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“Agreed. Let’s see if we can get them to respond to any type of communication.” Michelle said, shifting in her seat trying to not appear too anxious.

Mark continued running scans and taking readings. He was still waiting on a return for what kind of mass to density ratio the object had - How heavy/dense was it in relation to it’s size? How many meters was it on each axis? It’s general shape and structure? The vessel seemed to be of a lower technology. It reminded him of the conflict with the Elysian Alliance in the 2380’s.

The craft was standard in density. The ship was mostly hollow as manned starships tend to be. Although even long range unmanned ships had a high ratio of unused space.

((What exactly is this vessel’s dimension and shape? They should be able to get a cross section of it’s interior layout unless it’s being shielded. If it is being shielded then that tells them something else.))

Lt Woods, CSO

The magnetic deflectors could project enough power to block scanning, but they weren’t at that level yet.

The ship was 926 meters long and 510 meters wide and 422 meters deep. Cosmetically, it looked more like a rectangle block than anything else. The internal configuration was designed for creatures who might be somewhere between 1.4 to 2.5 meters in height. The map suggested living quarters, several dozen rooms that could have been science, engineering, or meeting rooms. A large engineer compartment mid ships. Warp systems on either flank of the ship, but against the hull contrary to models of this quadrant. There were radiation plating between the drives and the ‘ship’.

The “welcome aboard” message repeated.


Peter turned from his console and looked back at the Captain “Ship doesn’t match anything in my records but it’s older than anything I’ve ever seen, over eight hundred years.” He said with interest in his voice, whatever that ship was he was curious to see what the insides looked like.


“Any evidence of temporal activity in the area?” Michelle asked the crew. All she needed on her first mission was to deal with time travel.

-Captain Michelle Allen

While continuing to watch her monitors, Maeve turned her head to look toward the science officer. That’s an interesting thought. A temporal eddy could definitely have brought the ship to this location. Maeve mused to herself.

Lt.Cmdr Maeve Harlow - COS

There was no evidence of Chonitons or like particles that would indicates a time displacement.


Peter turned to the Captain “Should we send an away team over to the vessel?” He asked “It’s a great scientific find and I bet there is a lot we can learn over there”


Watley shook his head to himself. Obviously it was the Captain’s decision whether or not to send an away team but the XO was not comfortable with that proposal. “I think we should try to better understand how or why it is here first before sending people over there.” He cautioned.

Lt. Cmdr. Maxwell Watley- XO

The ship’s sensor range did not seem to reach far enough to detect the Viking on its own, but the craft seemed to use the communications and sensor beams to project the location of the Viking and accelerated to an awe inspiring warp 2.


“I want to see if we can establish some sort of communication with them before sending anyone over there,” Michelle said. “They certainly don’t appear threatening. So let’s see what we can find out.” She looked around at her team. “Keep trying to determine how to communicate with them. Keep shields and weapons powered down but on standby. We don’t want to appear threatening.”

-Captain Michelle Allen

Watley nodded, but internally, he disagreed with the captain’s decision to keep shields and weapons powered down. The ship needed to be on a higher alert than standby.

Lt. Cmdr. Maxwell Watley- XO

In the absence of any particular action from the Viking, the ship would continue on an intercept course until she was within a few hundred thousand kilometers. That would take about two hours so there was plenty of time for investigatory actions… if you so choose or we can fast forward to transporter range?


Kalika listened to everyone and when a pause filled the bridge, she glanced at the Captain. “I recommend we, perhaps, just ask ‘who are you?’ and see what response we get. Welcome aboard seems a greeting. So respond with who we are and ask who they are?” To her it seemed obvious. But she hadn’t been an active part of a first contact situation before so she wasn’t exactly sure how ridiculous or far fetched her suggestion was.


Avarak nodded at Kalika. “I agree with the officer, we have no clue how their culture handles greetings and such. To us, a friendly hello might come off as an insult.”

Lt. Avarak (CNS)

((is this sim still going?))

Watley nodded at the suggestion. “That sounds like a plan, request identification.”

Lt. Cmdr. Maxwell Watley- XO

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