Ensign Matthias reporting for duty

Posted March 19, 2021, 1:40 a.m. by Ensign Matthias (Security Officer) (Matthew Fowler)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Maeve Harlow (Chief of Security) in Ensign Matthias reporting for duty

Posted by Ensign Matthias (Security Officer) in Ensign Matthias reporting for duty

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Maeve Harlow (Chief of Security) in Ensign Matthias reporting for duty
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Matthias disembarked from the shuttle and headed towards the main part of the Viking. He was excited but nervous at the same time, excited because he was finally aboard a Starfleet vessel and about to head into space. Also nervous because he was potentially one of the oldest trainees on board and wasn’t sure how that would come across. After asking for directions just to make sure of where he was going he finally arrived at Security. Here he was to meet the Department Head, he paused as he remembered the name… ah yes… Lieutenant Commander Harlow.

He reached the door and decided to be old fashioned and knocked at the same time as he called out “Ensign Matthias reporting for duty”

Hering the knock at the door Maeve was a little confused…Door chime must be broken. She thought. I’ll have to get someone from engineering to get that fixed. Getting up from her desk she walked to the door and opened it. “Ah Ensign, yes, I’ve been expecting you.” Maeve gestured greeting him pointing towards some chairs in front of her desk. Once the ensign was through the doors she made her way towards her desk and sat down in the comfortable exiutive chair.

“Congrats on graduating from the academy. Not many people your senior decide to join up. Most people don’t relish the idea of going back to school for 4 years after they have already been in another industry.”

“I have read your academy records, but I would like you to tell me in your own words. What brought you to star fleet and more importantly the security division?”

Lt.Cmdr, Maeve Harlow - COS

Matthias stood at attention while the Commander was talking and then made his way to the indicated chairs. As he sat he nodded in appreciation towards her.

“Thank you Ma’am, it’s great to finally be aboard a starship. I’ve lived and worked on a farm all my life and over a period of time realised that what I was doing wasn’t really giving me the excitement and enjoyment that it used to. I decided that seeing as the majority of my friends were in Starfleet that I should apply and give it a go”.

He paused for a moment as he considered what he had just said. He felt a bit of sadness at leaving the farm, but there was no turning back now.

Maeve noted the slight undertone when he mentioned leaving the farm.

“As for why I chose Security, well I’ve always been good with a gun and protecting livestock and people from predators on the farm is a good thing, so I thought why not? Security is a way for me to put my weapon skills to good use and also be able to protect those around me when I don’t miss that often”.

He hoped that that last statement didn’t sound too cocky.

She had sat and listened to his story. “Preditors on a farm… To protect people and livestock…? My folks and I are from rural Alberta and had traveled all over the earth. Besides wolves, Kyotes, and the odd hawk I’ve never known an animal or person who needed protecting on a farm. What made your place so different?” She inquired. She didn’t mind the odd tall tale as each one was based on some line of truth. She enjoyed trying to figure out which was which.

“Well, your in luck I hold target practice once a month in the holodeck to make sure everyone’s skills are up to par. I don’t need my security officer’s aim to be as bad as some characters in the hollow novels earth puts out every couple of years. Makes me want to yell out and say. FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIFE HIT THE DAMN RANGE!! she hollered out for enfisis.”

Lt.Cmdr, Maeve Harlow - COS

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Rob “Ducky” Thompson

“I come Australia and live on a farm way out from anywhere, we have lots of predators hanging around trying to steal sheep and cattle. Unfortunately alot of those predators have two legs and like trying to take the livestock and sell it elsewhere, So constant protection is needed and sometimes the only way of persuasion is a gun”.

He paused as he realised how bloodthirsty that might have sounded.

“In saying that I’ve never shot to kill any two legged thieves, just warning shots aimed at trucks and other vehicles”

Matthias sat back and waited for a response. He hoped he hadn’t come across as overconfident. He did want to make a good impression.

Ensign Matthias, Security

Mave raised an eyebrow almost Vulcan-like, thinking. How the hell did this guy pass the psych evaluations? “I look forward to seeing you on the range.” She replied. She then pulled out a datapad and handed it to Mathias. “Your first duty shift will be with Lieutenant Kalika Darz in engineering. As you know we have a whole lot of sensitive data going through there. The two of you will be doing patrols in engineering and thought the deck. Your shift starts tomorrow morning at 06:00 try not to be late.”

Mave stood up from her chair and walked Mathias to the door. She smiled and held out her hand. “Welcome to the Viking.”

“Oh and Ensign, don’t forget to make friends in engineering and everywhere else on the ship were all one big team and it’s good to try to get to kow everyone.”

Lt.Cmdr Maeve Harlow - COS

Matthias stood and started to salute and then saw the outstretched hand, he quickly brought his hand down and firmly shook the Commander’s hand. “Thank you Ma’am I look forward to serving under you”. He paused as he tried to remember everything that had just been said. “That was Lieutenant Darz at 0600 in Engineering. I won’t be late”.

He turned and walked out the door remembering to salute as he left. He breathed deeply as he walked away. “Well that wasn’t too bad was it?” he thought to himself.
He then realised he didn’t know what Lieutenant Darz looked like, oh well he didn’t want to go back and ask and look foolish, surely it wouldn’t be too hard to work it out.

Ensign Matthias, Security

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