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“I want to see if we can establish some sort of communication with them before sending anyone over there,” Michelle said. “They certainly don’t appear threatening. So let’s see what we can find out.” She looked around at her team. “Keep trying to determine how to communicate with them. Keep shields and weapons powered down but on standby. We don’t want to appear threatening.”

-Captain Michelle Allen

Watley nodded, but internally, he disagreed with the captain’s decision to keep shields and weapons powered down. The ship needed to be on a higher alert than standby.

Lt. Cmdr. Maxwell Watley- XO

In the absence of any particular action from the Viking, the ship would continue on an intercept course until she was within a few hundred thousand kilometers. That would take about two hours so there was plenty of time for investigatory actions… if you so choose or we can fast forward to transporter range?


Kalika listened to everyone and when a pause filled the bridge, she glanced at the Captain. “I recommend we, perhaps, just ask ‘who are you?’ and see what response we get. Welcome aboard seems a greeting. So respond with who we are and ask who they are?” To her it seemed obvious. But she hadn’t been an active part of a first contact situation before so she wasn’t exactly sure how ridiculous or far fetched her suggestion was.


Avarak nodded at Kalika. “I agree with the officer, we have no clue how their culture handles greetings and such. To us, a friendly hello might come off as an insult.”

Lt. Avarak (CNS)

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Watley nodded at the suggestion. “That sounds like a plan, request identification.”

Lt. Cmdr. Maxwell Watley- XO

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“We did get a very large data dump from them. Computer, cross reference their downloaded database for cultural self-identifiers. See if these people have a name,” Marcus inquired. There would be time for the CNS to chew through such information later on, but for now they needed rapid answers. At the same time he went for another scan primarily looking at their propulsion and warp signature and comparing it to Federation standards. Did they use the same principles, or did they get about by other means.

Lt Woods, CSO

Watley waited for the computer results to return to the bridge. In the mean time he watched the object on the screen tensely. “Let me know what you find Woods.” He replied.

Lt. Cmdr. Maxwell Watley- XO

The data indicated that the race came from a planet name Esta Haven and they refer to themselves as the Havensent. Their home world location was not a planet the Federation has a map of and they were traveling for over 800 Earth years covering 520,000 light years.

The ship was warp based and seemed to use they same general propulsion and power systems as most of the Alpha Quadrant.


Kalika glanced over the shoulder of the engineer beside her and shook her head. “Wow… that’s a long time to travel. Wonder if they leapfrogged in hypersleep or cryo of some kind or if they are a generational ship and just live and travel?” She had trouble comprehending such a thing. She wasn’t aware of any Fleet ship that was generational on that grand a scale. Even ships with family units on board didn’t head out in a single direction and not come back to Earth.


Marcus blinked. The Milky Way galaxy was approximately 52,000 light years across. They were from ten times that distance away. Or they’d been circling the galaxy along time. “Sir… they call themselves the Havensent, at least that’s what they roughly translate to. They’ve been traveling for approximately eight hundred years and covered ten times the span of our galaxy.” He frowned for a moment. “Their tech might not be equal to our own, but that’s a pretty strong dedication to exploring. They certainly seem friendly enough.”

Lt Woods, CSO

Peter raised a surprised eyebrow at the Science Chiefs declaration. Eight hundred years and all those light-years, The information they could get from that ship would be.

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Watley studied the viewscreen for a moment. “Can we get any readings on the interior of the ship?” He asked, the amount of knowledge stored in a craft of that nature was enticing, even to the old man. Although he was still suspicious about the origins, he was more open to exploring the vessel.

Lt. Cmdr Maxwell Watley- XO

There hasn’t been too much new gleaned. The ship was close to absolute zero as you would expect from a powered down ship for several centuries. It was now warming, perhaps in preparation of visitors and was a balmy -168 Celsius (up from -288). Internal power was likewise being used at a greater rate, but there were no known sentient life forms that could survive at the temperatures detected. More specific detail may be determined if more specific questions are asked.

Kalika was still thinking about the greeting. “If you think a simple greeting will be taken wrong, how about a burst of information back to them? Nothing classified, of course. But we can send back a good chunk of information about us like they sent about them. It will also show we understand what they sent in the first place.” She knew they wouldn’t send weapons and armament info. But specs about the ship that any school child learned about this class of ship was appropriate.


Markus shunted the data from his section into the main view screen, overlaying what cross section data he had on the vessel based on their scans so far, including armaments and subsystems. “That’s what we have so far, sir.” Shifting his focus to Kalika, he shrugged one shoulder. “That’s not a bad idea. Some language and culture to go with that would probably go a long way to bridging the gap.”

Standing up to stretch a little, Markus turned it over in his mind for a moment. He was operating primarily as a science major aboard the ship but he’d branched out into tactical and security sections as well and was certified in those fields as well. Beyond that, he had a head for this sort of thing. Caution was appreciated, perhaps even warranted. More over the nagging in his gut had turned quiet. Not silent, it was still there, but the anxiety… or foreboding.. had calmed down. But then again his abilities didn’t work 100% all the time.

Or he’d been picking up on the apprehension of the crew, and had since subconsciously filtered out the ‘noise’.

Turning back to his station he cleared his throat. =^=Computer, cross reference Heavensent downloaded records for the name or designation of the vessel approaching us and any information on it’s primary mission. Additionally, details on lifespans of their species.=^=

Lt Woods, CSO

The Heavensent was a highly used name in its data dump. It would be similar to looking for human in google and hoping to get lucky. The ship name was the Forbearance. Hard specifics on life span was hard to figure out but given the texts and stories. It seemed to be between 200 - 300 years or infinite depending on what was referenced. The infinite seemed to refer to their spirit so there could be a heavy religious component to the species, although religious texts were not prevalent in the data dump.

The mission of the ship was not in the data that was sent over.


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IC: Rende had been listening, El-Aurians were good at that. Watley was mostly quiet and spoke only when he had something to contribute, she liked that. She wasn’t too thrilled with an unknown vessel and the huge data dumb. “O’Larria make sure that data dumb doesn’t have a virus hidden it, or at least one we can identify. Then prepare a return data transfer, nothing classified. Woods work Sigmundsson, I want to know what systems that ship was keeping running and speculations on why. Might show us where the crew is or what happened to them. Asam, I want an analysis of the layout of that ship and if we board how we are going to go about it and search it.” She turned to Watley, “Cmdr if you would, send out a notice to the crew of the approaching area vessel and to go on alert. We have a couple of hours before it gets here, no need to raise the alert level yet, but I want them ready when we do.”
Rende, CO

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