Ensign Matthias to the Counselor

Posted March 19, 2021, 2:19 a.m. by Ensign Matthias (Security Officer) (Matthew Fowler)

Posted by Lieutenant Avarak (Counselor) in Ensign Matthias to the Counselor

Posted by Ensign Matthias (Security Officer) in Ensign Matthias to the Counselor

Posted by Lieutenant Avarak (Counselor) in Ensign Matthias to the Counselor
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Ensign Matthias was still unsure as to why all new crew members on a starship had to go and meet with the counselor. If they thought he wasn’t mentally capable of performing wouldn’t they have knocked him back while at the Academy?

He shrugged to himself as he drew closer to the Counselor’s office. He had heard that the Counselor was a Vulcan, which he hadn’t heard of before but they must be good to be serving on the Viking. Taking a deep breath he tried to clear his mind of any negative thoughts and again, mainly due to politeness, knocked on the door.

“Ensign Matthias reporting for session with the Counselor”

The door slid open, revealing a Vulcan sitting at his desk. He placed a padd down and gestured for the Ensign to enter. “Please, come in and sit down.”

Lt. Avarak (CNS)

Matthias entered the room and sat in the nearest chair, he sagged slightly as he sat, the chair did feel very comfortable. He wiggled around a bit until he had found a sweet spot and then looked towards the Counselor.

“So what do you want to know?” He knew it wasn’t the most polite way to start a conversation, but it was the first thing that came to mind.

Ensign Matthias, Security

Avarak glanced at Matthias’s bio. “Tell me, have you heard some of the rumours concerning the previous ship?”

Lt. Avarak (CNS)

Matthias thought for a moment, he hadn’t really been paying much attention when being assigned to the Viking. Best to be honest he thought, in case this counselor is a mind reader.

“To be honest I haven’t heard a great deal. Something about it disappearing or being destroyed to protect something?”

Ensign Matthias, Security

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