PreSim - And What Is It, Exactly, That You Do Here? (Open)

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The woman across the table from him was striking, of that there was no doubt. Long brunette hair and impeccable makeup framed and adorned a perfectly symmetrical and attractive face with shining blue eyes. Her smile was perfect, bright red lips surrounding sparkling white teeth. Her figure was more than pleasing judging from the glances she received when they walked in. She was, in a word… gorgeous.

He, on the other hand, was not. He wasn’t ugly by any means; he just wasn’t… well… anything. He was plain. Nondescript. More average than average. He looked like the chain in which he sat, the table, the counter. He looked like nothing and everything all at once. If he were to pull out a phaser and start shooting, few would be able to describe him after. He was… just a guy.

And he was so very, very bored.

He nodded and smiled, said “Mmm hmm.” at the right times, and nodded. He asked questions and was seemingly engaged… but he was not. This was not a date he wanted to begin with, but he was out of obligation to his mother. This was his mother’s friend’s sister’s daughter. Or something like that. Even with an eidetic memory it was hard to keep track. Bute here he was. So… he was playing a game in his head.

“My mother says you are a Doctor. How wonderful!” she said. He nodded. Job before personal questions. Breaking the ice or measuring potential, leaning to latter. he thought.

“And an officer, no less! Amazing. My mother has good taste.” and a giggle. Definitely the latter.

“And soo handsome!” and a flashing smile. And a liar. He held no illusions as to his appearance. In fact, it made his work somewhat easier.

There was a soft buzz from his breast pocket. He smiled and said “Please excuse me for a moment. I am sorry.” and he pulled out his commbadge and tapped it. =/\= Go ahead. =/\= A voice said =/\= Sorry to disturb you, Lieutenant Commander. Priority orders, sir. Please report to Star Fleet Command at once. Transport on on standby. =/\= Korczak sighed in relief inwardly, but simply said =/\= Understood. On my way now. Korczak out. =/\= and he slipped the device in his jacket pocket again. “I am so sorry, but I have to go. Such a waste of a wonderful first date.” and he stood up, motioning her to stay seated. “No, no. Please sit. The pate here is excellent and I would hate for it to go to waste. Please give my regards to your mother.” and he turned at left the dining room through the bar.

He stopped at the end where a very attractive man sat alone drinking a whiskey. His clothes were well tailored and well made, and the chronometer on his wrist was top-of-the-line. Korczak stopped and tapped him on the shoulder. “Excuse me. I’ve been called away for work, but my date is sitting by herself.” and he nodded to her and the man’s eyes widened. Ocular response equates to physical attraction. Good enough for starters. “If it isn’t too much of an imposition, our dinner is already taken care of. Perhaps you could keep her company? She is very sweet and I simply hate the thought of her dining alone. Thank you.” and he patted the man on the shoulder and walked out. He secured his commbadge to his jacket and tapped it. =/\= Korczak to Command. One for transport. =/\= and he vanished in a swirl of golden lights.

The shuttle was crowded. There were a lot of new people going to the ship. Korczak was one of the few not in uniform. He found that the rank kept people from being themselves at first meetings, and since all of these people were going to be on the Viking with him, he wanted to get an idea of who they were without the filter of rank getting in the way. That was also the reason he waited to get a transport with the Enlisted personnel. Not as comfortable, but more honest.

“Yeah… this is my third ship so far. But I plan on making CPO in the next four years, so its good to take higher-profile assignments.” said one voice.

“Really? I didn’t know they had a pool onboard!” said another.

“I heard the last ship was taken by the Breen.”

“Do you have any chapstick?”

“What quarters do you think we’ll be assigned?”

“I wonder if there will be any Vulcans on board…”

“I hope the food is better than the Wolverine.”

“You think the CSO will be cute?”

“I hear the Medical Doc is a Klingon! How did that happen?”

“Security on this thing is gonna suuuuuuck.”

Korczak smiled to himself and just listened, when a voice said “You! Hey you! So what do you do? Why are you going to the Viking?”

Korczak looked at the speaker, a young Bolian Engineer. “Oh, I was assigned here a few weeks ago. Took some time to go home for a bit before coming, though.” he said, his accent something no one had heard before. “Oh yeah? What department? Or are you a contractor?” A voice came over the speakers in the shuttle. =/\= Arriving, prepare to disembark. =/\= Korczak stood up and picked up the bag he carried on with him.

