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The only sound in the turbolift was the muted hush of movement as the multi-phasic array propelled the lieutenant commander to his destination. Kohr stood as still as the mountain many characterized him as in the center of the pod, eyes firmly fixed on the data pouring down the screen of his PaDD and the image of the alien ship. His ridged brow furrowed as he considered the Viking‘s current situation; perhaps it was an ingrained warrior’s habit, but there was a wary knot nestled at the base of his skull that would not ease. The strange vessel appeared innocuous enough—hospitable, even—but something about it seemed odd to him, though he couldn’t quite grasp it.

The turbolift stopped and the door sighed open. Kohr stepped onto the bridge and looked about, noting those on-duty. His eyes hung on the image of the alien vessel on the viewscreen for a moment, suspended in a sea of stars, before returning to task. The knot did not ease, slightly tightened. Curious as to the change in the broadcast message, he strode over to the tactical station and peered over the posted officer’s shoulder. She noted his presence and stepped slightly to the side but did not startle; most of the crew were used to his size and manner. The change in power readings and the polarization of the hull made his jaw clench, which did draw a nervous glance from the tactical officer.

“Curious,” he murmured in a thoughtful baritone. He gave the officer a stern nod before moving away. “Carry on.”

Kohr’s tactical mind sifted through the pieces of information they’d gleaned both from their initial scans and the data dump they’d received from the alien vessel. While it appeared no more or less advanced than any ship in the Federation, the Klingon was interested to know how it had operated for so long and for such a distance without crew to repair it. Any number of phenomena could occur in deep space, not to mention basic wear-and-tear of even rudimentary function. More curious was how far it had wandered from its native star, so far from any form of assistance. While it had been rather generous with its offering of cultural stories, Kohr hadn’t determined anything of use about its creators or their intentions.

Somehow he was reminded of his last visit to Earth where he had taken an excursion into the heights of the Cobequid Mountains. While making camp in a rather picturesque cleft, Kohr had spied a kestrel lofting on the early evening breeze. Curious, he watched the falcon and tracked its course across the sky. Thinking it nothing more than a spot of play, he almost turned away before a flurry of movement closer to the treeline caught his attention. Another bird, drifting lower to the canopy, had caught both their eyes. As the Klingon watched, the kestrel dipped its wings and plummeted after the shrike, both vanishing into the treeline. Kohr had set up the remainder of his camp feeling a hunter’s respect for the falcon. The following morning, however, he’d found the broken body of the kestrel amongst some brambles and learned just how clever the smaller bird had been.

It was at that thought that made the knot in his skull vibrate all the more. Are we the kestrel, he mused as he considered the vessel once more, or are we the shrike?

“Captain,” he called as he neared the gathered group, “recommend we go to yellow alert until we until we can properly ascertain the abilities of our… guest.”
—Kohr, Executive Officer—

Rende turned at the sound of Kohr’s voice. “Excellent idea Kohr, make it so. Sigmundsson is taking a shuttle for an extra exit, but let’s keep a transporter lock on the team as well.

After the team beamed aboard. The ship seemed to increase the level of power to the internal sensor net and the lower EM band of magnetic hull polarization. There wasn’t anything that would prevent a transport or a shuttle to ship boarding, but the power did increase.

Kalika nodded to the CIO as she tapped a quick command on the console. “NE Lieutenant JG Walters has been sent. Sharp marksman, she’ll keep your hide safe, Sir.” She smiled back and grinned. Teasing or not, she wasn’t going to take a chance. He needed to know whoever went with him wasn’t a skittish Cadet.”

As the Viking entered short range, perhaps 75,000 km. The message changed slightly. In addition to the general welcome, the ship added. “2.9 liters of anti-matter”

When the message changed, she frowned. “Us or them?” She half whispered and did a quick query. It had been years since the academy. Was the other ship recognizing the Viking’s anti-matter or were they divulging their own?


Something about that seemed wrong....”Does that sound like a request for payment to you?” she asked everyone at the bridge at large. Tapping the com panel on her chair, =/\=Rende to away team. Eldorin do you remember, back on the Bonnie, that automated repair station we had to study. You were obsessed with it for about a month. The Enterprise got repairs there and they asked for payment for the repairs…but they were kidnapping people too? That ship just asked for payment. Keep an eye on each other.=/\=

Rende, CO

Kohr moved a polite distance from the captain as she hailed the away team, quickened his pace to the tactical station upon hearing the word “kidnapping.” The attending officer perked up at his approach, twitched to step away from her station before he put up a hand to remain. He chose instead to post himself nearby, dark eyes fixed on the alien ship as he considered their best course. The knot in his skull began to vibrate, to sing, and it brought fire to his blood. After a careful pause, Kohr raised his voice.

“Yellow alert,” he barked. The pale lights on the bridge immediately tinged with amber. “Helm, bring us to within 30,000 kilometers of the vessel, match course and speed. Lieutenant Pearson—” he lowered his voice so that he didn’t bellow in the nearby woman’s ear “—continuous tactical analysis; I want to know its defensive capabilities. Be wary of any further indication it intends to cut us off from the away team.”

Aside from the slight increase the level of power to the internal sensor net and the lower EM band of magnetic hull polarization. There wasn’t anything notable.

The tactical officer blinked at him, but he gave her what he hoped was an encouraging nod. While he was well within his right to assume her position, one thing he’d learned in Starfleet was the value of trusting one’s subordinates. In a tense situation respect and morale were just as important as phasers and shields. He did watch the readouts carefully, but that was more a warrior’s curiosity and preparedness than concern for her thoroughness.

He turned to the science station. “Lieutenant Loeffler, scan Starfleet’s database for any known encounters with similar vessels or technology, starting with both the Enterprise and the Bonaventure. I want to know as much about that ship and its composition as possible.”

=^=Transporter Room Two,=^= Kohr grunted finally, =^=maintain a lock on our away team. Beam them back upon any sign of distress, or if the alien ship moves more than 39,000 kilometers from the Viking.=^=

Once all stations returned assent and set to their assigned tasks, Kohr’s attention returned to the captain and the vessel on their view screen.
—Kohr, Executive Officer—

The ship was made out of typical star-ship materials. Some however were of the appropriate density and flexibility, but was not native to this section of the galaxy.


Kohr monitored the away team’s progress at an auxiliary console at the bridge’s rear mirroring the tactical station, his heavy brow even more deeply furrowed as he considered their situation. So the alien ship was not as empty as it had first appeared, he noted gravely. But are they crew or are they guests of previous encounters? After tapping a few commands, the energy distribution readout washed down the left side of the screen. With a greater draw on the ship’s grid devoted to a single pod, he was more curious as to its contents than the others.

As if mirroring his thoughts, he noticed the another of the away team’s locator signals break off and head towards the prioritized pod. While he was perhaps wary of the Viking crew encountering a new species—the most awkward first contact situation of his career, if so—the Klingon had to admit that the possibility of some actual answers intrigued him. That, however, would have to wait until the away team made an informed decision on how best to handle the pods and their contents. Nodding to himself Kohr turned his attention to the ship’s systems, in particular their propulsion and defensive systems.

If the shrike dips for the trees, he glowered, I will be prepared to clip its wings.
—Kohr, Executive Officer—

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