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Fayth looked at the science officer, wide-eyed, surprised by the contact. But she met his gaze and nodded, and then moved on to the next person. She moved back over toward Sharvi and Cpt Asam. “Everyone is clear of contaminants Cpt.” And she sent the information off to sickbay and science.

Forgrave unobtrusively signaled for NE Braxton. The boulder-esque man stepped sharply over, looking up slightly at Forgrave with dark, intent eyes. They had served aboard The Dresden together, and Issac was grateful to see he and NE Heimdel had been transferred to the Viking along with him. “Braxton; change of plans. We’re taking our guest to the state room on deck 25; and I think our Captain is wanting to play it safe with those uh, floating things. You and Heimdel work up a clean route there; without taking us past anything uh, sensitive; ya follow? Same as before, let’s make sure that route is clear of all non-essential personnel. Once you’ve got that, upload the route to our PaDDs so we know where we’re going.”
NE Braxton nodded slowly, processing the request. “Yes Sir; can do.” With a curt nod, he spun on his heel and exited the bay, already on the comms.

Seeing that the Captain had things in hand and that the Security Chief was preparing a secure route for them he leaned to the First Officer “If I may be excused, sir. I should send a preliminary report to Starfleet Intelligence whilst our guest gets situated” He whispered, allowing the Captain to engage with the Alien Lord.


Kohr nodded, keying his voice similarly. “Of course. Proceed at your discretion.”

The Klingon moved past the intelligence officer as to interrupt the eye for a brief moment, closing to a respectful distance at Rende’s shoulder. It seemed many of the crew held the same regard for the alien as he—one of curious apprehension. There was as much arrogance as confidence in the strange being, a mannerism that Kohr recognized in his own people. It did nothing to ease the knot in his skull, but perhaps that was the point.

“Lieutenant Command Kohr,” he stated, facing Hab’rabi directly. “You are…?”
—Kohr, Executive Officer—

Peter gave the Commander a curt nod then moved out of the Shuttlebay with some haste.


-Forgrave, CoS

Hab’rabi looked at him for a moment. “Lord’ Hab’rabi, Third of his name. Holder of the Challis of Greon, Second to the Honored Remnants.” He could not help but look down at the Klingon since he was full foot taller. “You face me directly, What are your intentions?”

As the Exec approached the ‘guest’, Issac tensed. Eyes jumped around; examining the situation and firing lines, trying to predict what could go wrong. Casually, he sidestepped out from behind the Captain; letting his hand fall to the butt of his phaser. The tone of their guest was difficult to interpret, but the words were unmistakable - a challenge had been issued; and by Issac’s reckoning, the Exec was unlikely to back down. Quietly, he muttered to Captain Rende. “Ma’am… should we intervene? Or let this play out?”

-Forgrave, CoS

Rende’s face didn’t give anything away but she shook her head ‘no.’ She trusted Kohr and she was interested to see what this ‘Lord’ Hab’rabi, Third of his name. Holder of the Challis of Greon, Second to the Honored Remnants’ really thought of himself. She would intervene if and when it was necessary.

Kohr held his ground, fazed only by the odd question. He’d dealt with men such as Hab’rabi more times than he cared to count: entitled, privileged, arrogant. Size did not intimidate the Klingon; he’d faced foes half the alien’s size and twice as lethal. Likewise titles meant little here, so very far from any system that would honor them. Kohr clasped his hands behind his back patiently, met Hab’rabi’s gaze steadily.

“My… intentions,” he replied cooly, calmly, “are to provide safety and security to my ship and my crew. It is my duty as second to my captain, and as a warrior. I would expect—as a lord—you to understand such duty and that it may require directness.”

Hab’rabi paused, “I don’t see why that required you to stand in my path. A more aggressive person would see that as a challenge.” Hab’rabi glanced at Rende.

