Sustenance and Shenanigans (Attn All Crew! Everyone Welcome!)

Posted Aug. 23, 2021, 7:14 p.m. by Lieutenant Eldorin Asam (Chief Engineer) (Brian Richards)

Posted by Captain Rende Asam (Captain) in Sustenance and Shenanigans (Attn All Crew! Everyone Welcome!)
Rende and Eldorin had been on Viking long enough to be settled and to get a feel for things. They weren’t the only new additions to the crew, or even the senior staff. And Rende knew, from centuries of experience, that one did not create a team simply by passing in the corridors. And training simulations only went so far. So it was time to eat!

Rende sent out a memo inviting the senior staff, their guests, and anyone of the crew to come to the mess - off duty dress. Then Rende made her way to the mess to speak to the chef. She had a few personal recopies she wanted, in order to share a piece of herself with the crew. She strongly requested that the chef include favorites of the rest of the staff.

Two days later Rende was tapping her foot, hiding a smirk, while Eldorin got ready. “Really, Eldorin, it should not take you longer to get ready than me.” Rende was dressed in a pair of navy slacks with a coral colored blouse and white pumps. Her hair down rather than pinned up, her ancient devotion helix attached to her right ear, the match cuffed to Eldorin’s left. The only other adornment was the Claddagh ring on her left hand.

Eldorin chuckled and wanted to argue but she was right. “My dear I found this wonderfully preserved 2150’s era dress uniform and I wanted to impress. That being said I’ll never understand what that generation’s obsession was with jumpsuits. Everything from the crewman to the admirals wore a bloody jumpsuit. And you and I both know I’m not as limber as I used to be…” Eldorin said as he finally managed to wiggle himself into the uniform and get it fastened. He poked at his wife and said, “Well?” As he then made sure his own helix was properly sitting on his ear.

Eldorin Asam, CE

Entering the mess it smelled lovely, the chef had been busy and there were dishes from every species, drinks to satisfy any preference, and some surprises that the chef wouldn’t let Rende peek at. Rende got a sparkling ginger lemonade and then made her way over to sit placing a hurdy gurdy in her lap and began to play a few chords and warm up pieces.

Rende, CO

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