A meeting, millions of miles away

Posted June 18, 2021, 9:45 p.m. by Captain Rende Asam (Captain) (Jennifer Ward)

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Eldorin was working normally at his desk, an array of phasers disassembled before him as he always enjoyed performing the work personally a flash appeared on his screen and the color drained from his face. He grabbed his PaDD and made a tear to the bridge where he exclaimed “Rende!!!!!” He flashsed the PaDD in front of her, sighed, and grabbed the glasses from his pocket and shoved them on her face, “The Brodericks! I promised Elijah I’d help him teach Luca how to repair the antique car that they’ve had for 2 centuries! We planned this years ago and Luca is just a kid (for those reading at home, Luca is 28 but Eldorin thinks anyone under the age of 80 is a child) and I don’t know if I can do it just through a subspace link, are we going anywhere near earth? If I postpone it till we’re close that could be years!” Eldorin was working himself into a tizzy, all on the bridge, totally not realizing it was a scene.

Eldorin, Annoying Old Man

Rende looked up from the report she was reading on her console -the latest in ship’s tactics. Her mouth twitched in a smile as Eldorin began to wind himself up tighter and tighter. It was always the same. Every time they got posted somewhere, there was some obligation he forgot to make contingencies for. Well that was why he had her. She listened, letting him get it all out as he paced the bridge back and forth. NE Elbbirt at the helm and NL Gart watched in fascination as the CoS plopped a pair of glasses on Rende’s face and acted, as if they were in the privacy of their quarters. Oh the gossip they would have to tell. Rende just sat, a slight smirk on her face, oh how she loved that man.

Finally when there was a pause in his rantings, “Eldorin, my Love, have I ever failed you?”

She looked down at the PaDD in her hands, transferred the files off of it to her ready room and then downloaded another file to it and handed it to him. It contained detailed instructions. “Elijah and Luca will be in our holosuite at the estate, with their car, on the appointed day. You’ll be able to see them, their car, what they are doing and talk with you. They will be able to see you, hear you, and etc. You’ll be working on a holographic version of their car while they will have the real thing. Alannah Roarty has been working on taking scans of the car since we left. She’s the best computer programmer around, you know that. It will be accurate and the program will be flawless.
Now then the com time for such a thing has cost me a pretty penny, you will find a way to thank me later.” Rende smirked, “Or you can leave now by shuttle and make it to Earth in 4 months?”
Rende, CO


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