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The Viking Command team decided to beam aboard as opposed to either, shuttle bay or docking port on the alien ship. The options still remain whether to beam directly in to the indicated room or nearby and walk the way. In either case the ship has been set up to be comfortable for humanoids common in Star-Fleet. It was 80 degrees F and with appropriate oxygen/nitrogen content.

Away team:
Lead: Lt Asam, CoS
Lt Cmdr Korczak
Lt Woods, CSO
Lt Sharvi, CMO
En Ward, Sec
En O’Larria, Eng



OOC:So, Luke it looks like several people are on LOA. Let me look see what I can come up with Luke with the rest and some NEs maybe, when I get home today.

OOC: Cool.. just don’t want people to think I’m not ready to go.

Jenn asked if I could step in on this one now I’m back, so will try to do it suttle…

Pascal was carrying some important readings he wanted to give to the away team before departure but seemed to have missed them all in the haste.

On approaching the Transporter Room he turned the corner and entered, PADD in hand.

  • Ensign Reade, Science Officer

=^=Cpt Asam to Lt Asam. Lt Cmdr Sigmundsson is going to take a small two person team with a shuttle to dock at the air lock for an extra means of egress. So look before you shoot.=^=
Rende, CO

OOC: Invasion… Beam when ready…

Mike hadn’t been crazy about Kristi volunteering for the away mission when someone from engineering was called for. But she had a point. Her argument was that if anything went wrong, him on this side would give the away team a far better chance at survival than if she were in charge of engineering. With a quick kiss and promise to be back for dinner, she had taken one of the larger tool pouches and headed for the transporter room.

Meeting Reade just inside the door, Kristi smiled. “Hi, Ensign, you joining us?” The engineer glanced around to see if she was one of the first to beam over or one of the last.

Ens Kristi O’Larria
((are the others beamed over or are we still ‘gathering’ here?))

Pascal had not had too much interaction with Kristiana, his unfortunate but small-time away from the ship had missed some of the introductions and natural working conditions he hoped to allow him to bond with the crew a bit more.

“Hoping so…” Reade has said with a cautious but confident tone.

OOC: still gathering

Korczak stood into he corner of the room. Being overlooked was something of his specialty, and he waited for the others to arrive.

Korczak, CNS

Pascal held his gaze back from looking at Korczak in the corner, his counseling session with him on re-entry to the roster was enough ‘talking’ time he needed currently with everything going on.

Holding his PADD still in hand, he wanted to give the brief anomaly reading over to Lt. Asam when he arrived.

  • Ensign Reade, Science Officer

Lt. Sharvi and an NE from sickbay came through the doors to the transporter room. Lt. Sharvi was late, and he was sternly talking to the NE. “Ok, well, finish these reports and I’ll review them after we get back.” The Klingon officer told the NE who turned back around and headed back for sickbay. “I apologize for my lateness, Sickbay has been extremely busy the last few days with all kinds of cases and illnesses coming in, but I am ready to go on this mission.” Lt. Sharvi stated to anyone in the room who was listening.
Lt. Sharvi, CMO

Chief Letsdothis nodded, “I have the coordinates and go ahead from the captain. If you would all take your places on the pad.” Once everyone was on the pad the chief ran his hands over the console and the team disappeared in a swirl of gold light.

OOC: Anyone who hasn’t arrived yet can still join, but wanted to push this thread along.

OOC: Just presuming you are beaming directly to the point indicated on the ship.

As the crew materialized, it almost seemed that the light were coming on as the crew solidified. It was always hard to tell as a persons senses seemed to be just sharpening. There were several tables and other illumination systems in this room, that wasn’t on, that made it seem like a medical room… perhaps even a mogue given the empty cold nature of what was there.

Nobody was there to welcome the crew. Just a dozen of glowing panels on the wall.


Korczak looked around the room and nodded slightly. “Hmm.” was all he said. He slowly made his way to one of the panels, taking careful note of his surroundings.

Korczak, CNS

NE Collier who tagged along checked his surrounding, but then immediately walked towards the open door. Taking the wall as cover, he first peeked quickly, then as he didn’t register anything out of the ordinary, took a longer glance.

“All clear here. There’s a long hallway here, and there appears to be more rooms further down.”

Even though there was no threat, Collier checked that his phaser rifle was set on stun, and ready for use.

Lt. Mike Stone, CE

=/\=Rende to away team. Eldorin do you remember, back on the Bonnie, that automated repair station we had to study. You were obsessed with it for about a month. The Enterprise got repairs there and they asked for payment for the repairs…but they were kidnapping people too? That ship just asked for payment. Keep an eye on each other.=/\=

Rende, CO

The panels seemed to be a type of medical sensors. There were several dozen cryochambers set up in the long hallway. The medical panel indicated that only 4 were still active. Meaning that 44 individual boxes now contained dead aliens. The medical system did hve the four pods listed. These 4 were of the first priority meaning they were drawing all the remaining power. Pod one, seemed to even have a greater priority than the other 3.

There were also a few floating light sources that resembled fireflies moving in the hallway. They seemed to pass right through the pods and pop right out.


“Lieutenant Sharvi, you might want to take a look at this.” Korczak said. He nodded to the display and then took out his tricorder and began scanning the live subjects.

Korczak, CNS

Kristi had remained silent as the others arrived. She hadn’t had the pleasure of the counseling session appointment with the new CNS, but she knew Korczak from general greetings about the ship. She knew she had to see him sooner or later, and had just chosen ‘later’ as her preferred option.

As they arrived on the ship, she followed Sharvi to the consoles. “Well, not human…” she half murmured looking at the main bio-sign readings. Her own tricorder was scanning the medical bed to see if it served the same function as their own when a cry went up about something on the other side of the room.

Moving towards the pods, she quickly noted the power levels and frowned. “I don’t know how much longer these are gonna last.” She moved down the row to see if she could discern how frequently the pods had been failing, and when the last one had. It would give them a clue how long they had before they lost another alien. That’s when her curiosity got the better of her. Moving to the side of the nearest pod, she wiped the screen to be sure her look would be clear and peered into the portal to see what was in the pod. Her bottom lip slipping unconsciously between her teeth in nervous anticipation. “What do you look like?” she half whispered not thinking anyone was close enough to hear her.

Ensign Kristiana O’Larria

“Man, that’s one sad way to go… being snuffed out because the batteries are running low.” Collier commented, as he observed from far the many pods that looked unpowered.

“Do you recognise the species?” He asked O’Larria, that was about to look into one of them.

NE Collier, SEC

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