Kohr felt his brow raise at the statement. He had to remind himself that this alien had not seen, nor engaged with, a Klingon before and therefore did not understand his way. He had presented himself before Hab’rabi out of duty to his captain and respect for their guest, a greeting between honorable men. While the Klingon’s instinct was one of wariness where the lordling was concerned, his responsibility as a Federation officer overshadowed it completely. It was curious that Hab’rabi felt that Kohr standing at his superior’s shoulder was impeding him somehow; it was his place, after all. Perhaps a curiosity of culture?

Kohr took a measured breath, relaxed the fists that had curled behind his back. The warrior within had brindled at the terms “aggressive” and “challenge,” but the officer within had recognized the discomfort and anxiety mounting in the room. His pride was not worth the dishonor to Rende should there be an… incident. Instead, he broke eye contact with the alien and turned his attention to the captain.

Were I ‘aggressive’, he thought wryly to himself, there would be no room for debate.

Rende turned and nodded firmly and crisply to Kohr, “Quite correct, Cmdr. Lord’ Hab’rabi, let me formally introduce Commander Kohr, Executive Officer, Bane of the Dominion, and Honored Son of the Empire, and myself, Captain Rende Asam, Keeper of the Eldorin, Calmer of Firinscneach (Irish - masculine), Wielder of the Baininscneach (Irish- feminine).” Eldorin of course would be the only one who would know what she’d just said, unless of course they could speak Irish. “As for facing you directly,” and Rende might be short compared to the two men facing off, but her gaze met Hab’rabi’s quite directly and clearly, “It is considered a great insult in our culture to not do so. To look away or not meet one’s gaze is a sign of great disrespect and dishonesty. I see that we must proceed with care, so as not to misunderstand each other. You would agree that explanations and pause for thought would be in everyone’s best interest.” It wasn’t a question, nor was it an order, but experience and wisdom.

“Fair enough.” He waited a moment. “Have I reached the sufficient duration for it not to be insulting?”

Another slow, measured breath. Silent. In and out.

Rende smiled gently and inclined her head, “We appreciate the gesture. And do you have any formal greetings we should exchange?” Tit for tat.

“You have already been very gracious, my customs in this matter have been sufficiently addressed.” Hab’rabi seemed perfectly calm and satisficed.

Without breaking eye contact, the Klingon raised his voice slightly to carry to the gathered away team. “I expect a full report from each of you by seventeen-hundred hours. We will convene tomorrow to decide how best to assist Lord Hab’rabi and his crew.”

Kohr’s tone and manner were no different than had a bolian dignitary stood before him. He was always direct with his orders, after all. The alien’s manner galled him a bit, much as he was loathe to admit it. The unctuous tone of station always did. Something in his aloof way, the ambiguous candor of his curiosity. It slid against the inside of his skull like a tarkellian eel, slipping through his thoughts when he held it too tightly. But for honor’s sake, he would not allow that to affect his performance.

“If there are any special accommodations your species requires while you are aboard,” he casually offered to Hab’rabi, “feel free to make us aware. Should we expect any of your crew to join you? Attendants, perhaps?”
—Kohr, Executive Officer—

“No,” He chuckled, “Nothing like that… not that any are alive if I had any. The three highest ranked officers are still in status. If we received a more consistent power source I could bring them over,” He looked at the Captain, “Not that I’m complaining. you could have just as easily been pirates and attempted to kill me and what’s left of my crew in their sleep.”

Such a large vessel for only four? What had happened to the crew that only that many were left? Kohr pondered the implications. Perhaps any that remained were civilians and therefore not included in his statement. It certainly illustrated their need for assistance, whether from the Viking or a starbase.

OOC: There were many more, but it seems that many died in stasis.

“We are going to see what we can do,” Rende assured.

Kalika had headed for the bay as they direction of the guest changed from transporter to shuttle arrival. But seeing so many folks there, she detoured and headed for the officer’s mess.


Before Kalika could leave she was stopped by the short doctor for a quick scan, and scanned NE Lt JG Tessa as well. (OOC: Are Kalika and Tessa healthy? Just making sure instead of assuming.)

