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Tessa pointed to a good spot along the hull of the other ship and watched the CIO expertly plant them on the side of the behemoth. “Never ceases to amaze me. They seem so large outside, then you get inside and it’s more like a large house than a ship. Must be all the corridors,” she laughed a bit nervously. “I mean, if you could see out along all those routes I am sure it would seem bigger.”

There was a momentary pulse as the shuttle pressed against the hull polarization, but it was a moment before the shuttle locked into place, by what seemed to be a universally adapting shuttle dock.

She bit her lip and the edge of her smile crept up. “That could be an interesting sim for a holodeck, don’t you think? A ship so clear you could see outside into space while traversing the halls? The rooms would have to be opaque, of course. For privacy. But take the corridors from the inside, and place them along the outer perimeter of the ship. Now that would make for an interesting after shift jogging program. What do you think?” She had often run programs of other planets one couldn’t survive on without ev suits or specialty gear. Her first ones had been simple, like Mars or Venus. But as she explored space, she often wondered about other anomalies. And the idea of a ship that was translucent made for an interesting thought.

EN Lt JG Tessa

Peter blinked in surprise at her comment and turned his head fractionally, eyeing the young officer from the corner of his eye “I once spent time on an Orion Pleasure cruise, they used a viewscreen technology on the hallways to give the views of outside, eternity windows they called it I believe” He said conversationally “It was like walking on a platform floating through space, took some time to get used to.”



Peter started a standard Scan of the shuttle lock =^=Sigmundsson to Viking, we have docked with the Alien Vessel, starting preliminary scans to see if it’s safe for entry=^=


=^=Understood, stand by.=^= Kohr’s barritone came mutely through the channel. =^=We are preparing a power transfer to the alien ship and will be taking her in-tow. If all goes well, the away team will be returning to the Viking shortly.=^=
—Kohr, Executive Officer—

For a quick moment, Tessa was all business once more. She cycled the shuttle through the appropriate sequences to check lock tight integrity and air quality. “Opening hatch in security cycle to check air breathability.” She went through the motions of pushing buttons and sliding the air lock open a fraction, she shuttle still sealed safely behind it’s bulkheads, to see if anything negative occurred.

NE Tessa

The ship supported humanoid life and was well within tolerances for most Federation races. If the door would open, they could walk right in.


Peter tapped his wrists out of habit, making sure that the blades were still there before answering the Bridge =^=Copy that, We’ll secure this egress and wait on your word. Sigmundsson out=^= He closed the channel and stood up, tapping the phaser on his hip in the same habitual way “Stay holstered unless you see a threat, grab a flashlight in case there aren’t internal lights, and let’s secure the entrance to the shuttle” He said as he tapped the code to open the shuttle door.


=/\=Asam to Sigmundsson. The power transfer is complete. You are cleared to proceed.=/\=

Rende, CO

“Yes, Sir,” Tessa replied before grabbing a second torch to stick in her pocket opposite her phaser. She flicked on the one she had and followed Peter to the door. Once there, they both did their jobs of checking the attachments, readings and stability before she moved to the hatch itself and nodded back to him. “Ready to open on your mark, Sir. All systems reading green.” At his word, she would open the hatch into the alien ship. Hopefully, silence, breathable air and no issues would greet them. She muttered a small query under her breath for it to be so to whoever it was out there that listened to such requests.

NE Tessa

=^=Woods to shuttle team.=^= The chief science officer’s voice cut into their short conversation. =^=We may be coming to you to take us and our guest back to the Viking. He’s a little leery of transporter technology.=^= Though the lieutenant sounded relaxed, for the most part, there was an odd note in his voice, like hidden tension.

Lt Woods, CSO

Tessa frowned. “That doesn’t sound good. I wonder what’s going on in there?” She nodded to the door and the ship being. As senior officer, the CIO would respond to the comm. But it didn’t keep Tessa from speaking up.

She turned her attention back to the door.

NE Tessa

Peter took the comment and the apparent tension in the Science Officers voice in stride like he did most things. He tapped his combadge and responded =^=Copy Lieutenant, We’re standing by. Inform us if you do come=^= He closed the channel “Might just be mistrust of transporter technology, might be trying to avoid leaving the ship or going with strangers” He speculated calmly “We’ll trust in their decision and guard the shuttle until we leave”


Hab’rabi strode to the shuttle. He smiled, an universal sign of pleasure. “Well, auxiliary ships tend to be very similar.: As he looked around. “Very colorful buttons.” He noted.


Peter stepped to the side as the alien lordling arrived. He inclined his head respectfully to the stranger “Indeed they are” He said in his gruff baritone “Will the away team be returning with us, Lieutenant?” He asked Asam.


Tessa was glad she wasn’t one to wander in thought when bored. Because suddenly the alien said before her and was stressing into the shuttle. “Ummm… Welcome, Sir.” She glanced at Peter from behind the man and shrugged. Glancing out the entryway, she wondered where the rest of her crew were. This man, if he was one, suddenly appearing out of nowhere had been a bit unsettling.

Just then she realized her hand still rested in the but if her phaser where it had moved instinctually at the guest’s sudden appearance. She reached up to double check the connection switch to be sure they were still securely moored to cover up her removing the hand from it’s defensive position.


If Hab’rabi noticed the gesture he made no mention of it. “I believe I was to enjoy a shuttle trip to your vessel?” He spoke in a deep tone. What was most distracting about him were the glowing fireflies that fluttered about his head… sometimes moving so fast that it appeared that he had a halo.


After the away team made their decision on whether or not to remain on the Vessel Peter turned to the alien “Enjoyment is optional” He said striding past him, careful not to walk over him as he sat down in the chair. Seated down he absently moved the phaser in its holster with his right hand as the left prepared the shuttle for liftoff. After the shuttle doors were sealed he began the flight procedure, informing the Viking of their ETA and started flying back home.


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