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Posted March 27, 2021, 4:49 p.m. by Ensign Matthias (Security Officer) (Matthew Fowler)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Peter Sigmundsson (Chief Intelligence Officer) in 12 Forward: Crew Lounge

Posted by Ensign Matthias (Security Officer) in 12 Forward: Crew Lounge

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Peter Sigmundsson (Chief Intelligence Officer) in 12 Forward: Crew Lounge
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Ensign Matthias entered through the door of 12 forward for the first time and stood for a moment looking around. It seemed to be exactly what he had heard about from staff at the Academy, a place to come and relax and refresh with a good drink. He walked towards the bar and ordered himself a drink, something light to start with until he got used to things.

He walked towards an empty table and sat down, looking around he seemed to have the place to himself. He took a sip of his drink and sighed happily. He was finally aboard a starship and was ready to face the adventure to come.

“You’re new aren’t you” Just behind Matthias stood a massive human. Even compared to his own impressive height, this man was nearly seven feet tall and as wide as two people. He looked as if he was built out of marble where they didn’t want to waste material. Large body, thick neck and a clear musculature physique. He gave the man a smile. He had three pips on his collar, two filled and one empty. He looked to be well over fifty, the years had not been kind on this soul.


Matthias knocked his chair over as he struggled to his feet.

“Sir, yes…just come aboard the Viking…Ensign Matthias sir!!” Somehow he managed to stand upright without falling over and managed to get his right hand up in some form of salute. He stood there for aq moment waiting to see what would happen next, forgetting temporarily where he was.

Ensign Matthias, Security

Peter raised his hands with a smile “At ease Ensign” He sat down on the other side of the table, indicating for Matthias to do the same “I’m Peter, I’m the Viking’s Intelligence chief” He introduced himself “I understand you only joined the fleet recently”


Matthias sat down feeling somewhat embarrassed, what a way to introduce yourself to somebody. “Yes, sir, Only recently graduated from the academy and assigned obviously to the Viking”.

He paused as he considered what to talk about next. “Late to Starfleet obviously given my age, and don’t know a great deal about the history of the Viking, would you be able to fill me in? I’m in between reporting to various places”.

It would be great to hear about what type of ship he was going to be aboard. And also what type of people he would be serving with.

Ensign Matthias, Security

Peter nodded “Of course” He smiled slightly “I’ve served on the Viking serving two different roles, first as Security Chief and now as Intelligence Chief. That was on the Original ship, she was a lot more battered and beaten up. Rarely got serviced and always undermanned. People used to say she was haunted but outside the talkative and occasionally sadistic AI there wasn’t much truth to the rumours, it just had a few bad breaks. Now we’re starting fresh but I doubt things will be that much easier. They say weirds part of the job and things rarely get weirder than here”


Matthias listened intently as Peter spoke, it sounded like an interesting ship. “What about the crew sir and officers, what is the Captain like to work for?” He paused as he took a sip of his drink. “I guess another question is, what are our orders, where are we off to next?”

Ensign Matthias, Security

Peter shook his head “Don’t know the Captain that much, she had just been assigned to the Viking as first officer before she was destroyed. We lost our Captain and Command promoted Allen and gave her the ship. The XO is also new, don’t know him at all. AS for the rest, Doctor Sharvi used to be in your department but changed to Medical last year, decent officer. Lieutenant Woods has only been with us a few months but he seems a capable science chief. Engineering Chief Stone has been here for a long time, he’s a very capable Officer and protective of his crew, there’s more to him than meets the eye” He said with a cryptic smile “Your boss, Commander Harlow is another fairly recent addition, I don’t know her that much but she has a good reputation” He didn’t mention his mistrust of anything Borg related but he had no intention of influencing another Department Heads junior officer… yet.

He continued “Regarding our mission, we were sent to deal with a strange signal so we haven’t had much time to get the ship up and running yet, this will be a test for both the new and old crew” He waved down a waiter who handed him a drink he had probably ordered before “There are a few members of your department that I know from back when I was security chief but you’ll get to know them yourself, they are a trustworthy bunch.”


Matthias nodded in fascination, this was great hearing about the old Viking and the new one. “I hope that as a new member of the ship that I can live up to it’s name and also be known as a trustworthy person.

He paused and took a sip of his drink. “So how did you join Starfleet if you don’t mind me asking?”

Ensign Matthias, Security

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