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Unaware of what exactly was happening on the bridge, Kristi moved around Engineering helping out here and there as they team got used to their new ship. It was weird to actually be on a ship that wasn’t falling apart so bad it barely was livable. The entire crew was busy getting used to actual specs and not ‘at least its running’ specs. And being so well maintained, this ship was a bit boring for some. There wasn’t a constant need to keep folks stationed around just to keep things functioning.

Kristi had just finished with her last round and knocked on the wall, peeking into the Chief’s office to see if he was there for an update. “Chief?” She was smiling. That, in and of itself, was something rare lately. To come to the Engineering office without a frown of doom that more bad news was coming.

Ensign Kristi O’Larria

“Ensign O’Larria, you come right on time.” He said with a slight smile. Although there was no big secret on the ship, that they were a couple, Mike still tried to call her by her formal title, while others were around. And the engineering was packing with engineers.

“Here, I got a PADD with the list of urgent repairs that we need to do, and I’d like your opinion on what to prioritise.”

He handed her the PADD then waited to see her expression. As soon as she lifted her head he said:

“Yup, there’s no urgent repairs needed,” and smiled, ” I got a full crew of engineers, and don’t know what to give them to work if this keeps up. Right now we’re still double checking everything, just in case anything was missed.”

With a slight pause he added: “How are you adjusting to the ship?”

On the previous derelict of a ship, he found her crucial. At one point he even considered if cloning her a few times might be a solution.
He hoped the lack of any real issues might not make her think she’s not useful. If anything, he was sure this won’t last forever.

Lt. Mike Stone, CE

She took the padd with a concerned look then cocked her head and glanced up. “A blank PaDD, seriously?” She laughed and set it back on his desk. Settling on the edge of one of the chairs across from him, she shrugged. “I guess, like everyone else, I’m getting on ok. It’s still hard to believe the food tastes like what is should, the water is hot when it should be and no lights are off lending a tension to know when life support will fail as well.”

“I guess, like everyone, we will actually start wondering what to do with ourselves.” She laughed then. “I’m waiting to see who will be the first to brave more than a simple gym or dojo program on the holodeck. The few folks I’ve talked to said they were wary of the holodecks for so long, they are still a bit nervous about using them here.” She moved to sit on the edge of his desk with a large grin. “Soooo… I was wondering if perhaps we wouldn’t avail ourselves of them. Maybe a nice mini vacation or date after work one night?” She smiled at him, grateful the door was behind her as her eyes lit up just for him. “I think we could do it and not feel guilty. What do you think?”

As they chatted, they were still oblivious to the ship that was bearing down on them with the whole bridge crew steeped in curiosity.

(wondering in anticipation what we’ll be needed for… and knowing I’ll kick myself for bringing engineering to anyone’s attention heheheehe)

“You know, I didn’t even think about that yet. The holodecks will finally be a bit more useful. We can have a bit more adventure now. Perhaps go sky diving or paraglide? With safeguards on, we can do more then just have a picnic. Not that I didn’t enjoy that with you.” He grinned. “You know, the safeguards should be tested, to make sure no accident does happen. What do you say?” He had a bit of a mischievous expression on his face. Then again, the day started slow with not much to worry about.

Lt, Mike Stone, CE

Kristi laughed. “It would need testing, of course. And who better than engineering, right?” She smiled at his grin. Since they had come to the new ship, he had been a lot less tense. “You know, we can also work on other things.” She leaned on the wall and grinned. “Like perhaps getting you through the rest of the main engineering test so you feel better in your position? And maybe tell me a bit more of your real background. Maybe I can learn a thing or two to help you out as well.”

While the subject had been broached once or twice, she only really knew that he wasn’t stationed here as a Chief Engineer because of his mechanical prowess. He had come on orders from… someone… and she was determined to help him find a place where, till now, he seemed lost. She really had come to care deeply for him.


Mike cringed. “You can question me about my background all you want. I’m not too sure about the exam though. I know the CE should know the most out of everyone in engineering, but I was fortunate to get the position when there wasn’t really anyone else to chose, and I’m good at giving orders. And of course having brilliant engineers like yourself to work their asses off, and do my biding.” It wasn’t just love for Kristi speaking from him. He did know that on the old Viking, some engineers even gave their lives just to keep the ship flying. “I’m glad we got the same ship type, as at least i’m familiar with it. I did study it’s schematics when i first boarded the ship, so I could pass as an engineer. That and tons of duct tape. That stuff’s a life saver.”

One of Kristi’s first task when she arrived, was to fix one of his ‘rushed’ repairs. He was still embarrassed about it to this day, and didn’t tell her it was his work that needed proper engineer’s attention.

He sighed, but also smiled after. “I guess i can use the extra time I got now to catch up on how things work. I still have no idea how to recalibrate subspace amplifiers manually. Or how to use the isolinear spanner correctly on the first try…” There was still a lot, he didn’t know. “… but with you as tutor, I know i’ll learn all that soon enough.”

Lt. Mike Stone, CE

Kristi smiled. “You know more than you realize. You just said ‘the first try’. That means you know, you just have to break the ‘obvious’ habit that is the wrong choice at the beginning. And while I understand the time it takes, I think you have most of it figured out all ready, Mike. And I’ll help all I can, of course. And whatever reason it was that brought you here, since it wasn’t engineering, obviously, I’m supportive of as well.” She smiled and winked at him. “Maybe we can discuss it tonight over dinner?”

Perhaps this new ship would be good for them both. She liked that it wasn’t always life or death on the Viking now. She could actually take a breath and think about things other than making sure those on the ship survived.


Mike came closer to her and embraced her. “Oh, are you offering to cook?” He gave her a sly grin. In the age of replicators, there wasn’t much need for cooking. But on a ship where replicators rarely worked as intended, it became necessity again. Now, as much as he tested the new Viking’s replicators, everything was as one would expect on any other starship.

“I guess I could use a little practice in cooking normal food again. Half my recipes are of this wierd combinations, that worked on the old ship. God I hope I never have to go back to using those, or going through combinations and testings to find out what’s edible and what’s not.” A slight shiver ran through his body. Probably more then 90% of combinations he tried were horrible, and the rest somehow passable.

“How does 6pm sound, my quarters?” His new place was much bigger then old quarters. Besides the standard replicator, he did have a small stove there as well.

Lt. Mike Stone, CE

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