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IC: Rende nodded, “Alright let’s get going, you have your assignments. Get what gear you need and meet,” she glanced at Eldorin and nodded at the unspoken words, “Transporter room 1. Go learn things and come back and teach me.”

Away team:
Lead: Lt Asam, CoS
Lt Cmdr Korczak
Lt Woods, CSO (or play an NE if you prefer)
Lt Sharvi, CMO (or play an NE if you prefer)
En Ward, Sec
En O’Larria, Eng (Melissa I know you asked for Kalika to go, but with Miha on LOA I’m going to ask you to take your Eng instead and leave Kalika on the bridge to man the security station.)

Everyone else will stay on board, if you really want to go though I’m not going to say no. I know all the fun is on the away team.
Rende, CO

Eldorin nodded with a smirk to the Captain. He spoke as he walked, “To the best of our knowledge this is a fact finding mission, when it comes to security I don’t care what you rank is or your experience, I know each of you have been trained with the basics but focus on your tasks. Myself and Ward will take point but otherwise stay out of your way. Type 1 phasers on stun for all and besides myself and Ward I want them holstered unless we get into a fight. No need to come off on the wrong foot.” He stepped into the turbolift and nodded to Rende before the doors shut and he made his way to gather equipment.

Eldorin Asam, CoS

Peter nodded at the team chosen, it was the perfect kind of mixed team that gave good results. He moved to the chair the counsellor had vacated and stood by it, when he wasn’t manning consoles or skulking in a corner it was where he had sat with the previous Captain.


Rende nodded to Sigmundsson, “Have a seat Cmdr. Tell me what you think of all this.” She waved towards the screen and the strange ship shown there. “I’m interested to know your take on the situation.”
Rende, CO

Peter took only a moment to consider his answer “On the surface, it seems only like a simple meet’n’greet mission. See a strange alien vessel then check it out, learn about an alien species then move on. However, I don’t trust vessels without humanoid inhabitants, or even without any artificial crew. Sending a team over is the right call, protocol and all, but I still recommend a healthy degree of caution. But without more intelligence about this ship, there is little we can do besides having a transporter lock on the team at all times and trusting the crew.”


Rende nodded, “It does seem very clear cut doesn’t it? And that makes me uneasy. Maybe too many years of surprises. What do you think Cmdr of sending a shuttle to dock at one of the air locks? Just as an extra out for the away team?” Maybe it was too many years of being a marine and every situation always blowing up in their faces, but it seemed to ‘simple.’
Rende, CO

Peter nodded approvingly “Overreliance on transporters is a risk, and sending a shuttle may show how the ship reacts to multiple visitors or avenues of entrance,” He said calmly.


Rende nodded, tapping a finger to her lower lip in thought. After a short pause she returned her gaze to Sigmundsson. “Take a pilot to stay with the shuttle, and would you prefer to go poke the bear alone or with a team?”
Rende, CO

Peter turned his head towards the Captain and his lips curled into the slightest of smiles “I can pilot the shuttle but we can’t have it too crowded if we’re going to run out of there with a team of six. I think a Security Officer would do well” He said standing up slowly. His considerable bulk was something he took care not to move to quickly incase he would accidentally break someone.


Rende nodded, “Your discretion Cmdr.” She typed into the control panel next to her clearing him to take a shuttle. She looked back at him. “Take a shuttle of your choice, and I’ll let you pick which security officer you want to go with you. Go learn things, Cmdr.”

=^=Cpt Asam to Lt Asam. Lt Cmdr Sigmundsson is going to take a small two person team with a shuttle to dock at the air lock for an extra means of egress. So look before you shoot.=^=
Rende, CO

Kalika remained in her seat and ran over the team as they headed for the ship. Maintaining bioreadings on one and all, if possible, was going to be her first priority. Can’t have transporter locks without biosigns. And whatever was on that ship may end up with its own signs once boarding had begun. She didn’t want to have to sort them out at the last second.

Tagging each one on the console to keep track, she also made sure, once the CIO had departed, that he and whoever else was on the shuttle was also tagged. True, they were backup in case transporters didn’t work. But they may also need beaming out if things went sideways. Times like this she missed being Security Chief. But she knew her place and would do the best job she knew how. And right now, no other security officer on board, barring the actual CoS, was good enough to sit in this seat at this moment in her mind. She double checked the locks on everyone before letting the Captain know she had them.

((just in case the locks don’t stick… didn’t want to assume))

Peter gave the Captain a slight nod and moved to the Turbolift “Lieutenant Darz, please have someone capable sent to the Shuttlebay, preferably someone not inclined to shoot his own foot” It was said so drily that it wasn’t clear if he was making a joke or not”


After the team beamed aboard. The ship seemed to increase the level of power to the internal sensor net and the lower EM band of magnetic hull polarization. There wasn’t anything that would prevent a transport or a shuttle to ship boarding, but the power did increase.

As the Viking entered short range, perhaps 75,000 km. The message changed slightly. In addition to the general welcome, the ship added. “2.9 liters of anti-matter”


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