To Parley of Yore

Posted July 24, 2021, 9:43 p.m. by Lieutenant Eldorin Asam (Chief of Security) (Brian Richards)

Posted by Captain Rende Asam (Captain) in To Parley of Yore

Posted by Lieutenant Eldorin Asam (Chief of Security) in To Parley of Yore

Posted by Captain Rende Asam (Captain) in To Parley of Yore
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The next day saw Rende with some actual down time. It wasn’t a day off, but she only had a couple of meetings and then a comm back to command to update their progress. And so she found herself on the couch, searching a PaDD for her favorite secret indulgence. She had taken Tabris’ pictures and placed them in different areas of their quarters. Rather than a shrine on a shelf he was everywhere. She wasn’t sure what to say, so she found herself talking about what she was doing. “Okay so it’s not SO secret. Dad knows about this, but he’s got a duty shift and isn’t around to tease me about it. I used to sneak into the den alone to watch these, until one day, oh you must have been 9, came in to ask me about paint for a gift and you were enthralled. You sat down and watched all day with me. It became a tradition. What do you think…OH! This was our favorite, Holly and Ivy (credit to Hallmark Movies). You just really loved the idea of all those people making life better for others.” The picture next to the couch was of Tabris and Eldorin. Tabris was an adult standing outside his apartment building. It had been falling down, damaged, it should have been condemned. Rende and Eldorin had money, even then, and had one of their companies, that they owned quietly, no one knew, financially back the project, buy the building and put new management in place. Tabris had been so incensed that the previous owner wouldn’t take care of it that he had decided to do it himself. That was the day they had helped all the tenants move back into their homes. “You always wanted to help others no matter how big or small the problem.”

Okay so maybe she was going overboard, she had popcorn and bowl in front of the picture, and a citrus soda. The picture didn’t need popcorn. “I can steal from yours, you don’t mind, and even if you do you’re not eating anyway.” She laughed at her own silliness, dimmed the lights, and watched. “I used to tease your dad that these movies were why you were so good with the girls. You were always kind, but you had a knack for being truly charming and roguish. But really you just took after your dad. I loved taking you on digs with me, but it was with your dad and the work you did together really brought out your passion.” She glanced at the screen, “Like that right there. You and your dad would have brought a whole crew to fix a house in one day so a family could stay together.”
Rende, mom

Eldorin had been caught up in work and the duty shift felt more like a double, when he got home there was a sound that seemed familiar but of another time. What was it? An album? No it was spoken word. A play? No it didn’t sound right. A ha! The Lost Valentine! One of Rende’s ‘secret’ movies that was about.... right! The journalist who’s hired to tell the story of Caroline, a woman who is still waiting for her husband to return from World War II. Sappy as all get out and one that Tabris loved to quote to the ladies “Now you have my heart. Keep it next to yours and bring it back to me. I will always love you.” Eldorin used to rib the two for the sappy movies but Rende was right, he was indeed successful because that’s one genre of movies that actually represented women well and Tabris learned and practiced while the other boys his age just had a testosterone fueled experience of hormonal pubescence.

Eldorin walked into their living room, a smile on his face as the movie was about halfway through. He saw the photo and the empty bowl of popcorn with a nearly finished soda, Rende had fallen asleep and Elrodin sat next to her, gripping her gently as he leaned on her and said, “You know I think these movies are sappy garbage sometimes, but there’s a part of me that would watch anything if it was us three again…”

Eldorin Asam, CoS

Rende stirred as he sat down. Even after all these centuries she was still a fairly light sleeper. She tipped her head resting it on his and reached over and squeezed his hand. “I know you would. Don’t think I didn’t know you were watching us from the other side of the door every time. Not that you were watching the movies. Same way I used to watch the two of you fix cars. Do you remember after we moved to the gulf coast, he was so mad at us, said he had no friends. He tried out for the school play…How To Succeed in High School Without Really Trying (by Jonathan Rand). And all the girls fell in love with his accent. Do remember…oh what was her name....Rachel! She’d follow him home from school ever day and pepper him with questions just to hear him talk?”

Rende, CO

Eldorin smiled at his wife, the two always had a system and a process for everything, very accustomed to their rituals and schedules. Not that they were stuck in their ways, no you don’t stay alive as mercenaries or manage to raise a child without flexibility. But that being said the fact that Rende and Tabris always watched movies, and Eldorin always watched the two watching the movies was a given. “My dear you two were always fun to watch, 2/3 of the movie, without fail, the popcorn would be empty and he would snuggle against you, no matter how old he was, and you’d always pat his head as you two finished the last 3rd”

Sitting up he let out a chuckle, “How could I forget about Rachel! That was a year after we moved to Port Arnasas, he was a sophomore and there wasn’t a girl in town that wasn’t swooning over him. And given all those movies he knew exactly how to wrap them around his finger. But Rachel, she was a nice kid, wonder whatever happened to her.”

Eldorin Asam

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