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Kalika agreed with the XO. Sure, they seemed to be under minimal power… Sure, they seemed to be kind, or at least not hostile… and Sure, they hadn’t shown any aggression. But still, like the XO, her hackles were on edge as she rose after sending requests to security and medical channels requesting accompanyment to Transporter Room One for guest receiving. As she turned to the XO and stood up, she shook her head. “No, Sir. No current concerns. Though I think rather than parading them through the ship, perhaps taking them to the Officer’s Lounge on Deck 2 so there is minimal wanderings once he is here?” She knew it wasn’t a spectacular place to accept guests, but the small lounge should be sufficient for the single guest and the view was just as nice as any ready room. And it was close enough to the transporter room that there wouldn’t be any long walks either.


“I agree, Cmdr.,” Rende responded still staring at the vessel. “Let’s not engage the tractor beam until we’ve informed our…them. We don’t want to provoke them. So let’s see if one of our engineering officers can get us the information we need to get that going, and then Lt Asam can come back and determine if and how much antimatter we might spare.”

=/\=Cpt Asam to Lt Asam or En. O’Larria. We are prepared to provide a power transfer but we need to know the frequency the vessel requires in order to begin the transfer beam.=/\=

Then, =/\= Asam to Korczak. Please inform the ship’s commander we know the power transfer won’t solve all their power problems, but we can tow them to the nearest starbase to complete repairs.=/\=

Rende, CO

Kohr stood unmoving before the viewscreen, watching as the helmsman moved the Viking into position just ahead of the alien vessel. It gave him a chance to get a better visual inspection as they passed along its dorsal axis. Were I a crewman aboard such a behemoth, he mused to himself, I would not have allowed it to slumber as deathly quiet so very far from home. It certainly seemed strange to him, filled his mind with more questions than answers. The chief of these was how a vessel with sophisticated and automated systems enough to provide stable atmosphere for guests had allowed itself—and its crew, even the few they were being led to believe still survived—to become so depleted.

For all their scans, the alien vessel appeared largely undamaged and functional. It was true that he was not familiar with the rigors of a journey such as theirs, but knowing what he did about space travel it had fared better than one would expect. No signs of structural damage or weapons fire mottled her hull, no variation or excess radiation in her emission trail. Had he not known the truth of its origin, it could have been any vessel known to the Federation drifting lazily in the void beside the Viking and not a metal-plated mystery. The Klingon frowned, only deepening the furrows in his cranial ridge.

Remain calm, he reminded himself. The away team had been gone less than an hour and would surely return soon. First, stabilize their life support. Next, answers. Nothing beyond that, not until we know who they are and what their mission is.
—Kohr, Executive Officer—


NE Jenkins appeared off the turbolift only a few seconds after as though he were a necessary plot device. Taking up residence at the closest station he said, “I can reverse the polarity of our bussard collectors, inverting the magnetic fields that we use to collect fuel. From there I can run the warp core under a 1/4 load which should be able to vent a highly charged plasma that the other ship should be able to pick up and take the residual charge, no matter what their systems are configured for.”

NE Jenkins

With a glance at Kohr and a nod, “Alright Jenkins, start the power transfer.” Jenkins nodded and keeping in touch with Eldorin started the power transfer to the alien ship.

Rende, CO

The bluish beam hit the deflector projector. The dish glowed slightly but absorbed about 80% of the transmitted power. Several gigawatts were transferred in a minute and the ship just seemed to take it in without changed much outwardly. It soon became clear that the first thing the ship was doing was recharging its batteries before doing anything else with the gained power.


Kohr watched the power transfer with a mixture of apprehension and disappointment. Was their technology so damaged or outdated that they could not take the energy more efficiently, or could something else explain the twenty percent bleed? The behemoth seemed inclined to glut itself on their offered current with wanton abandon, showing nothing for it in return. A great greedy beast, the Klingon mused darkly, and all the more reason to distrust it.

“Should it not attempt to sustain or revive its remaining crew?” he mused quietly to himself, his disquiet building. But the away team would be returning soon, hopefully with more answers than questions. That would have to suffice.

Kohr turned to the science and engineering personnel. “What would explain such a gross power fall-off? Are our systems functioning properly?”
—Kohr, Executive Officer—

No power conversion was ever 100%, some would be lost as heat, space, wiring, conversion from beam to batteries… but ideally it would be in the mid 90s not the 80s.


Rende looked at Kohr, “It seems their systems may need more than simple power. After we meet this fellow we’ll offer an engineering team and see what else we can learn. Let’s get Sigmundsson on board and see what he can discover. And then we’ll see what the away team is reading as far as the power transfer goes.”

=/\=Asam to Sigmundsson. The power transfer is complete. You are cleared to proceed.=/\=

=/\=Viking to Away Team. Power transfer is complete.=/\=

Rende, CO

“Sir, the shuttle has detached from the alien vessel and is moving towards the Viking.”

Kohr turned to the tactical officer, nearly glaring a hole in the woman. To her credit she did not shy away, merely returned to her monitors. He took a slow breath and attempted to relax. Kohr made a mental note to remind all department heads about Starfleet protocols while on away missions. A stern note. But what was done was done. Now the Klingon had to deal with it.

“Captain,” he rumbled warily, returning his attention to Rende, “as you are more-versed in first contact procedures, I will remain here that you might greet our guest. However, I would recommend that he be… dissuaded from venturing too near essential systems, and should be restricted to elementary information until we are able to determine the motives of his people.”

Too often powerful enemies have come in the guise of helpless friends, the Klingon thought bitterly. The war with the Dominion—still memory more than history—had started much the same. While the aliens had posed no true threat to the Viking, there was something about the whole situation that still rankled him. All in all, he could take responsibility later. He would rather present a stoic and vigilant front to this new species than be taken advantage of.

Getting notice that the shuttle was on it’s way back. “NLt Yorba, you have the bridge.” Rende looked at the rest of the senior staff. “Lt Forgrave, a small honor guard to the diplomatic conference room if you will. We don’t want to overwhelm him. Lt Cmdr Kohr if you will let the mess know we need refreshments. Let’s go people!” Rende headed to the nearest turbolift and to the shuttle bay.

Rende, CO

“Aye, sir.”

Turning, the Klingon began arranging quarters and other accommodations for their new guest. Though the knot in his skull would not relent, there was a comfort in directly determining where the alien would be staying. At least then Kohr would know where to find him. Once he was certain preparations were underway and received confirmation from security personnel, he moved to the turbolift.

Deck 31.”
—Kohr, Executive Officer—

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