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The physical movement did slow down by about 20% when going through the brain, and about 7% when going through the body.

The patterns were similar, or to a point between the motes and their visitor, but there seemed to be no interaction at all when they came into contact. That seemed even more strange. When two electrical currents come into contact, even bioelectrical current there is usually some reaction or effect. But with the signatures so similar perhaps it was simply a matter of how his species evolved? “Computer extrapolate behavioral data and hypothesis of the motes. Consider movement, location, proximity of other life forms or electrical currents, and changes in light intensity, pulse rhythm and any other defining characteristics.”

Dr. Fayth was busy analyzing the data of the scans she took of the away team and the alien Hab’rabi. Something about him made her very uneasy, but she couldn’t pin point what it was. Maybe it was just that so many people in the shuttle bay had felt uneasy about him and she was reacting to their reactions to him. Or maybe it was her own super sensitive telepathy/empathy picking up on something. But at the sound of Fairweather’s voice Fayth looked up from where she was working and walked over. “Hello, Ensign. I’m Dr. Fayth. How can I help you?”

Fayth, med

Fairweather raised his eye for a moment. “Doc,” He waved his hand outward in a questioning gesture. “I, like, lost 10 minutes of my day. I know it doesn’t sound like a lot, but I was on duty… then … well… I found myself kissing Ensign Dwyer. I don’t even like Ensign Dwyer like that.”


Fairweather’s distress was a physical presence to the Betazoid doctor. She let it wash over her as she led the way to a bio bed. “Alright, have a seat here on the biobed and let’s see if we can find out what’s going on.” She pulled a tricorder out of the pocket of her lab coat. She flipped it open and took the hand held probe and ran it over him. “Any symptoms of fever, chills, change of apatite, vertigo, nausea, anything out of the ordinary other than the missing time?” She scanned him first for the obvious: fever, head injury, known pathogens that affected consciousness and memory. Then she scanned his brain and compared the current brain wave patterns and bio electric signatures to the ones from his last visit to sickbay.

Fayth, med

He biologically was normal without any physical abnormalities, but his brain was off his PFC, prefrontal cortex seemed to have a significantly higher level of chemical energy by products, like it was working twice as hard for about 10 minutes. There would be no long term issues, and in about 10 more minutes there would be no evidence of any issues.

“Alright, can you lie down for me Ensign? I’m going to run some more scans. Can you tell me what is the last thing you remember before you lost those 10 minutes? Everything, from what you saw, what you were doing, smelling, hearing. Anything at all?”

While he spoke Fayth set up the following equipment: Neurosynaptic Relay - Medical device used to record a subjects neuroelectric activity, and a Brain-Circuitry Pattern - Medical diagnostic tool which creates an image capable of mapping the neural activity in the humanoid brain. (A BCP can be used as a means of identification as each individual image is unique to that individual.) Though she was loathe to do it, she ‘listened’ with her telepathy and empathy for any hints of what might have happened to him. She didn’t want to be invasive but some times people picked up on details but discarded them as inconsequential. Or perhaps he felt something uncomfortable, troublesome, or even pleasant that was out of line for the circumstances.

Fairweather frowned and looked suspiciously at all of the equipment. “Is all this really necessary? I mean, I just wanted you to check to see if i had a concussion or something.”

He does not have a concussion or any other injury.

Fayth also ran the following procedures on Fairweather:
Engramatic Purge - Medical procedure used to erase specific thoughts from a persons mind.

OOC: Are you trying to erase his memory and if so how long… purges are usually only short term memories 2-4 hours.

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Hyperencephalogram - Medical test that records and measures brain-wave activity.

Current brain wave activity is normal

Level-4 Neurographic Scan - Highly detailed neural study. Much more thorough than a normal neural scan, a level-4 was intended to detect even very slight defects.

No brain damage
Synaptic Induction - Technique in neurotherapy used for patients suffering from traumatic memory loss.

No trauma related memory loss or damage.

=/\=Fayth to Korczak and Semenza. Please come to sickbay. I need you both for a patient.=/\=

Fayth, med

It took just a few moments for Jericho to show up from whatever he’d been doing. “What’s the situation?” He asked, meaning the status of the patient Fayth had called about. For someone usually laid back, the situation had brought about his more serious side and he seemed quite focused on what Fayth’s answer would be.

~ Lt Semenza, CMO

While the medical machines ran their scans Fayth stepped over to Semenza. “En Fairweather came in complaining that he lost about 10 minutes of time where he has no memory. He was working and then he said he was kissing Ensign Dwyer, whom he has no interest in in that way. But I did a scan and his pre-frontal cortex seemed to have a significantly higher level of chemical energy by products, like it was working twice as hard for about 10 minutes. It doesn’t appear like there will be any lasting effects, but mixed with the memory loss, I am concerned. I called the counselor as well.”

Fayth, med

“A good call,” said Jericho decidedly. “You’re also running the relevant tests to find the cause?” There was nothing immediately known to him that would cause memory loss, bizarre behaviour, and and a heightened level of brain activity. “And look for any other related abnormalities… We can’t be sure the brain is the only affected organ.”

~ Lt Semenza, CMO

Fayth nodded, “Yes, Sir. I did a complete physical, and according to the results, physically he’s in perfect health. The only indication of abnormality is the increased higher level of chemical energy by products. I’m running more detailed scans now.”

Fayth, med


=^=Medical emergency… I think I just shot our visitor…=^=

Ensign Sacco

“Perfect health, huh..? Perhaps- That sounds like a call for me,” said Semenza, the call coming from the communicator interrupting him. =^=Where exactly has this happened?=^= He asked through the comm, and then he grabbed a medical kit and headed for the door once he had the answer. He pointed at Fayth as he left. “Keep running those tests! I’m going to want the results!” Then he was gone, rushing to the site of the apparent shooting.

~ Lt Semenza, CMO

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Cpt Rende, who was watching the event unfold, voice came through the comm =/\=Deck 25 Guest quarters=/\=

Fayth nodded and turned back to Fairweather. “You have no signs of a concussion or other injury, but having no memory for that amount of time, or any amount of time is not normal. So I want to make sure that everything is okay.” Fayth figured that it would come back negative, but she took a blood sample and ran a panel to see if there were any parasites, bacteria or viruses in his system that might affect his brain function. “Tell me what you remember from right before your memory lapse?”

Lt jg Fayth, med
Cpt Rende, CO

Some time later, Commander Kohr strode in through the door. His gaze swung back and forth over the room, his frown only deepening when he did not spy anyone he expected. The Klingon paused to nod assuredly at Lieutenant Faith and her patient before moving to an unobtrusive distance to wait. Whether or not Hab’rabi would eventually be brought to Sickbay for evaluation, he wasn’t certain. It was, however, the best place to be for him to be scanned and cleared to return to his duty. That fact alone made him grind his teeth. Whatever force had set them against one another, he would see it brought down… whatever the cost.
—Kohr, Executive Officer—

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