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Kalika continued past the shuttle bay where she heard voices welcoming the guest aboard. Since she never been given instructions to go there, she moved towards the officer’s mess. A desire to eat filled her.

A few moments later she sat at a table with a scattering of dishes around her. From Klingon ghagh to Andorian stew. They’re was a chocolate dessert from Betazed and wine from Romulus. She was savoring every bite like there was a purpose for every spoon or fork full of food that passed her lips. Periodically her eyes closed as she savored the sensations that slid over her tongue and down her throat. The site wouldn’t seem of to anyone else, but to those who knew her well, it would seem…odd.

Lt Kalika Darz

The door to the Mess opened and Peter stepped into the room. In his left hand, he held a small wooden box, some of the people whispered at his arrival or more precisely at his return. He walked to the bar and made an order. He turned around and scanned the room then spotted Kalika sitting with her feast. AFter a moment the bartender handed him a large glass of lager which he accepted then moved towards the Security Officer “Lieutenant, mind if I join you” He asked with an uncharacteristically friendly smile.


A short time later, a soft hiss and heavy footfalls announced the arrival of Kohr. The Klingon took in the room quickly and frowned. Was Sigmundsson not supposed to be making a report to Starfleet Intelligence regarding their situation? Surely the awkward discussion with Hab’rabi had not taken them that long to sort through. Gritting his teeth, he strode over to the pair and stopped directly behind Kalika.

“Lieutenant, are you not still considered on-duty?” His tone said that the question was rhetorical. The Klingon glanced at the array of plates of half-consumed food littered about the small woman, a brow lifting in an unasked question. “Report to Lieutenant Forgrave for your duty assignment while our… guest is aboard.”

Turning to Sigmundsson, his voice softened a bit. If stone could be said to soften. “Have you received a response from Starfleet yet, Lieutenant?”
—Kohr, Executive Officer—

Peter turned to the Klingon and smiled “Lieutenant Commander” He corrected “No I haven’t as of yet” He took a sip from his beer “Have a seat, commander, take a load off. Might be the last chance for some relaxation before you have to deal with that strange lordling”


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The Lieutenant looked at her plates for a moment before looking at the Klingon. It looked like she was about to protest but instead stood. Grabbing a bowl full of pudding and a spoon she walked towards the doors wistfully shoveling a spoonful into her mouth.

(brief GM takeover of ) Kalika Darz

Kohr noticed the brief play of emotions on Kalika’s face. There was a flicker of qul in her gaze, but it quickly smoldered into resignation at his pointed stare. His hand drifted to intercept not her but the bowl in her hand, plucking it easily and shifting it across his body to his other. The leather of his glove creaked suggestively, and the Klingon watched her for a moment longer before turning to address the intelligence officer.

Kalika didn’t seem put too off by the Klingon’s stare, not overly concerned nor dismissive.... she frowned at her ‘stolen’ pudding and placed the spoon back on the table before she left.

“Thank you, but I must decline.” His tone was plain, betraying nothing. “I, too, have things that I must attend to. The captain has our guest well in-hand. Do you require assistance in your report?”

He managed to shift his tone into a question at the end, rather than the again-rhetorical tone he’d used before. Lieutenant Sigmundsson held an impeccable record, and Kohr had never known the man to be faulty in his duty to the Viking or her captain. Yet his shift in demeanor along with several other unusual changes in behavior were beginning to rankle the Klingon. Sigmundsson had seemed so eager to be underway, had asked to be dismissed; now here he was, acting as if there was not a care in the world. Had Kohr not known him better, he would have figured the lieutenant eager to shirk his duty.

It could be that something changed his mind about the urgency of contacting Starfleet, he mused. The knot in his skull had tightened hard enough that his bones ached. But what? And so quickly.
—Kohr, Executive Officer—

Peter waved a dismissive hand “Nah, Int doesn’t like it when regulars get involved with my reports.” He took another slow sip of his beer “They won’t have anything to say until I can give them a preliminary profile on our visitor anyway and that won’t happen until we start actually meeting with him later on”


brief GM takeover of Kalika Darz

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