A very old woman meets a relatively young man (TAG XO)

Posted May 6, 2021, 2:13 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Maxwell Watley (XO) (Samuel Stroud)

Posted by Captain Rende Asam (Captain) in A very old woman meets a relatively young man (TAG XO)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Maxwell Watley (XO) in A very old woman meets a relatively young man (TAG XO)

Posted by Captain Rende Asam (Captain) in A very old woman meets a relatively young man (TAG XO)
Rende made her way to deck 2 and the XO’s office. She’d made sure the schedule an appointment with Lt Cmdr Watley while on her transport out to the Viking. He knew the crew, he knew the ship, and his insights would be invaluable. It had been 30 years since she’d been in command of anything. For an El-Aurian that wasn’t a lot of time, but to other, not as long lived, species it was. She’d studied the schematics during her travels and like all starships before her, the Viking had a logical layout to its organization. She stopped in front of the office door. This was Watley’s officially private domain and she respected that. Though as Captain she probably could justify walking in, uninvited, she would not. An officer did not reach their posting without earning it. She pressed the chime and waited patiently, she was only a minute or two early. Rende preferred to be as close to as on time as possible, but if she had to choose it was always be early.
Rende Asam, CO

Watley sat at his desk, he had just finished dinner and was awaiting the Captains arrival. The chime alerted him to her presence, sighing, he looked up. “Come in.” He called out. He was curious to meet the Captain, as he was ready to work with someone with more experience than himself. something that was not super common these days.

Lt. Cmdr. Maxwell Watley- XO

Rende entered Watley’s office quickly taking note of the layout, but her attention on the man sitting at the desk. She was average height for a woman and fit, though after the last century she’d started to go soft in some areas. “Cmdr Watley.” She had no doubt it was him, the obvious it was his office, she’d made herself familiar with the crew roster of names and faces. She held out her hand. “Rende Asam.” She wasn’t one for beating around the bush. She could carry a conversation but she saw no need for ‘small talk.’ “I hear Viking and her crew has been quite a bit recently. I’d like to hear your perspective on things. The good, the bad, and your ideas of what we can do about it.”
Rende, CO

Watley stood and returned the Captains handshake. He quickly seated himself again. “Unfortunately Captain, I doubt I’m the best source for this conversation. I have only been here a few months, and have just now really learned the ropes of this place.” He looked around the office momentarily before returning his look to Asam. “I know little more than you do about this ship. I know the old one was destroyed, and that several members of the senior staff were on it.”

Lt. Cmdr. Maxwell Watley- XO

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