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Shutting the hatch of his small shuttle, he saw the Section 31 Officers approaching. “Computer, switch input from LCARS to Alphanumerics.” He commanded, watching as the panels went from the multicoloured squares to green circles and lines, more intuitive considering he was part Borg. He understood the language a little better as he slid back a metal panel with two prongs side by side. “Initiate direct interface.” Lieutenant Akaba extended his left arm forward as the assimilation tubules came out and he interacted with the ship directly, plugging himself in. He could now control the ship with his thoughts as the engines powered up and he left the Federation Station in quite the hurry.

The Astraios wouldn’t be far behind, despite it’s size the vessel was formidable. He could feel the code running through his head, binary flashes. 1 and 0, black and white, survival and extinction… That’s how the Collective saw everything, now and again if he closed his eyes he could still hear their might, billions of voices acting as one single, one perfect entity. He had no intention of losing his individuality, but he still admired their goal of perfection even if he completely disagreed with their methods of attaining it. “Initiate system diagnostic, current status of transwarp drive.” Seeing the results, he bit his lip. The Earth Term for his transwarp drive was “Jerry-Built”, the shuttle was one his grandfather left to him as a child, as a Starfleet Officer he never had much need of it until now.

Christened the Nova Luna, he’d done a lot of work in upgrading it’s propulsion and structural integrity. “Transwarp drive is operational.” The computer replied, his analysis of the coil concurred, having altered the warp core and main deflector of the small vessel to allow for transwarp velocity. “Engage the drive.” He commanded, building up a tachyon pulse as the ship went to warp before opening a conduit. “Please enter location.” The female voice stated. That was a point, where did he want to go? He needed somewhere his father couldn’t follow, where he could lie low. “The USS Viking, do you have co-ordinates?” He asked, the system accessing records. “Location verified. Estimated time to arrival is 2 hours and 25 minutes at current velocity.”

Plugging out of the system, he pulled down what used to be a biobed and lay down. It too had been altered to act as an alcove, regeneration inside it took twice as long as normal due to power constraints. “Computer, dim lights to Level 1. Engage alcove.” His eyes shut and he instantly began to feel better… Reira really did have to do it more often, leaving it too long was dangerous. Being woken up when he arrived, the grogginess passed as he tapped at the controls. “This is the shuttlecraft Nova Luna hailing USS Viking, are you receiving me?” He asked, staring at the ship… It seemed to be in good condition? He remembered it being barely spaceworthy and frankly, creepy. The computer wasn’t mocking him for a start, the lilac-haired drone wasn’t sure if that was comforting. “I repeat, this is Nova Luna hailing USS Viking. I am Lieutenant Reira Akaba, requesting permission to dock.” He repeated.

Lieutenant j.g. Reira Akaba (Science)

Rende was sitting in her chair reading over the history of the Viking. She wanted to be familiar with her reputation, and a line from the letter requesting her return to duty had left her curious. ‘Someone not given to falling prey to superstition.’
“Captain, incoming hail,” the NE at the tactical station called.
“Well put it up then, it’s rude to not at least listen.”
This is the shuttlecraft Nova Luna hailing USS Viking, are you receiving me? I repeat, this is Nova Luna hailing USS Viking. I am Lieutenant Reira Akaba, requesting permission to dock.”

Rende turned to survey the bridge crew. “Anyone know who that is?” The helm officer nodded, “Yes Ma’am, Lt Akaba used to serve with us. He um, is a little different.” Rende made a rolling motion with her hand. “He’s was assimilated once by the Borg.”

Well that cerntainly sent all her Marine training into over drive. A quick inquire from the computer, and grumbling about too small print confirmed that he was an active Fleet officer. “Open a channel. Shuttlecraft Nova Luna this is Cpt Rende Asam of the USS Viking. Permission to dock granted.”

She tapped her combadge, =^=LT Cmdr Watley we have a former crew member requesting permission to dock. Please meet me in the shuttle bay.=^= and one more time. =^=Cpt Asam to Lt Asam. Bring a security detail to the shuttle bay, ‘Collective’ protocol.=^=
Rende, CO

Eldorin signaled to a few fellow officers to get ready to meet the vessel in the cargo bay, he tapped his badge and said, “Aye captain” the team was assembled of Eldorin himself and 2 other security personnel, phasers on their hips as he led the team. The ‘collective protocol’ was one of caution ever since the Borg invasion of the Sol system years before, and specifically for these sort of unexpected visits. A crew transfer wouldn’t have the precautions, but something with an unknown ship giving off signals of containing Borg tech and someone claiming to be former crew and gave off enough caution to warrant the response. The men arrived and took position to the left of the Captain but in front of where the shuttle would land with Eldorin at the front.

“Thank you, Captain Asam. I’m initiating docking procedures.” Reira replied, ending communications and soon setting a course for the shuttle bay, the computer taking over automatic controls as he powered down weapons and shields, setting the nanoprobes in the ship to repair and upgrade his transwarp coil. He might need another speedy getaway in case someone came knocking. Making sure his hair was perfect and running his fingers over the metal of the badge, he took a deep breath and put the pips on his collar, attaching the combadge.

