Deja Vu with the Counselor

Posted Oct. 11, 2021, 4:20 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Janusz Korczak (Counselor) (James Sinclair)

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“No, no… it will be fine. Just a half hour and we can continue. Thank you.”

He waited for her to leave and then went to the desk. Pressing the comms he said =/\= Lieutenant Commander Korczak to Captain Asam. Please come to my office immediately, Captain. This is a priority.=/\=

Korczak, CNS

Rende looked up from her console where she was going over the latest reports coming from the Cardassian border. The urgency in the counselor’s voice drew her immediate attention. =/\=On my way Counselor=/\= Rende left her ready room with a nod to the duty officer and got on the lift taking it to Deck 6. A moment later she pressed the chime and once offered entry she walked in. “What can I do you for you Korczak?”

Rende, CO

Korczak sat at his desk staring at the screen. The few minutes between his call and the Captain’s arrival had given him time to do a computer search and pull up a singular file. As the Captain came in he nodded to a chair in front of the desk. “Sit, Captain. And drink this.” He pulled a dark green bottle from the desk drawer and glass and filled it a third way up and slid it to her.

Rende’s eyes widened slightly, his words conveyed a sense of surprise and the counselor usually felt so…oh how did Tabris and his friends put it?…Chill. And a drink, middle of the day? It was her habit only to partake when things were going well to celebrate. She sat across from him and picked up the glass and threw it back. “Mmmmm schnapps, fun to say and a delight to taste.”

After she downed the very strong schnapps, he pulled the file to a PaDD and slid it to her. On it was a single personnel file.

Rende picked up the PaDD with a quizzical look and then glanced down at the contents…

Tabris Asam…

Korczak, CNS

Rende had been around for a long time and she didn’t think there was anything that could rock her foundation any more. She stared at the name for a long time - their son. She tapped on the screen and paused as a photo appeared, just like the last time she saw him…except he was wearing Star Fleet gold. He…he died before Star Fleet was ever founded…she glanced only briefly at the details. His current status was LOA under the Federation FMLA laws. Last assignment USS Ark Angel, Engineer, Lt. He was an engineer, just like Eldorin…

There was no overwhelmed shaking of her hand or gentle tracing of his visage, but there was a longing in her eyes as she stared at the photo. Then she looked up at Korczak, “I think you had better explain where or why you have this.”

Rende, CO

Korczak shrugged. “I have this because you told me about your son and how he died. I have this because a member of your crew is friends with him… now. I have this because the universe, for all its grand pretentions otherwise, is actually a very small place. The fact that this information hasn’t come across your view before is… odd… to say the least. But, I suppose if you are not actively looking for something because you thought it gone forever, the odds of finding it to be otherwise are slim. Honestly, had the crewman not mentioned his name I would probably not have this particular file right now. A perfect conflagration of chance, as it were.” Korczak poured more schnapps and slid the glass forward.

Korczak, CNS

Rende took the refilled glass and swallowed about half of it, “I’ve been retired for the last 30 years. We…when we returned to Earth we looked for record of him, for where he might have been laid to rest and never found anything, but so many and so much was lost during WWIII. Who is this friend?” She wasn’t sure what she would do with the name of this friend, but she was curious. She looked back at the record, “Apparently he didn’t join Star Fleet until after we retired.” She continued to read, “He was on Bajor until 2380.” And then she came to information that did visibly rattle her. She sat up, leaning forward in the chair, staring hard at the images on the screen, before downing the rest of the glass. “He…has four children.” She scrolled slowly over the information in Tabris’ file and then looked up at Korczak, “I’m a grandmother.”

Rende, CO

“I am not at liberty to discuss what my patients say to me, Captain. But you asked how I came to the information. That I could say without divulging who. Now, I will ask if they wish to talk to you and your husband about this. But, should they agree, that will be done here in this office. Such disclosures can be… emotional… to say the least. Now the question is… how do you wish to proceed?”

