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Getting notice that the shuttle was on it’s way back. “NLt Yorba, you have the bridge.” Rende looked at the rest of the senior staff. “Lt Forgrave, a small honor guard to the diplomatic conference room if you will. We don’t want to overwhelm him. Lt Cmdr Kohr if you will let the mess know we need refreshments. Let’s go people!” Rende headed to the nearest turbolift and to the shuttle bay.

Issac nodded, before acknowledging the order aloud. “Yes Ma’am.” He considered the request briefly, before muttering quietly into his comm badge. =/\=NE Heimdel, NE Braxton - please report to the shuttle bay and conference room, respectively. You will be serving as honor guards; but we want to keep from overwhelming our guest. Braxton, please make sure the route is clear of any non-essential personnel. Please coordinate with the shuttle crew and Lt. Kalika.=/\= That done, he followed the Captain to the bay.

Arriving at the shuttle bay Rende entered and nodded to the chief on duty. “How far out are they?” She looked around making sure her staff were preparing. No time for formal dress, and she was secretly glad for that.

Rende, CO

-Lt. Forgrave, CoS

Rende watched as the shuttle slid seamlessly through the forcefield over the shuttle bay door that protected them from the vacuum of space. As the shuttle door hissed with depressurization Rende moved forward with a brief glance at Lt. Forgrave. She didn’t know him yet, but he had an amazing record already. She had read about his involvement with making first contact with a new species on board his previous assignment, and Rende was impressed. She was glad to have someone with a cool head and an eye for everyone’s safety beside her.

First to leave the shuttle was the hulking figure of the Chief Intelligence officer, he still wore the phaser at his waist. He ducked his head as he passed the too short shuttle door and walked towards the Captain in long confident strides. He gave the Security Chief an appraising look then a nod. He stopped and turned when he reached the Captain’s side and clasped hands behind his back.

Standing on the opposite side of the Captain, Issac returned Cmdr. Sigmundsson’s nod. He hadn’t had an opportunity to meet the man yet, but what little he knew suggested that he would likely get along well with him. While he remained facing the shuttle and the guests, he kept the others in his periphery; ready to mimic their actions of welcome. Wish I’d had more time ta read up on these folks; havin’ ta play a lot more by ear than I’d really like…

OOC: This race hasn’t ever been encountered so there wouldn’t be a lot to read on.

As the delegation stepped off the shuttle Rende held her hands out palm up and empty, a universal sign of peace. “Welcome to the Viking. I am Cpt Rende Asam, please accept our hospitality.” She looked at Korzack to complete the introductions or the guest himself. Though she had to admit that the floating motes of light about him set her nerves on edge…that made her gut churn.

Rende, CO


Kohr entered just then, pausing briefly to take stock of the situation. He fixed his gaze upon their new guest, noted the set to the captain’s shoulders and jaw—pensive, calculating. Lieutenants Sigmundsson and Forgrave stood nearby, both men seeming calm and collected. That was well. Then it was not the alien’s presence that gave Rende pause for consideration but something else. As the Klingon padded closer and his view of the alien became clearer, he understood why.

Hab’rabi subconsciously lowered his head as he passed through the shuttle door. His seven plus feet of height came close to the top of the door but he had enough room not to bump it. He cut an imposing figure, not just because of his height be because of his width as well. He was a supremely well formed biped. The willow-wisps did continue to spin about him.

Rende watched the man as he ducked out of the shuttle. He wouldn’t be the first large specimen she’d encountered and he wouldn’t be the last. What was that saying Gigantor, her first squad leader in the marines, told her…oh yeah, ‘The bigger they are the bigger the boom when they fall.’ Rende caught Eldorin’s eye, she wasn’t smiling, but the look in her eye would warn him where her thoughts were going.

