Side Sim Ward's words (Open)

Posted May 5, 2021, 6:25 p.m. by Captain Rende Asam (Captain) (Jennifer Ward)

Posted by Ensign Devin Emery Ward (Security Officer) in Side Sim Ward’s words (Open)
Devin Emery Ward, was no stranger to moving quickly being petite or short had a way of making that a fast learned lesson. She was running around her tempory quarters getting packed to catch a shuttle to the Viking her new assignment.

The sound of her door chime didn’t pause her motion, “It’s open!” she called over her shoulder as she grabbed her books from her bookshelves and turning to put them in the bag at her feet.

“What language did you put this report in?” the voice was slightly annoyed, her superior, Harrison Gerand, didn’t like it when she pulled such stunts with reports. Though she had very clearly told him the skip for the Federation standard was at the end of the header of the report, though if he hadn’t paid attention or forgotten.

Devin glanced over her shoulder and kept her smile off her face though her twinkling eyes gave away her amusement. “Tolkien elvish. The skip to Federation basic it the end text of the header of the report, Sir.”

Harrison tapped the PaDD and started reading, his scowl smoothed out slowly and he turned to go, “You better behave I don’t want you sent back to us.” he muttered as he walked out of her quarters.

Devin laughed softly after the doorway closed with the hiss. She had no doubts Harrison had been overjoyed when her transfer orders had been approved. Though if he hadn’t kept up the jokes about spiders she would have stopped giving her reports in old languages. He had annoyed her first so she relatiated in kind.

Though not that she would ever find out, her knack for giving him old languages to read and rekindled his love of reading old books. Harrioson Gerand had the whole series of Tolkien books and numerous others in thanks to her challenging his mind with the reports in the various linguistics she knew. Her skills for investigations were unparalled too but her flare and cheek got on his nerves. Privately he wished her well on her next assigment. Out loud, “Good she might grow up over there.”

Devin finished her packing and ran to catch her shuttle, the Trinity hailed the Viking two days later.

Devin Ward, Security officer, (brat cat and eccentric)

“Captain, incoming hail.” Rende waved her hand in a ‘get on with it’ motion. =^=Shuttle Trinity to USS Viking. Requesting permission to transfer new crew aboard.=^=
Rende waited for the bridge tactical officer to confirm the security and identification codes. When they nodded confirmation, =^=Permission granted Trinity. Viking out.=^=
Rende, CO

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