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Moving towards the pods, she quickly noted the power levels and frowned. “I don’t know how much longer these are gonna last.” She moved down the row to see if she could discern how frequently the pods had been failing, and when the last one had. It would give them a clue how long they had before they lost another alien. That’s when her curiosity got the better of her. Moving to the side of the nearest pod, she wiped the screen to be sure her look would be clear and peered into the portal to see what was in the pod. Her bottom lip slipping unconsciously between her teeth in nervous anticipation. “What do you look like?” she half whispered not thinking anyone was close enough to hear her.

Ensign Kristiana O’Larria

“Man, that’s one sad way to go… being snuffed out because the batteries are running low.” Collier commented, as he observed from far the many pods that looked unpowered.

“Do you recognise the species?” He asked O’Larria, that was about to look into one of them.

NE Collier, SEC

The species was unknown. The system itself started the revivification procedure for pod one. Meanwhile, the computer started an internal audio request. “Requesting antimatter, 2.9 liters.”


Rende nodded to the comms officer and the channel opened. =/\=Viking to Away Team. I want a status report.=/\=
Rende, CO

=^=Viking Actual, we’ve located what appear to be four survivors in cryostasis. The vessel is auto-thawing one of them. I would assume it’s one of the command crew if not commanding officer.=^= Markus spoke in a low tone from the back of the gathering group.

The pod seemed to have completed the first part of the awakening cycle, and with a hiss the front of the pod snapped open. The humanoid opened ‘his’ eyes slowly and with a groan. His breathing seemed harsh, dry and labored. The curious fire-flies like lights started to circle his head occasionally dipping through his body before whipping around again. The creature stepped forward.

“Who are you? How did you get in here?” The tone was gruff, but not completely hostile.


Korczak cleared his throat and said calmly “We were invited… by your vessel. We are from another ship, the Viking. It is a United Federation of Planets Vessel. We are explorers and found your ship by chance, and it invited us on board. I am Lieutenant Commander Janusz Korczak. And you are…?”

Korczak, CNS

NE Collier observed the alien quietly. He didn’t like the tone with which it spoke. They clearly needed help but with this kind of attitude, he would just move on and let them be.
He observed the alien, ready if it turned more hostile.

NE Collier

Mark slipped forward, easing his way amongst his crewmates, though remained silent. His gaze focused on the alien, and while it wasn’t hostile, his focus sharpened. The science officer let his mind go … not exactly blank but… still. The closest one might attribute to it was listening. Not just to what he said, but what he wasn’t saying, and what sensations in the form of emotions, ideas, and concepts that came along with the creature’s words. It wasn’t intrusion, just reception. While he wasn’t a native with tele-empathic communication, he’d had a while to get good with it after The Device and his time with it almost a decade ago.

By the same token he let cautious but calm curiosity roll off of him in case their new friend had similar senses and abilities.

Lt Woods, CSO

The alien looked about… He was lightly dressed as body compression while in stasis was bad, while the federation officers were more numerous, probably armed and fully dressed. “I am called Hub’rabi.” He started walking towards a wall panel. He would open it in a fairly causal manner. The panel seemed to glow slightly as he touched it and then a clear click sounded leading it to swing slightly open.

“I believe you.” He continued. “Computer identify your current protocol”

The Computer responded, “Lord Hub’rabi, status minimum output, contact contains antimatter.”

“I don’t know you but since you haven’t tried to take the ship over by now, you are probably benign… we desperately need anti matter to regain ship functions.”


Korczak gave a half-smile and said “Benign is our intention. We are explorers first, after all.”

Captain Rende’s voice cut in. =/\= I appreciate the update, Lt Woods. We are getting a request for the alien ship for 2.9 litters of anti-matter. Perhaps you or Lt Cmdr Korczak can find out why. =/\=

Mark nodded once. =^=Easily explained enough. The ship seemed to be on a power conservation protocol. From what we can ascertain, they’re out of gas, or almost. Our guest identifies themself as Lord Hub’rabi, and seems to confirm that hypothesis with the ship’s computer system. Seems neighborly enough, so far.=^= He kept the report quiet, so as not to interfere or interpose too much.

Lt Woods, CSO

‘A Lord.. that at least explains the attitude.’ Collier thought to himself. While the rest was thinking about how to give them the antimater they required, he still remained a bit suspicious.

“May I ask your lordship where exactly are you going and what the purpose of this ship is?” He asked in a neutral tone.

Hub’rabi, withdrew clothes from the locker and started to get dressed. It was fairly ornate, with should guards, gauntlets, pants that included a codpiece, and boots that were thick and probably armored. He also clipped a device to his gauntlet that seemed to be some sort of energy projector. “Well that’s a story,” he paused. “Our home planet, was about to have an extinction level event, based on overproduction. Many ships such as ours were designed, and launched. However our section of the galaxy, did not have a wealth of usable planets to settle, so we set out to a more fertile part of the galaxy....” He shrugged. “We were put in status for a 200 year journey… but we had taken damage, and our course was in error… 400 years later, we went where we did not plan, nor had the energy to return. We put ourselves back in status and hope to find… a benevolent group to save us, before we all transposed into light.”

He for one wouldn’t want to assist them, if they were on their way to conquer another planet. Though it didn’t seem very likely, he still felt someone should ask why these guys were flying around the space.

