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Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is a great honor to introduce you to your new Captain. Rende Asam as played by Jennifer Ward. I know the Viking has been through some tough times, and we want her to succeed. I was impressed by her application and plans to bring the Viking to new heights and fulfill her glorious purpose, and that was also agreed upon by the presidential team.

I know she’s a fairly new ship after the demise of the old Viking, try to keep that hull looking nice and shiny.


Not a chance. You don’t want the knight with shining armor. You want the one with repaired battle damage. Their mettle has been tested. :D

Glances at the racks of old armor (aka: like Iron Man’s worn out suits) all patched and worn, while running the sharpening stone over the edge of her sword. No worries, no shiny armor here. Looks at the relic box But I do have the pieces of blown hulls from three different Dresdens and the Aztec…and that might be a piece of OP42....or was that Starbase 212? I can’t remember now. grin I am always up for a good sword fight though.

True, but from what I can tell the Viking is still new and her battles are yet to come.

Welcome… oh how the tables have turned. From working for me on the Bonnie to me working for you here. lol Love it!

Congrats again and welcome to the family!


Welcome to the boat, Jennifer! We will be watching your career with great interest.

Sam “Fox” Haynes

Thanks Sam, I’m excited to be here and to see what the Viking crew is made of!

Jenn has been around the club since the 90’s and commanded many a ship, I have no doubt in her abilities to get the Viking through those battles with aplomb.


Hehe Thank you Brian! But seriously, stop, your making me blush!
But on to a bit of business. I’ve sent out an email. Please respond if you have questions or comments, either by email discord, or if you’d like a crew discussion on it here on the boards.
Also Would anyone be interested in designing a new banner to go along with our new ship???

Welcome aboard Jen, I think it’s safe to say we’re in good hands. Look forward to posting with you.


Thank you Hjortur. I’m looking forward to it.

Welcome to the ship.

Thanks Rusty!

Rende Asam: “Relax, everything going to be okay. Look at me.”
Captain Richard Phillips: “Sure, sure”
Rende Asam: “Look at me”
Rende Asam: “I’m the captain now.”


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