Feeling the ship land, he went over to the hatch and opened the door. Home sweet home… Well, it hadn’t been sweet previously, more like a terrifying abomination that swallowed the people he loved and seemed determined to give him psychological issues. But, he made some close friends on this ship, he’d even found someone willing to see past the implants and love the human that lay underneath. He was still skeptical that Section 31 didn’t have it’s fingers in this apparently upgraded Viking, but he doubted they’d come for him. They’d tangled before, he’d won… He’d just have to win again.

Stepping out onto the deck, the Security Detail made him visibly tense up, the fear apparent in his dark blue eyes as he scanned the room, locating all the exits as a traumatic response. “I’m not here to harm you, please… I returned of my own volition.” He stated, putting the phaser he was armed with on the ground. “Captain Rende Asam… The Viking has certainly changed in my absence.” Reira stated, not wanting to get into why he disappeared again right now. “I don’t wish to rush you, but… I’ll need to create a Borg Alcove relatively soon. I need to regenerate in a few hours and the alcove on my shuttle is for emergency regeneration, it lacks the power for the full cycle I’ll require.” He stated, practical as ever. The headache was coming in, in thirty minutes so would dizziness and motor co-ordination decline, then confusion and paranoia. Eventually, he’d just go into a coma.

Lieutenant j.g. Reira Akaba (Science)

Eldorin signaled his men to holster their weapons and said calmly, “I apologize for the passive hostility Lieutenant, had we been expecting you or known that you were being assigned I assure you this wouldn’t have been a tense meeting.” He waved his men to leave and return to their duty stations as he tapped his badge and said =/\= Eldorin to Lieutenant Stone, please join us with a crew in the shuttle bay.”

Eldorin, COS

Rende stepped forward. Eldorin was an excellent judge of character, with their history you had to be, but the old Marine in her insisted she be careful. “Be at ease Lt. Akaba. Let me assure you my concern is less that you were previously assimilated, and more that you have been missing for months. You must understand my concern that you appear out of nowhere, a missing member of the crew. It is safe to assume, that something is not right, since you were forced to use an emergency alcove. There are none on board at the moment. If you give your schematics to Lt Stone when he arrives we will arrange accommodations.” She glanced at the shuttle taking a very long hard look at it. “Personally modified, isn’t it. Are there precautions that the crew should be aware of when working around it?” He was a Star Fleet officer, but questions needed answering and they had time to kill before Stone had an alcove built.
Rende, CO

“I understand your concerns… And I didn’t expect there to be any on board. The shuttle lacks sufficient energy to power it’s system and a fully operational Borg Alcove, so far I’ve had to make do with that emergency one which takes twice as long.” He explains, nodding. “I can give schematics to Lieutenant Stone as well as necessary pre-programmed nanoprobes.” Reira states, visibly relaxing and letting the tension go, his urge to fight or flight reducing.

Rende nodded slowly, “And that is all they will do? Is program your alcove to take care of you? I am perhaps being a tad over cautious. We have many officers in the fleet now who have reclaimed their humanity from the Borg. And your shuttle? It will remain self contained?” Last time Rende was on a ship the protocol was to destroy all technology to prevent contamination.

“Yes, I had to partially assimilate it for certain purposes during my leave of absence, I find piloting via node interlink to be more intuitive and efficient. As for precautions, none really unless you want to shut it down. The warp core was converted into a transwarp core, it can be temperamental to deal with and there might be some systems they don’t recognize, adaptive shielding is harder to deactivate. I’ve already switched the interface language back to LCARS.” The Nova Luna was like him, a mix of Starfleet and Borg. The shuttle had a few patches of Borg plating, the warp nacelles having apparently been fused into the hull by Borg plating, the more predominant silver parts of the hull had phaser burns on it. Clearly, he’d been in a recent fight. “If you wish to talk further about what happened during my leave, I’d be happy to discuss it with you in a more private setting. Some of the information is of a sensitive nature.”

Lieutenant j.g. Reira Akaba (Science)

She nodded, “That would be best I think.” She turned toward Eldorin, “Lt find us a secure place to chat, please. And let Cmdr Watley know I’d like his presence as well.”

There wasn’t an emergency on board the new ship as of yet. But although Mike was surprised about the call, he had his team ready for everything. Almost everything.

“What seems to be the emergency?” He asked as soon as he rushed to the hangar. “Oh.... Hi Akaba.” Was all he managed to let out after seeing the former crewmate. The man was full of surprises, and was sometimes hard to read. But he proved his loyalty many times, and well life never seemed to be boring with him around.

Lt. Mike Stone, CE

“Ah Lt Stone. Lt Akaba here is in need of a place to rest. Do you think you can prepare a Borg Alcove for him?”

Rende motioned to Akaba to follow her. “Let’s have that chat while they work.”
Rende, CO

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