NE Collier

=^=Kohr to Korczak,=^= the Klingon’s voice came over the open channel. =^=Lieutenant, please inform your host that the Viking is standing by to render assistance in the repair of his vessel should he require it. Extend an invitation to join us should he and a delegation from his ship wish a respite from their present accommodations while we consider their request for anti-matter. Once the away team completes their survey and determines there is no danger to the vessel and crew, return to the Viking.=^=
—Kohr, Executive Officer—

Korczak looked at Lord Hub’rabi. “Lord Hub’rabi, perhaps you could ascertain if any of your fellows are able to be freed from stasis? Lessening the draw on your power would only help at this stage, would it not? We offer you the opportunity to come to our vessel, talk with our Captain, and perhaps we can assist you and yours. Food and drink will be provided, as well as medical attention should you require it.”

Korczak, CNS

He walked over to the medical panel, “I’m not sure, it takes more power to wake them up and put them under than to keep them in status.” He pressed a button. “I don’t think the computer will allow me to resuscitate anyone else until we can get our hands on more anti-matter.”


“Not surspringly, I presume I don’t want to leave the ship without a single person that could respond to an emergency.” He looked back at the panel. He made a displeased face as the golden willow wisps continued to spin about his head occasionally shooting through him and out the other side.

=/\=Rende to Korczak. We are aware of the ship’s need for power, we do not currently have the amount of anti-matter being requested. Get the engineering officer to find out what they can about the power needs and configuration of the ship and we will set up a power transfer beam. That should give them enough to at least activate life support and basic functions.=/\=

Rende, CO

“You don’t have a visible microphone at all.” Hub’rabi stated in passing. “We can open up our deflector projector, reverse it and take in a power beam that would recharge the batteries, but that is at best a few days worth of power. It is anti matter that we need even half as much could power us for a year. Is there any amount you can spare?”

Lord Hab’rabi GM

Kristi had been listening and scanned the pod nearest her as the Lord commented on power needed to wake the others. stepping up, she nodded to the CNS, “Sir, if I may,” she then turned to Hab’rabi. “Lord Hab’rabi, my name is Kristiana and I am an engineer. I would be more than happy to stay and keep watch, if it is acceptable to you. Your systems aren’t that much different from ours and I can alert you in a moment’s notice should something go awry. And we would have the ability to beam you back here instantly, if there is no interference, to assist should anything happen. But at the moment, readings indicate everyone is well and the systems will be stable long enough for you and the Captain to converse.” She smiled warmly at the man. He wasn’t how she imagined aliens to be. But having not been part of a First Encounter, before, it wasn’t surprising that she had misconceptions at first. But seeing this man before her, the smile was genuine and warm.

Perhaps she was out of line, but she turned her scanner towards the man to show him the readings she was getting from scanning the last pod she had been standing at.


“It is considerate for you to ask.” What exactly he meant by that wasn’t clear. He could be saying given his position that they could just tell him what to do… or that he was pleased by the invitation.

=/\=Cpt Asam to Lt Asam or En. O’Larria. We are prepared to provide a power transfer but we need to know the frequency the vessel requires in order to begin the transfer beam.=/\=

Then, =/\= Asam to Korczak. Please inform the ship’s commander we know the power transfer won’t solve all their power problems, but we can tow them to the nearest starbase to complete repairs.=/\=

Rende, CO

Hab’rabi listened for a moment and made the associated needed commands to the computer. He nodded. “I guess we are prepared for both. My visit and the power transfer.” He said in a resigned manner. He paused as the glowing yellow fire flies continued to swirl about his head.... “So when you said instantly… what manner of transportation do you use that is instantaneous.”


Lieutenant Woods cleared his throat. He’d not had much to do since they’d made contact, besides listen. So far the Lord’s mind seemed closed. he was suitably wary but not overly so, as far as he’d been able to detect. But this matter could be sensitive, depending on their culture. This was actually much closer to his expertise and something he could assist with. “My Lord, I am Lieutenant Woods, our Chief Science Officer. If I may…” he spoke up. “We have a device that confines an object and converts it into energy or energized particles, which is them sent in a beam to the new location and reconstructed into matter exactly as it was before. Our own systems allow us to do this to a range of around 40,000 kilometers under normal conditions without error. The technology is hundreds of years old for us, and quite reliable. It’s how this away team arrived aboard. If not is not your preference, we can be ferried over on a shuttle or runabout.” As he explained the deconstruction, beaming, and re-construction process, he used his hands to convey the concept, akin to sign language but it almost resembled three-dimensional printing in reverse for deconstruction and then the printing for reconstruction.

Lt Woods, CSO

“For centuries, hmm, that seems to create existential crises. What would keep you from making two of me… or anyone. You could put one in status and have spare parts for a lifetime. Or just transport the knowledge from the older one into a younger one… you could live forever.”

He held out one of the arm bands, “This is an energy projector… What happens if you turn energy into energy? I also have a battery pack and a communication system all also have power systems. Perhaps it would be safer to use a shuttle craft.” He tapped his helm, “I’ve been informed you attached one a few minutes ago.” Along with the helm tap a golden firefly slid into his skull and then out the other side.

Lord Hab’rabi GM

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