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Issac nodded, thinking he may have an idea of what the Captain intended. “Yes Ma’am. We’re skipping the conference room?” It was less of a question than an observation, and he tried bringing up a mental map of the ship - and quickly gave up, as he remembered he was no longer aboard the Dresden. Damn; don’t know my way around yet! “You’d like a uh… sanitized route, Ma’am? I think we can arrange that.” Issac nodded to himself, not quite waiting for a response as he considered what he wanted to do.

Rende nodded, “Yes, thank you Lt.”

Kohr caught the captain’s curious gesture from the corner of his eye. Tapping a few final commands into the terminal, he set the computer to monitor the strange energy signatures and transmit the data to both the science and medical departments for later study. It was his fervent hope that the phenomenon was singular to the alien and the motes were not independent. He would investigate later; they had more pressing matters to deal with.

Hab’rabi looked down at the medical officer… “Does this require a tissue sample.” He held his arms akimbo. Then back to the Captain. “I am at your disposal Captain. Your precautions are, of course, reasonable and necessary.” He waited for the Doctor to be done.


Rende smiled reassuringly, “No, our medical test only require a simple scan, unless something come up abnormal.” Rende looked over at the medical officer and waved them over. “Let’s make sure everyone is safe and healthy.”

The young Betazoid medical Lt stepped forward and showed her tricorder to the rather imposing stranger. She was short 5‘2” and probably looked like a child to the man. She pulled the small hand held probe and showed it to him as well. “This will read your bio signs and detect any signs of illness or infection or foreign substances that may or may not be present. You shouldn’t feel anything.” Fayth held the probe about two inches away from Hab’rabi and had to stretch to run the probe around his head, she also made sure to get readings on the floating lights around him. She had no idea if it was part of his anatomy or not, but she was thorough. She examined the scans and then moved on to the rest of the away team to check them as well. Then she looked over all the scans so she could inform the Captain if they were safe to leave the shuttle bay or not. Really if they had just used the transporter the biofilters would have done all of this for them.

Lt Fayth, doctor

Markus paused as Fayth approached and went to scanning him over. He flashed her a brief and warm smile. Along with it came a sense of warmth and interest, textured and tinged with a thin layer of due cation or healthy paranoia. The latter was not directed at her but their guest. So too came a sense of connection. A fidelity to his emotions and a clarity of thought that most on the crew did not possess. And then the mental contact broadened, like the surface of two marbles making contact, just enough to make a link, send a message. ~Keep an eye on that joker, will you? And send me the data you got off him?~ The tone and feel came across as conspiratorial, in a friendly manner. He was worried, but hoped it was nothing. They still needed to know what was going on with their guest, and it was his job, and hers to an extent, to find out what was going on with him.

Forgrave unobtrusively signaled for NE Braxton. The boulder-esque man stepped sharply over, looking up slightly at Forgrave with dark, intent eyes. They had served aboard The Dresden together, and Issac was grateful to see he and NE Heimdel had been transferred to the Viking along with him. “Braxton; change of plans. We’re taking our guest to the state room on deck 25; and I think our Captain is wanting to play it safe with those uh, floating things. You and Heimdel work up a clean route there; without taking us past anything uh, sensitive; ya follow? Same as before, let’s make sure that route is clear of all non-essential personnel. Once you’ve got that, upload the route to our PaDDs so we know where we’re going.”
NE Braxton nodded slowly, processing the request. “Yes Sir; can do.” With a curt nod, he spun on his heel and exited the bay, already on the comms.

Seeing that the Captain had things in hand and that the Security Chief was preparing a secure route for them he leaned to the First Officer “If I may be excused, sir. I should send a preliminary report to Starfleet Intelligence whilst our guest gets situated” He whispered, allowing the Captain to engage with the Alien Lord.


Kohr nodded, keying his voice similarly. “Of course. Proceed at your discretion.”

The Klingon moved past the intelligence officer as to interrupt the eye for a brief moment, closing to a respectful distance at Rende’s shoulder. It seemed many of the crew held the same regard for the alien as he—one of curious apprehension. There was as much arrogance as confidence in the strange being, a mannerism that Kohr recognized in his own people. It did nothing to ease the knot in his skull, but perhaps that was the point.

“Lieutenant Command Kohr,” he stated, facing Hab’rabi directly. “You are…?”
—Kohr, Executive Officer—

Peter gave the Commander a curt nod then moved out of the Shuttlebay with some haste.


