Is there a Geriatrician in the House? (TAG CMO/Medical)

Posted May 3, 2021, 10:10 p.m. by Lieutenant Eldorin Asam (Chief of Security) (Brian Richards)

Posted by Captain Rende Asam (Captain) in Is there a Geriatrician in the House? (TAG CMO/Medical)
After lunch Rende left her Ready Room, Eldorin beside her and headed down to main sickbay. Now they had just been recalled, but command was in such a hurry they skipped their on boarding. Admiral Falssay felt it was moot. “You’re so old now if you keel over we really shouldn’t be surprised.” From Human standards Rende knew that comment was meant to be comical.

She walked through the doors, “Alright now you know you have to finish this exam right? You can’t just sit around and gripe that the damp weather in Belfast makes your joints ache.”

Rende, CO

Eldoin rolled his eyes as he walked, uniform as prim and proper as hers even if it was very very out of date. He loved embracing the ‘relic of a bygone era’ that he felt he was. None of these young whippersnappers would know how to recalibrate a phase cannon on a Bonaventure class or handle the intricacies and headaches of getting the Mariner class to finally be approved by the top brass. You would think taking a Class-VII warp core and shrinking it 25% wouldn’t be that hard but nooooooooo. Elrodin was now in charge of security on this bright new ship and it was indeed something else, he was already certain he was going to annoy the CE to no end but that was something that the poor young officer would have to get used to.

He strode through, arms behind his back and rank bars gleaming while he turned to Rende and said, “While I’d like nothing more than to just complain about the damp weather my joints haven’t felt this good in years… Guess there is something to this whole starship life isn’t there? Now while I can’t complain about my joints are you going to say something about how your left shoulder has been bugging you or is the old Marine going to ‘suffer through it’?” Eldorin asked with a smile,

Eldorin, COS

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