side sim - A new Doctor in the House (TAG CMO)

Posted Oct. 8, 2021, 5:49 p.m. by Lieutenant Tath'ihl Sharvi (Chief Medical Officer) (Rusty Boshankles)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Sharah Fayth (Medical) in side sim - A new Doctor in the House (TAG CMO)
Sharah sat on her bunk in the runabout transferring her to her new posting. She watched out the window as the Viking came closer, first only a spec and then eventually filling the view port. This time, this transfer she’d taken a page out of a friend’s book and used the holodeck to help her learn her way around. She hoped by becoming familiar with the new ship, if the noise got to be too much, she wouldn’t lose her way too much. She had packed very lightly, and only had one large duffel and the stasis box, that held Hope, her bonsai tree. Picking up her bag and the box she moved out of the small bunk area and to the transporter pad. She nodded with a slight smile, took a deep breath and steadied herself for the 1000 new minds that she could already hear. Then she disappeared and reappeared in a swirl of blue.

Taking the PaDD with her onboarding information from the chief with a “Thanks,” Sharah made her way to her quarters. Once there she dropped off her bag, took Hope out of her stasis box and changed into a fresh uniform. As she made her way towards sickbay she forced herself to actively pay attention to the way the noise moved and shifted and make it become annoying and insistent, but background noise. - Stepping into sickbay Fayth smiled and breathed a little lighter. This was where she belonged, not in a science lab. And luckily her credentials were all still up to date thanks to Hailey allowing her to pull odd shifts once in awhile.

She stopped a nurse and handed over the iso chip with her orders, “I’m here for my boarding physical and to check in with Dr Sharvi.”

Lt jg Fayth, Med

It was a much needed slow day in sickbay, so the Klingon CMO was sitting at his desk working on his padd, catching up on forms and documents he left undone to deal with his patients physical needs. He looked up when the new Lt. came in the door. He got up and walked over to the Lt and the nurse.
“Welcome to the Viking. I’m Lt. Sharvi, we can get you set up on bed three.” He stated as he pointed to the bed and took the Padd the nurse used to load the Lt’s ISO chip and started reading over the information.
Lt Sharvi, CMO

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