Will it be boxty and barmbrack yet again dear?

Posted Oct. 1, 2021, 10:08 p.m. by Captain Rende Asam (Captain) (Jennifer Ward)

Posted by Lieutenant Eldorin Asam (Chief Engineer) in Will it be boxty and barmbrack yet again dear?

Posted by Captain Rende Asam (Captain) in Will it be boxty and barmbrack yet again dear?

Posted by Lieutenant Eldorin Asam (Chief Engineer) in Will it be boxty and barmbrack yet again dear?
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Rende walked through the door of the lounge holding two very very old insulated coffee mugs. She’d dug these up out of the crates at the estate before they headed out. Tabris had made them when he was a freshman in high school. He had a thing for working with textiles and was very very talented. Rende wasn’t artistic but she’d spent hours sitting with him, using a small lap loom learning how to thread it and keep the weave tight and then take it off the loom and then moving on to the bigger standing looms at the school’s vocational building. The first cup she set down there was a beautiful mini tapestry inside the mug of the edge of a wood with a baby pudú on it. The second cup, that she kept for herself was a winter scene and an artic fox hoping through the snow. Tabris had designed and made these himself. And with much care, Rende had managed to keep them safe. Both were filled with fresh hot coffee, Eldorin’s favorite blend. She took a seat at a table in the corner near the windows and waited for her husband to arrive before ordering lunch. He wasn’t late yet, but if he was she was going to give him so much crap about his poor old knees. She chuckled softly to herself.
Rende, CO


Eldorin arrived shortly thereafter, never meaning to be late to a meeting but Rende had a way of always beating him to the punch. He looked at the set up, the adorable representation of the smallest deer was wonderful even after the centuries before the scent of fresh coffee wafted to his old nostrils. He inhaled slowly before exhaling with a smile, “Sometimes I forget how much of our past we take with us, back on the estate it all just ‘belonged’ and now here it feels almost out of place, but I wouldn’t have anything different.” He sat down across and grabbed his mug to take a long sip.

Eldorin Asam, CoS

Rende smiled slightly as she watched Eldorin walk through the doors. He was on time, he always was. The man was meticulous to detail and had an eye for timing. Something, that over the centuries, she had not only relied on but had bet against her very life. Rende reached up a finger tracing the ear wrap on her right ear, Eldorin’s ear adorned with a matching one ( “Of all the places we have been, we have lived, Ireland will always be home. It’s strange after so long of moving all over Earth we can now just stay in one place and no one panics when we don’t get old.” She chuckled as her shoulder twinged at her and reminded her that she was old. She sipped the coffee staring out at the stars. After so many centuries they were familiar from ship or planet side. “What do you think Eldorin? Of this ship and crew? They only ever send us out now if there is hitch.”

Rende, CO

Sitting in his chair, not the usual one back home where the wood was worn in such a way that suited his poor posture and aging back well, but some nonsensical ‘ergonomic’ design made by committee and designed for optimal comfort and production. It was a laugh, he squirmed uneasily a little before sighing and saying, “I do miss the estate. And I’m sure that in my middle age I’ve grown quite fond of the excitement of repairing a tractor or walking the fields and streets of old Belfast.” He said with a chuckle, “I don’t miss the moving around. The fact that we’ve been on Earth in one way or another since the 1960’s raises a few eyebrows but the fact that it’s for the most part a calm affair now where we can see generations grow old and not be afraid of us is lovely.”

He took another sip and set his mug down, leaning forward and smiling as he thought, “What do I think of the ship and crew? The ship is enormous and more advanced than anything I’ve ever worked on, and half of these systems are beyond my current understanding and I’m having NE Teacherton give me lessons on how to operate half the ship, and Starfleet expects me to keep this thing up and running! Now what do I think of the crew? I haven’t had too much of a concern yet, a few folks rough around the edges but nothing that isn’t part of a giant ship. What are your thoughts?”

Eldorin, CE

Rende almost snorted her coffee out her nose at Eldorin’s complaints. “Oh please, you LOVE it. You love learning and you prefer to lead that way. Letting your officers shin in their expertise. That’s what makes you a great chief engineer. You aren’t prideful. It’s why you were the head of the repair yard during the Dominion war. And you love learning about all the new technology.” She gulped at the hot coffee and shook her head. “I don’t know. They all seem confident enough in their jobs, but as I’ve walked the ship…I hear their conversations, and I can feel their emotions. Hope, relief, tightly controlled optimism over shadowed by fear, paranoia, and resignation. This crew has been through a lot. I spoke with the new counselor, he’s…interesting.” And of course Eldorin would know that was the highest praise Rende would ever give anyone. “He’s observed similar things in the short time he’s been here. Ship wise, Viking is really something isn’t it? It’s like a luxury liner all wrapped up and pretty with awesome fire power.” And Rende’s eyes lit up. She’d always be a marine at heart and big guns were fun.

Rende, CO

Eldorin shot a glare, an old glare to Rende, a knowing glare centuries old as she knew exactly just how to rib him and had been doing so since their crew mates’s grandparents were in diapers. “There’s not romance to the job Rende, I’m not out gallivanting through the cosmos keeping the ship going on a shoestring or like you said during the Dominion War where I was responsible for patching ships with what we had, and making sure that by the skin of our teeth we made it through. It is like the old ocean liners on Earth. Luxurious, top of the line, and wonderfully cutting edge.” He let out an old sigh as he said, “The guns are nice though.... And I know that the ship has a storied history, what do you know of the legacy here?”

Eldorin, CE

Rende laughed warmly at the gun comment. Almost as if she would slap her knee at his gun comment, but she didn’t. “Careful, My Love. Your mercenary is showing.” She sipped her drink and then sighed, “It does feel rather like a luxury vacation doesn’t it? As for the ship’s legacy,” she sighed again, “Viking has lost a lot of crew over the years, a few captains. Falling apart at the seams, all systems malfunctioning constantly. Almost like there were several of those gremlins you engineers blame on board. I’ve heard people say they think the ship was cursed or haunted. And my empathy tells me they really believe it. What little I have pieces together it sounds more like one of those psychological experiments the USSR liked to do during the Cold War on Earth. I wouldn’t put something like that past Intel and their Section31 black sheep of the family.” And Rende spit to the side cursing them. Just like the old Irish grandmas in Old Belfast. “I see one of those Gombeens on my ship, I shoot first and don’t ask questions later.” They’d had a few nast run ins with S31 over the years and Rende had no desire to repeat the experience.

Rende, CO

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