Side-Sim: Dinner-date (Att. O'Larria)

Posted May 4, 2021, 7:47 a.m. by Ensign Kristiana O’Larria (Engineer Officer) (Melissa Aragon)

Posted by Lieutenant Mike Stone (Chief Engineer) in Side-Sim: Dinner-date (Att. O’Larria)

Mike checked the time. It was nearly 6pm and he knew Kristi would be at his new quarters punctual as ever. The dinner he was prepairing didn’t worry him, as it was nearly done. Only problem he had with it was… he wasn’t hungry any longer, as he had to taste everything a bit more often then usual. After switching from the old Viking, where replicators very rarely made anything taste as you’d expect, it took a bit of getting used to the ingredients actually tasting … well as they usually do.

He realized how fun it was to have a bigger quarter. Not that he needed extra space before, but if things would hit of with Kristi it would come in handy. Pkus he got to show off his cooking skills again with the stove that was also installed. Perks of being the first born to parents who were a restaurant owners.

Lt. Mike Stone, CE

OOC: To Melissa… No worries if you’re dropping the Kristi character. I hope not though :) ((nope, she is the hidden character is all… still here and kicking))

Kristi was dressed in something Mike hadn’t seen before. She had picked it up on the station and saved it for just this night. The blue short dress with open work at the neck that needed no other adornments (1). She had on a simple silver bangle on her wrist (2) and matching colored silver heels (3). Her hair was down and pulled back on the sides with simple blue barrettes and a soft hint of lipstick was her only makeup. She knew she had probably done more than she should have. But this was their first real dinner date on the new ship and she wanted it to be a bit special. With luck, there wouldn’t be a need for breaking into their rations allotment because whatever came from the replicator wasn’t palatable.

Fussing a moment outside his door, she finally tapped the chime. She had been here plenty of times and it had occurred to her that though her quarters were still the same, and shared with an Ensign from Medical, his were more spacious. Which might prove to be a boon if they kept things going like they were. They were hardly alone on their off time any more and more than once she had spent the night here. She certainly wouldn’t be opposed to it happening more often. And she doubted her roommate would miss her since it would give her more privacy with her own beau from Security. The smile on her face at what the future might bring was what would be showing when Mike answered the door.

Ens Kristi O’Larria
(1) dress....
(2) bracelet…
(3) heels…

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