Main Sim - Holodeck - "Huh?"

Posted Oct. 22, 2021, 12:19 p.m. by Lieutenant Kalika Darz (Security Officer) (Melissa Aragon)

Posted by Lieutenant Kalika Darz (Security Officer) in Main Sim - Holodeck - “Huh?”
Kalika was frowning when she left the galley. Why did the XO have to take her pudding. She had never tasted such a decadent dessert. And he had stepped in and swooped it straight from her hands.

The young half Orion turned the corner and stopped. Where had she been going? She frowned and glanced first one direction then the other. Turning left she made her way to the turbo lift. A moment later she stepped out and rounded the hallway’s curve and came upon the holodeck. Tapping her fingers absently over the keypad, she was only vaguely aware of what she was programing.

Tapping the door panel, she stepped in and, as the door closed, called out, “Execute program!”

The door slid shut behind her with a soft whoosh and left her in the program with a smile on her face.

Lt Kalika Darz

Ten minutes later the security officer was missing her umpteenth ball as a beginner tennis program played. She had managed to hit the small, quick projectile just once. Another growl escaped her lips and she let the next ball fly by her unattended as she turned to the panel by the door. =^=Arch=^= she called in frustration. Time for something less aggressive.


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