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Getting notice that the shuttle was on it’s way back. “NLt Yorba, you have the bridge.” Rende looked at the rest of the senior staff. “Lt Forgrave, a small honor guard to the diplomatic conference room if you will. We don’t want to overwhelm him. Lt Cmdr Kohr if you will let the mess know we need refreshments. Let’s go people!” Rende headed to the nearest turbolift and to the shuttle bay.

Issac nodded, before acknowledging the order aloud. “Yes Ma’am.” He considered the request briefly, before muttering quietly into his comm badge. =/\=NE Heimdel, NE Braxton - please report to the shuttle bay and conference room, respectively. You will be serving as honor guards; but we want to keep from overwhelming our guest. Braxton, please make sure the route is clear of any non-essential personnel. Please coordinate with the shuttle crew and Lt. Kalika.=/\= That done, he followed the Captain to the bay.

Arriving at the shuttle bay Rende entered and nodded to the chief on duty. “How far out are they?” She looked around making sure her staff were preparing. No time for formal dress, and she was secretly glad for that.

Rende, CO

-Lt. Forgrave, CoS

OOC: The trip was about 2 minutes from dock to dock. The rest was up to how the crew wanted to handle Hab’rabi’s arrival. He can be on board right now if you’d like.


OOC: Alright let’s go with that.

Rende watched as the shuttle slid seamlessly through the forcefield over the shuttle bay door that protected them from the vacuum of space. As the shuttle door hissed with depressurization Rende moved forward with a brief glance at Lt. Forgrave. She didn’t know him yet, but he had an amazing record already. She had read about his involvement with making first contact with a new species on board his previous assignment, and Rende was impressed. She was glad to have someone with a cool head and an eye for everyone’s safety beside her.

First to leave the shuttle was the hulking figure of the Chief Intelligence officer, he still wore the phaser at his waist. He ducked his head as he passed the too short shuttle door and walked towards the Captain in long confident strides. He gave the Security Chief an appraising look then a nod. He stopped and turned when he reached the Captain’s side and clasped hands behind his back.

As the delegation stepped off the shuttle Rende held her hands out palm up and empty, a universal sign of peace. “Welcome to the Viking. I am Cpt Rende Asam, please accept our hospitality.” She looked at Korzack to complete the introductions or the guest himself. Though she had to admit that the floating motes of light about him set her nerves on edge…that made her gut churn.

Rende, CO


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