Admittedly the luminescent embers lofting lazily about the alien’s head gave Kohr pause, but watching one of them drift in one side and out the other made him stop in his tracks. To cover his bewilderment, the Klingon changed his tact and moved to a nearby terminal a respectful distance from the gathering so as not to interrupt the captain and her introductions. While casually keeping the alien in his peripheral vision, Kohr tapped in a few commands and began a sensor sweep of the shuttle bay… with particular interest in the readings on those very specks of energy.
—Kohr, Executive Officer—

Similar to his companions, the floating motes of light caught Forgrave’s firm attention. He made a dedicated effort to keep himself from focusing on the specs, but their constant, random movement made that difficult. Giving himself a mental shake, he shifted his attention to their guest’s hands; trying to guess at their attitude - if they were keyed up or more relaxed. From there, he gave the area around the shuttle a quick sweep; along with it’s open hatch. It was habit more than anything else; he hadn’t seen any signs that he needed to follow up after his people - this was a well-established crew, and most everyone knew their roles and responsibilities.

Forgrave, CoS

“I must thank you and your ship for your rescue.” He paused. “I only wish it were more timely.” Presumably he was referring to the high number of deactivated hyper-sleep chambers on his vessel.

“No thanks necessary. Hopefully we can find a way to assist. Your ship has asked for anti-matter. Our chief engineer will have to see how much we have on hand to spare, and if not we can work on other ways we might fix your power problem.” Rende turned and motioned Lt Sharvi over. “This is my medical officer. Ship’s protocol requires everyone,” she placed emphasis on the word so that Hab’rabi would understand it wasn’t just him, and Sharvi would understand to scan the away team as well to buy them some time, “arriving back on board or for the first time to be scanned for any contaminants.”

He glanced about. “Your ship seems very modern.”


Rende looked around as if taking in her ship with a different perspective before returning her gaze to him, “Exactly how long have you been asleep, sir?”

Markus said very little on the shuttle ride back. Almost forty thousand klicks was a long way but a short trip for a vessel that could reach a significant fraction of the speed of light. Instead, he spent the intervening minutes studying all the data his tricorder had slurped up, especially the intense scans of Hab’rabi and those infernal motes of light.

After they’d docked and were disembarking, he noticed Kohr eyeing their guest after more lights fluttered about and through his head, then went to make a surreptitious scan. Markus peeled off unobtrusively as well and made his way over to the Klingon. He leaned against the bulkhead casually, then presented the tricorder and shunted it’s data into the scan buffer on the panel as well. “You saw that around Lord Harambe? I take it that’s troubling you too, Commander,” he murmured to his immediate boss.

Lt Woods, CSO.

((Luke, can we actually get some information on those lights? Markus has been running continual scans since he first whipped out his tricorder and hasn’t stopped. Kohr is scanning too. Despite whatever Hab’rabi says. We still need to know what our instrumentation shows. Even if it shows nothing at all.))

Hab’rabi seems to be fairly typical for a bi-ped of his height and build. Likely 30-40 percent stronger… maybe even faster than human. Cognitive abilities also seem advanced but brain analysis is hard to pin down.

The motes of light are electrical energy sources with no obvious way for them to be powered. The light carries electrical like current much like a memory system - a floating RAM memory stick is what it resembled when looked at by tri-corder, but incredibly complex and active. If the Federation bio gel backs were somehow capable of being non-corporal this is probably what the power flow looks like. When they entered Hab’rabi head on occasion they would illuminate a cluster of brain cells, perhaps 1 out of every 100 passages.


While waiting for Sharvi to scan Hab’rabi and the away team Rende rested her arms behind her back. She made a circular motion with a single finger, hoping Kohr would notice and realize she wanted him to hurry up with whatever he was doing. She did NOT want those little will-o-whisps wandering her ship willy-nilly. They were on deck 32, and it was a long way to allow a stranger on their ship. She turned to Forgrave, her voice low for his ears only, “There are spare guest/state rooms on deck 25. They are empty, I want a clear path there so we can welcome our guest in comfort.” She was not taking this ‘guest’ and his little floating lights past her engineering drive until they knew what they were dealing with.

Rende, CO

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