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To help everyone know what and where to go I have updated the MOTD so that all departments have current orders for both the DH and any JOs. Also the away team is listed. If you want to be on the away team let me or Jason know or if you are and would rather not be let us know.

Also coming soon one of our own crew is starting a side sim. be on the look out!

If you still are not sure where to go or what to do please reach out to me, Jason, or Luke.


To kind of nutshell recap for the Bridge, the Viking has closed securely inside beaming range of the alien vessel and is paralleling her course and speed. The Viking is currently on yellow alert and monitoring the away team’s progress investigating the rogue starship’s interior. By all accounts, the alien vessel is considerably larger and possesses greater structural capacity than the Federation ship, but the Viking‘s offensive and defensive capabilities have her beat by about fifty years. At present, the ship is near-derelict and in an extreme low-power conservation mode. Its automated systems have been requesting assistance from the Viking in the form of anti-matter, which is in the process of being offered to the single alien showing awake aboard. The current curiosity is that the Viking has as-yet been unable to detect power anywhere else aboard the vessel, even in sections where it should. Thankfully, the away team does not appear to be in any danger… yet.

Engineering should feel free to address the issue of the antimatter, as a station has been set up on the bridge for a better understanding of the alien vessel’s composition. Medical will hopefully have their hands full learning what they can of the alien and the physiology of his people. Science officers on—or having been called to—the bridge will likewise find a station ready for their use in determining what they can about the alien technology, particularly any clues as to why these aliens would be so far from home and where else they might have been.

Writers from other threads should feel free to post associated summaries here so that we have all the information at our disposal at-a-glace, maybe even drum up some discussion about how to proceed next. Happy writing!

Thank you Jason for the recap! I’ll make sure the antimatter issue is taken care of and that only a couple of fingers are lost in the process!


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