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Posted May 23, 2021, 4:25 p.m. by Lieutenant Mike Stone (Chief Engineer) (Miha Kozlevcar)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Reira Akaba (Science Officer) in Side Sim - An Impatient Patient - Tag: CMO
Waking up from his regeneration cycle was never particularly fun… The blackness fell away and reality reasserted itself with the grace of a raving drunk. Stumbling out the alcove, Reira splashed his face with icy water and looked at his reflection. Business as usual, now… He had to go for a medical evaluation. Making sure his uniform was picture perfect with not a hair out of place, he quickly walked out of his quarters and entered the turbolift, trying not to think of what would happen. He’d never been particularly comfortable with medical examinations, there was a quiet, nagging fear from his imperfect human brain that he was a bit of a freak. Or perhaps it was just a reminder that he hadn’t been fully human for a while as the former Drone walked into the Sickbay, staring at the biobeds with a hint of hesitation. “Captain Asam ordered me to come for an evaluation…”

Lt j.g. Reira Akaba (Science)

After missing Reira at his quarters, the computer instructed Mike to find him in the sick bay.

“Hi Reira… here for the check up, I take it. I came to see if you’re satisfied with your quarters and if everything is… as it should have been.”

Mike wondered how much the young Lt. knew about the new Viking. Basicly while the design were the same on both, the ships could hardly compare. While it seemed nothing worked as should on the old ship, this one was in mint condition. Of course Mike wanted to keep it that way.

Lt.Mike Stone, CE

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