Korczak leaned back and put his hands together on the desk. “If you would like, I can contact him for you… your son, that is. I would recommend against you doing so just now. Ease into it, as it were. But I am more than willing to assist in the reconnection process.”

Korczak, CNS

Rende paused and shook her head slightly in apology, “No of course not. I’m sorry Cmdr. I wouldn’t ask you to devulge such confidences. I’m just…” she looked back down at the file again, “stunned.” Was Tabris really alive after all these centuries? It would appear so; Korczak had no need to fake a file. She stood up pacing slowly back and forth across the room. Should she put that pressure on a younger officer, to tell Rende and Eldorin all about their lost son? If this person was Tabris’ friend shouldn’t they be told who their captain was? Or maybe Tabris never spoke of them? Such things happened when you were so long lived. Reconnect? Contact him over subspace? All she really wanted to do was turn Viking around and head towards this…where was he…Delotha? It wasn’t that far out of their way. Eldorin… “I need to talk to Eldorin. I can’t possible make any decision without him.”

Rende, CO

“Go get him. Call me in forty minutes. I will see if your son’s friend is available and maybe we can just get everything out in the open as it were. How does that sound to you?”

Korxzak, CNS

Rende nodded and then paused looking back at him, “Korczak, I don’t want this person to feel obligated to do this, not that I think you would approach it that way. But if you think that even suggesting it would be detrimental in any way to them, don’t ask.” Rende left without another word.

Rende, CO

As the door slid closed, the plain and simple looking Counselor pushed the glasses up his nose and said to himself “At some point, I wonder if people will ever realize most of us actually do know what we are doing?” and he shook his head and replicated a clean pair of pants.

Half an hour after she left Sharah was standing once more outside the door and pressed the chime. She hoped the Cmdr hadn’t burned himself too badly.

Fayth, med

The door opened and Korczak was seated in the chair he had been in before. Two cups of a fruity and citrus smelling tea steamed from two cups on the low table. “Welcome back, Lieutenant J-G. Again my apologies for the disruption. Please… have a seat.”

“It’s alright, Cmdr. Are you okay?” Sharah resumed her seat and inhaled the aroma wafting off the tea. It reminded her of those long conversations with Dr Zarath.

“Before we go further with your history and progress, I need to ask you a very pressing question. Would you be willing to discuss your friend Tabris Asam with the Captain and the Chief Engineer. He is their son, and they have thought him dead for… well… some time.” Korczak was calm, steady, and nonplussed. He simply lesned forward and picked up a cup and said “Black currant and lemon… very relaxing.” and took a sip.

Korczak, CNS

Well, that wasn’t what Sharah was expecting. Korczak was a refreshing presence, and well trained. She got mostly nothing from him. More of the awareness of his presence but nothing more. And add him to the list of the very few people who managed to surprise her. “Thought him dead for almost 3 centuries.” Tabris had told her the story, well he’d told his children the story and he’d asked her to be there when he did. Because of Neltus and his erratic empathy and Tabris didn’t know how to guide him. Would she be willing to discuss Tabris with them? It was more the question of would Tabris want her to talk to them. She remembered that night and the waves of grief coming from him, and then the hope that maybe they’d survived somewhere, when Tabris had discovered he wasn’t human. He would want to know; she had to tell him. “I had wondered when I saw the captain’s name, but the galaxy is so big and Tabris had told me they had died.” She leaned forward and picked up one of the cups, holding it with both hands, and sipped, and then nodded, “I’ll talk to them.”

Fayth, med

Korczak nodded and said “Good. Know that you are not obligated to do so. I have told the Captain, she is talking to her spouse. They will be calling in…” and he looked at the chronometer on the wall, “.. well, any minute now. In the meantime, know that I will be here to facilitate the easing of communication. And should you begin to feel anything untowards, we will stop. Alright?”

Korczak, CNS

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