There does not appear to be anything medically different. All bio signs are consistent with their last medical appointment. No signs of infection, no elevated temps, no strange microbes.

She also looked around for the CIO who left without being scanned.

She looked at the medical officer, “Is everyone clear to proceed, Doctor?”

Rende, CO

Markus shunted the data from his and Kohr’s scans to the science lab and began letting the computers there start chewing and crunching the data, passing it through various analysis methods. He didn’t like the way things were shaping up, at least so far.

Lt Woods, CSO

Rende nodded, “Good, everyone has been cleared, shall we? Lt Forgrave will you lead the way please.” Rende let Kohr and Forgrave lead and then she stopped to look at Eldorin, “I need options, El. and quick for what we can offer.” Then she followed the rest of the assemblage out toward the state room on Deck 25.

Eldorin looked to her with a tired smile and said,”Rende my dear you never want to give me enough time to think about the proper syntax of a sentence let alone enough time for issues onboard, whatcha need?” He said as the corners of his lips curled from a straight line to a smile as he said, “Options for antimatter transfer. I’m on it. I’ve got NE Perkins getting 3 liters of anti-deuterium from the storage on Deck 25. Given the proper safety procedures it should be ready to transport within the hour.”

Eldorin, CE

Rende, CO
Fayth, Medical

Issac nodded. “This way, please.” Taking the lead with Kohr, he periodically glanced down at his PaDD, following the path that NE Braxton had hopefully cleared for them.

Kohr nodded and turned on his heels, making for the shuttle bay exit. Out of habit he took a quick head count, frowning as he noted the discrepancy between the mission detail and the returnees. Muttering his excuses, the Klingon stepped aside in the hallway and let everyone else pass; curious glances were met with an assuring nod. Once the procession was a polite distance away, he tapped his comm badge.

“Computer,” he growled. “Locate Kalika Darz.”

Lieutenant Darz is in the mess hall.” came the matter-of-fact reply.

The Klingon made a thoughtful noise before marching in the direction of the nearest turbolift. Oddities were beginning to pile up in the back of his mind, and Kohr was determined to sort them out soon.
—Kohr, Executive Officer—

“This is a large group for just me? Is this a standard welcome?” Hab’rabi looked about. “If this is some sort of modification due to my rank, please don’t bother. I’m not offended or impressed in either respect. In fact, I feel like I’m more under guard…”

He paused, “Which, if I am, I of course understand.”


Forgrave couldn’t help but tense slightly at Hab’rabi’s mention of being under guard; and glanced at him out of the corner of his eye, hoping it wasn’t too obvious. In a way, that was exactly the case - they may be an Honor Guard, but the word ‘Guard’ was key in Issac’s mind. The universe was nothing if not unpredictable, and Forgrave intended to prevent any ‘incidents’ from occurring. His goal was firstly to protect the ship and her crew; and secondly their guest.

Rende looked around, “This is fairly standard, Lord Hab’rabi. My senior staff, so that we can gauge how best we can assist you, and a two officer honor guard.” She watched as some of the officers broke off to go about their business. She nodded to Kohr as he went to deal with the pressing issue of ship’s business. The CIO had gone to do what ever sneaky things he did, Forgrave and his honor guard were with her, Lt Woods and Lt Sharvi as well. Eldorin was off finding power solutions and would rejoin them when he had answers. And of course Cmdr Korczak was invaluable and she was glad to see him still with the party. As they walked Rende tried to move the party along while keeping an eye out for those floating lights and what they were doing. “If I may ask, your titles? Third of his name seems self explanatory but Holder of the Challis of Greon, Second to the Honored Remnants, is there an intellectual explanation you would be willing to give me to appease my curiosity? I have a certain fascination with individual’s cultures. It is why we are out here among the stars, after all.”

OOC: Luke are we good to just head to the meeting area or do we have problems along the way?

OOC Nope no issues… right to the meeting room.

