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The ship came with-in a million kilometers and dropped to impulse. Closing at about .2 c. The ship was overall at a temperature comfortable for most humanoids, with the appropriate oxygen levels. The ship continued it programed ‘welcome aboard’ message and for all intents and purposes it was rolling out the red carpet. The communication included a basic map of the ship with an arrow pointing at a specific room amid ships and a walking course from the nearest docking port or from the shuttle bay.


Rende stared at the map, “Woods, any indication that system would react badly if we used the transporter system? If so I’m more inclined to use a shuttle and then keep a transporter lock. I don’t like the idea of us being tethered to that ship through the docking port. Asam, any indication of weapons? Sigmundsson, you find any further information that might be relevant?” She turned to Watley, “What do you think, Watley? Away teams are your purview. What do you want to do?”
Rende, CO

There were certainly hard points on the exterior as mentioned before that were weapons, also ports that equally likely were missile tubes of some sort that could be weapons or probes. Sensors were not able to determine if there were weapons inside the ship. That would be better determined by ‘boots on the ground’.

Peter shook his head “This is something I haven’t seen or heard of before, if anything I’d say it seems more like a first contact with a new species than anything that’s come across my desk” He inform the Captain.


Kalika turned to look at the Captain and CIO. “If I may, Sirs. I would recommend the shuttle. It can disengage once we are aboard, and remain close. But I think if we rely a hundred percent on the transporters, only, I think we place the Away Team at a risk. It would only take a shield harmonic to block us from transporting out once more. A docking port, we can force, if necessary.” She knew it was a bit forward of her, but as she had once been Security Chief, she felt it her duty to speak her mind when it came to the safety of those on the ship.


Peter gave the former Security Chief an agreeing nod but didn’t say anything, the Viking Security Department was no longer his concern but he approved careful and good thinking.

Watley stared glumly at the monitor before them showing the vessel. “I’m still not to keen on sending anybody over there. We still are not positive on what this thing, and the fact that it is altering its own environment is a danger to our crew. We might send some people over there and the ship starts altering the internal environment again.”

Lt. Cmdr. Maxwell Watley- XO

Rende turned to Watley, “What do you suggest, Cmdr? This ship obviously is meant to alter itself for whomever it encounters, and if it’s dangerous we need to figure out how to neutralize it. If it’s benign we shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to learn about it and its creators. Suggestions on how to proceed?” She valued Watley’s opinion, and he would be in charge of the away team. She wanted to know how he thought they could proceed.
Rende, CO

Peter was a little taken aback by their caution, usually one had to hammer in such sense into a command crew. They fit the Viking well, careful and suspicious, it was like nothing had changed. Still, he felt more than a little curious to investigate the welcoming vessel, it felt strange to have something that didn’t feel ominous approach the Viking. But he said nothing regarding his curiosity, it was neither important nor a part of his job.



Rende looked around at the bridge crew. No one wanted to go, but no one was offering alternatives either. Well there was one senior officer she hadn’t heard from yet. =^= Rende to Korczak. Report to the bridge please.=^=

Once he arrived, “Ah counselor. We have company,” she waved to the view screen and the very old ship shown on it. “It appears the welcome mat has been rolled out. The environmental settings have been adjusted to accommodate us, an information package about the culture of it’s makers has been transmitted and we responded in kind. We’ve even been given a location to proceed to once we arrive on board. The bridge crew is cautious seeing as how there are no people on board. I’d like your opinion. Feel free to exam any of our sensor readings and the data transfer.”
Rende, CO

Korczak nodded and made his way to the 2O chair and sat down, almost immediately seeming to blend in to it. He pulled up the cultural information package and, remarkably quickly, read through it. He then pulled up the comms log. He looked at the CSO and the CO and said “Has anyone tried to run a comparative analysis of the language against known linguist families? If it has a similarity to anything, that would give us a potential starting point for a profile. But for now? Now I would think this is either a probe sent to find potential intelligent life and make contact with it, much like the Voyager probes sent by the late twentieth-century United States NASA organization…” and he looked back at the images and scans.

“Or this is all bait meant to lead us into a trap of some kind. Either way, the intention is clear. It wants someone to board it.” and he smiled at the Captain. “I’d be happy to go, Captain.”

Koczak, CNS

“Mr Woods how is the UT coming with that translation? If it’s not working let’s try Mr Korczak’s suggestion shall we. Give the computer a nudge. If it’s completed the translation let’s see it on the screen.” While she waited she gave Korczak a nod and smile. “No other suggestions? Alright we have 1 volunteer, who’s next for the away team?” She was itching to go over there, but alas that wasn’t in her job description anymore. She’d be staying and waiting and Rende was HORRIBLE at waiting.
Rende, CO

The universal translator reports a 87% accuracy in translation, since it has only been given text and pictures. It probably would only take a few moments of an actual person speak to render a full and accurate translation.


OOC: Sam is taking an eLOA for a very exciting RL opportunity, and I wish him luck. But with that in mind we will go ahead and move along.
Rende nodded. “Well with no further suggestions…Lt Asam assemble your away team. Lt Cmdr Korczak has volunteered and I believe his insight will be invaluable. Keep your eye open, go learn things.”
Rende, CO

Peter raised an eyebrow at the counselor’s opinion on the subject, it wasn’t a bad thought but as a rule, he disliked binary options or thoughts. Still, both thoughts had occurred to him and did not seem worth pointing either opposition or support for so he remained silent.


When there weren’t a plethora of volunteers, Kalika nodded. “I’ll go. I’d be interested in seeing what is there. And you’re gonna need a security detail anyway.” She smiled and shrugged as if it was obvious to everyone. She just hoped she would be allowed. She needed off this ship, even if only for a moment. It ran well, worked well, and did everything a ship was supposed to do. The trouble was, she had lived on the fine edge of alertness for so long that to not be there now was a strain on her. Something to focus on would be a boon for her.

When the Counselor arrived, it reminded her she had been stalling on her last appointment. She had been seeing the counselor on board, or rather their assistant, since her untimely arrival back. But with the assistant disembarked at the space station, she knew she would have to see the CNS eventually. Blinking back the thought, she waited to see who would be picked for the excursion.


OOC: Okay, you can shuttle over to the landing bay or hatch… or beam aboard without difficultly when ready.

OOC: Sorry I missed this in my pass and working on my paper.

IC: Rende nodded, “Alright let’s get going, you have your assignments. Get what gear you need and meet,” she glanced at Eldorin and nodded at the unspoken words, “Transporter room 1. Go learn things and come back and teach me.”

Away team:
Lead: Lt Asam, CoS
Lt Cmdr Korczak
Lt Woods, CSO (or play an NE if you prefer)
Lt Sharvi, CMO (or play an NE if you prefer)
En Ward, Sec
En O’Larria, Eng (Melissa I know you asked for Kalika to go, but with Miha on LOA I’m going to ask you to take your Eng instead and leave Kalika on the bridge to man the security station.)

Everyone else will stay on board, if you really want to go though I’m not going to say no. I know all the fun is on the away team.
Rende, CO

Eldorin nodded with a smirk to the Captain. He spoke as he walked, “To the best of our knowledge this is a fact finding mission, when it comes to security I don’t care what you rank is or your experience, I know each of you have been trained with the basics but focus on your tasks. Myself and Ward will take point but otherwise stay out of your way. Type 1 phasers on stun for all and besides myself and Ward I want them holstered unless we get into a fight. No need to come off on the wrong foot.” He stepped into the turbolift and nodded to Rende before the doors shut and he made his way to gather equipment.

Eldorin Asam, CoS

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