-Forgrave, CoS

Hab’rabi looked at him for a moment. “Lord’ Hab’rabi, Third of his name. Holder of the Challis of Greon, Second to the Honored Remnants.” He could not help but look down at the Klingon since he was full foot taller. “You face me directly, What are your intentions?”


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As the Exec approached the ‘guest’, Issac tensed. Eyes jumped around; examining the situation and firing lines, trying to predict what could go wrong. Casually, he sidestepped out from behind the Captain; letting his hand fall to the butt of his phaser. The tone of their guest was difficult to interpret, but the words were unmistakable - a challenge had been issued; and by Issac’s reckoning, the Exec was unlikely to back down. Quietly, he muttered to Captain Rende. “Ma’am… should we intervene? Or let this play out?”

-Forgrave, CoS

Rende’s face didn’t give anything away but she shook her head ‘no.’ She trusted Kohr and she was interested to see what this ‘Lord’ Hab’rabi, Third of his name. Holder of the Challis of Greon, Second to the Honored Remnants’ really thought of himself. She would intervene if and when it was necessary.

Kohr held his ground, fazed only by the odd question. He’d dealt with men such as Hab’rabi more times than he cared to count: entitled, privileged, arrogant. Size did not intimidate the Klingon; he’d faced foes half the alien’s size and twice as lethal. Likewise titles meant little here, so very far from any system that would honor them. Kohr clasped his hands behind his back patiently, met Hab’rabi’s gaze steadily.

“My… intentions,” he replied cooly, calmly, “are to provide safety and security to my ship and my crew. It is my duty as second to my captain, and as a warrior. I would expect—as a lord—you to understand such duty and that it may require directness.”

Hab’rabi paused, “I don’t see why that required you to stand in my path. A more aggressive person would see that as a challenge.” Hab’rabi glanced at Rende.

Rende turned and nodded firmly and crisply to Kohr, “Quite correct, Cmdr. Lord’ Hab’rabi, let me formally introduce Commander Kohr, Executive Officer, Bane of the Dominion, and Honored Son of the Empire, and myself, Captain Rende Asam, Keeper of the Eldorin, Calmer of Firinscneach (Irish - masculine), Wielder of the Baininscneach (Irish- feminine).” Eldorin of course would be the only one who would know what she’d just said, unless of course they could speak Irish. “As for facing you directly,” and Rende might be short compared to the two men facing off, but her gaze met Hab’rabi’s quite directly and clearly, “It is considered a great insult in our culture to not do so. To look away or not meet one’s gaze is a sign of great disrespect and dishonesty. I see that we must proceed with care, so as not to misunderstand each other. You would agree that explanations and pause for thought would be in everyone’s best interest.” It wasn’t a question, nor was it an order, but experience and wisdom.

“Fair enough.” He waited a moment. “Have I reached the sufficient duration for it not to be insulting?”

Without breaking eye contact, the Klingon raised his voice slightly to carry to the gathered away team. “I expect a full report from each of you by seventeen-hundred hours. We will convene tomorrow to decide how best to assist Lord Hab’rabi and his crew.”

Kohr’s tone and manner were no different than had a bolian dignitary stood before him. He was always direct with his orders, after all. The alien’s manner galled him a bit, much as he was loathe to admit it. The unctuous tone of station always did. Something in his aloof way, the ambiguous candor of his curiosity. It slid against the inside of his skull like a tarkellian eel, slipping through his thoughts when he held it too tightly. But for honor’s sake, he would not allow that to affect his performance.

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“If there are any special accommodations your species requires while you are aboard,” he casually offered to Hab’rabi, “feel free to make us aware. Should we expect any of your crew to join you? Attendants, perhaps?”
—Kohr, Executive Officer—

“No,” He chuckled, “Nothing like that… not that any are alive if I had any. The three highest ranked officers are still in status. If we received a more consistent power source I could bring them over,” He looked at the Captain, “Not that I’m complaining. you could have just as easily been pirates and attempted to kill me and what’s left of my crew in their sleep.”

Kalika had headed for the bay as they direction of the guest changed from transporter to shuttle arrival. But seeing so many folks there, she detoured and headed for the officer’s mess.


She looked at the medical officer, “Is everyone clear to proceed, Doctor?”

Rende, CO

Markus shunted the data from his and Kohr’s scans to the science lab and began letting the computers there start chewing and crunching the data, passing it through various analysis methods. He didn’t like the way things were shaping up, at least so far.

Lt Woods, CSO

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So the med JO did a scan…waiting to make sure that there is nothing medically dangerous picked up on the alien ship, and if the medical tricorder got any different information than the science sensors.


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