiest I have ever been in this position. Lt. Darz kept us busy in security, but switching over and becoming CMO, this is the most excitement this wing of the ship has seen. But anyway, the bed is running your vitals, has anything changed medically since you boarded the ship?” He mused about the old ship and asked about his medical readiness.
Lt. Sharvi, CMO

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