“No, not a contractor. Medical Department. Lieutenant Commander Korczak, ship’s Counselor. A pleasure, Petty Officer.” and he held out his hand. The Bolian stammered for a moment and then slowly shook his hand. “N- n-nice to meet you… sir.” The rest of the voices went somewhat quiet as his identity spread through the crew.

The shuttle settled on the deck and the hatch opened. Korczak nodded and stepped out on the ship.

Korczak, CNS

Rende liked being hands on with the crew. Of course ship crews were a lot bigger now. She held the PaDD in front of her reading the list. She wasn’t there to personally check them in. They had the department heads, the quartermaster and Cmdr Watley for that. But a lot could be learned about someone based on how they reacted upon their first arrival. She glanced at the PaDD again and squinted at it. She moved it farther away, holding it out. Ah that was better. She glanced around, saw Eldorin smirking at her and she put the padd back to a normal distance. The man saw too much. Well that was probably good, he was the head of ship’s security after all. HA! Let him figure that one out, she zoomed in on the screen, now she could see it without holding the PaDD out like she was an old woman. She wasn’t that old, yet. Well not by El-Aurian standards. Her new ship’s counselor was supposed to be on this shuttle as well. The Viking needed one, and he came HIGHLY recommended.
Rende, CO

Eldorin was watching Rende move and struggle with the PaDD, adjusting zoom settings and chuckled, “I should be calling you Ailbhe Hannigen”. Ailbhe was their wonderfully fiery neighbor back in the 70’s who always had an opinion to share, a lovely barmbrack loaf to leave at the door, and a backyard still that made some of the most potent alcohol Eldorin ever had to this date. She was also positively ancient and had cataracts the size of moons coupled with a magnifying glass the size of her head. But she’d be damned if she ever was going to see an eye doctor. “Rende dear, you need glasses. And you can argue all you want with me but much like Ailbhe it doesn’t change the fact that you’re getting older.” He pulled a pair of reading glasses out of his jacket pocket, a pair he kept with him just to bug his wife and said, “Come one dear.... You aren’t as young as you used to be.”

Eldorin, CoS

Rende side eyed Eldorin hard. “I am not that old, dear, and I know where you sleep.” But it was said softly and a hint of humor. She snagged the glasses and slipped them on. Just long enough to read the PaDD and jerked them off handing them back. “Don’t help.” She barely suppressed her own laughter though. She knew he’d just put them right back in his pocket for later. Or if he was feeling particularly spritely he’d put them on her nose for her. 400 years was a long time to be married, but she wouldn’t have spent them with anyone else. Eldorin fit her, completed her, and drove her absolutely crazy. Life was never dull, never quiet, unless they wanted it to be, and was always an adventure. “Well I will remind you, my dear that gumming your food does not look scary or intimidating. Pádraig Nerney should have taught you that.” Now Pádraig Nerney was the oldest man in the village and refused to see the dentist, even to get dentures. He gummed his food, lips curling in and had the goofiest grin and eyes that sparkled. But the man couldn’t eat his favorite foods after awhile. And bemoaned and woe-as-himself until people in the next county over were offering to pay for a set if he would just wear them.

A voice made a throat clearing sound by the Captain and a wholly unremarkable looking human in civilian attire said “Excuse me, Captain. May I introduce myself? Lieutenant Commander Janusz Korczak. I believe I am your new ahip’s Counselor.” and he extended a hand towards her.

The man’s voice was simultaneously soothing and somewhat confusing. Comprehension wasn’t the issue; but his accent was more like multiple accents. It sounded like there were multiple, and very different, accents speaking at once. Not unpleasant, but certainly not expected.

Korczak, CNS

Rende turned to the man. “Yes yes of course. I’ve been awaiting your arrival. We have a lot to discuss.” She shook his hand. “Cpt Rende Asam. It’s a pleasure to meet you Lt Cmdr Janusz Korczak.” Rende had a thing about names, and learning them quickly. “Do you prefer to talk now or after you’ve taken care of settling in?” After the memo she received from Command asking her to come here, she was eager to get the new CNS on board.
Rende, CO

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