Rende, CO
-Forgrave, CoS

Hab’rabi seemed to smirk slightly, “Oh okay.” He said in response to this was standard behavior. “Most of them have no real relevance the are items that held religious value on my planet. Georon was a saint who, according to legend, drank from a challis and was able to hold open the doors to heaven to allow the first of our race into the afterlife… all probably a myth.” He smiled. “But the Challis itself still holds value. Also my family were the second that were able to ascend into the motes… the remnants that were our… souls.”

he shrugged… “I usually don’t go through all that effort. It seemed appropriate at the time. I thought we were being formal. I’m sorry if I over-spoke.”

“Not at Lot Hab’rabi. As I said I’m very curious about the people and cultures we meet. I was just curious of the significance. And ate these remnants you speak of…are these notes of light that travel with you?” While Rende listened, through her empathic abilities she tried to ascertain if Hab’rabi was being truthful or deceitful with them.

He walked slightly behind the captain as he didn’t quite know where they were going. “Can we discuss the matter of the anti=matter?”


The arrived at the state rooms and Rende triggered the door to open, trusting that Forgave and his team had already swept the room to make it safe and ensure this alien ship did not have more surprises for them. “Yes we can. Please enter and be welcome. While we talk do you need or want food or drink?”

The state room had indeed been prepared and swept, ready for the small congregation. NE Heimdel stood quietly in a corner, nodding politely towards the party as they entered. She made no effort to move, wanting to remain unobtrusive; or at least, as much as that was possible for the tall Nordic woman.

OOC: The alien ship? You are all on the Viking.

“I presume water is available? I’m unaware of the proteins or carbohydrates you have available.” He tapped one of his wrist guards. “My personal scanner will be able to determine if any food or drink offered is toxic.”

Rende moved over to the replicator and ordered several glasses of water and set them on the table and then a mix of finger foods, high in protein and carbohydrates, that would hopefully contain something that he could eat. “We have much available if nothing there is safe for your consumption. Please,” she waved at the table and the food and water. She took a glass and then a pimento cheese sandwich and took a bite.

“My chief engineer tells me that he is working on options for antimatter transfer. He may need to see your access hatch for your storage unit to make sure the container is compatible. They are preparing 3 liters of anti-deuterium from our storage. Given the proper safety procedures it should be ready to transport within the hour.”

Rende, CO

The Alien looked relieved, “Captain that would be a miraculous gift. You already have access to my ship, via your transporter. If this is true I can awake the remainder of my crew to assist your teams.”

“While we wait for my engineering team to finalize their work, perhaps you would tell me about how you ended up so far from home?” Rende was sure that her officers had already gotten this information but she had yet to be given that information.

Just then, the Klingon’s voice purred through the security chief’s comm badge. =^=Kohr to Forgrave. Has Lieutenant Darz joined you yet?=^=
—Kohr, Executive Officer—

OOC: She had not made it from the dining hall as of yet. I don’t want to post for a PC too much. (Luke)

Rende, CO

Forgrave frowned slightly as his badge squawked in his ear. Nodding politely to the others, he moved off to the side of the room, where his conversation would be less likely overheard. =/\=No Sir; Haven’t seen Lt. Darz at all, neither have I heard from her. Issac frowned as he considered the name; not knowing the Lt. well enough to decide if he should be concerned or not. I think we’re covered here; I have NE Braxton and Heimdel with me. But I don’t like officers disappearing just as we have guests aboard - makes me concerned that something else is going on.=/\=

Forgrave, CoS

“Captain,” He paused as if the thought bothered him, “I guess the short version Our home planet, was about to have an extinction level event, based on overproduction, mining, and frankly not treating our homeworld with the respect it deserved. Many ships such as ours were designed, and launched. However our section of the galaxy, did not have a wealth of usable planets to settle, so each ship was set to a different planet in distant corners of the galaxy. Not too clustered together just in case we encountered a hostile race that would enslave or kill up.”

As I told your crew members before I came aboard. “It was supposed to be a 200 year journey, but a cosmic event caused both damage and a course error that we could not rectify. So we continued on the new course set… and 600 years later… here we are.”


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