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Posted by Gamemaster Deus Ex Machina (Gamemaster) in Main Sim - Welcoming Guests

Posted by Gamemaster Deus Ex Machina (Gamemaster) in Main Sim - Welcoming Guests
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Forgrave frowned slightly as his badge squawked in his ear. Nodding politely to the others, he moved off to the side of the room, where his conversation would be less likely overheard. =/\=No Sir; Haven’t seen Lt. Darz at all, neither have I heard from her. Issac frowned as he considered the name; not knowing the Lt. well enough to decide if he should be concerned or not. I think we’re covered here; I have NE Braxton and Heimdel with me. But I don’t like officers disappearing just as we have guests aboard - makes me concerned that something else is going on.=/\=

Forgrave, CoS

=^=Agreed.=^= There was a heavy, cautious pause. =^=Attend the captain, but when your duty is complete I would hear your concerns. Kohr out.=^=

Issac nodded to Kohr’s reply; not wanting to further tie up the comms. With a gentle shake of his head, he refocused on the others in the room; rejoining the discussion.

Rende cast a curious glance at Forgrave. If he needed to go check on something she would leave it in his capable hands to deal with.

“Captain,” He paused as if the thought bothered him, “I guess the short version Our home planet, was about to have an extinction level event, based on overproduction, mining, and frankly not treating our homeworld with the respect it deserved. Many ships such as ours were designed, and launched. However our section of the galaxy, did not have a wealth of usable planets to settle, so each ship was set to a different planet in distant corners of the galaxy. Not too clustered together just in case we encountered a hostile race that would enslave or kill us.”

As I told your crew members before I came aboard. “It was supposed to be a 200 year journey, but a cosmic event caused both damage and a course error that we could not rectify. So we continued on the new course set… and 600 years later… here we are.”


“Do you have the original coordinates for your ship and the others? I can put in an inquiry and maybe find more of your people. Help you reunite with them.”

Rende, CO

Hab’rabi paused with a slight smile. “I have the original coordinates for our destination.” He tilted his head. “However, we have long since past that world. I don’t know what information you could glean from that, that would be helpful. As to the other ships, they also are 600 years distant… I will not waste anyone’s time discussing something that is at best a dream that came true 2 lifetimes ago, or at worse a tragedy that I can not change and don’t want to know about.”

“Can we instead handle the transfer of the Anti matter…” He said hopefully


Rende found it strange that with only a handful of people left he would not want to attempt to find the rest of his people. Difference in cultures she guessed. She and Eldorin were odd for El-Aurians, but even they had helped as they could in passing on information about where their people had settled. “Well we still have about 40 minutes before my engineers are ready to make a transfers. So let’s be frank. I am loathe to leave any ship afloat and innocent people without what they need. However I don’t know you are innocent, of course you don’t know that of us either. And I am forbidden from giving aid to someone who might use that aid to attack us. So we need to address that concern so that I can render you aid. Any ship entering Federation space is expected to submit to a health and safety inspection. You were most gracious to submit for the heath inspection. We would like to conduct the safety inspection as we work on repairs. It insures your ship is structurally safe but also not emminating radiation or other harmful substances. You’ve traveled quite a way while you slept. And I am sure you have questions and concerns as well.”

Rende, CO

“No man who has lived is truly innocent. I’ve done things I’ve regretted, but as a people and as a leader I have not been dishonorable or cruel. What’s left of my crew deserve to live.”

Well, ain’t that a subjective statement.... Despite the sarcasm dripping from his thoughts, Issac couldn’t fault the man in the slightest - he felt the same about himself. But… What’s left of my crew deserve to live… He knew for a fact that suspicion and paranoia lurked in the back of his mind; driving his thoughts down dark paths. Likely, it was a statement that he was all too eager to take out of context… but Issac couldn’t help but be intrigued by the possibilities the statement implied.

“Captain, I’d be a liar if I pretended that I had any ability to refuse this ‘safety inspection’ which is an excuse to search my ship. I need what you can give me, and I have no means, to force you to give it to me, nor any item of great value to barter for it.” He shrugged. “You been on my ship, and members of your crew are still there. So what else do you need of me.” He tone was resigned, tired. “I will, if you need offer myself as insurance for the remaining members of my crew.” He held his hands up, “Your prisoner. Captain.”


Rende found Hab’rabi’s behavior odd. First he was aggressive and now he was placating her. “As you say none of us are innocent, myself included. However, I have no intention of letting your crew die. My medical staff will be on hand to assist in case your systems fail. We’ll also have engineers and science staff on hand to help with your systems.”

Markus shook his head as he sat, tapping away at the large PaDD in his hands. He’d been regarding it for a while, pouring over the data that he’d picked up from his own scans, Kohr’s scans, as well as that young Betazoid medical officer from earlier. His mind wandered back to her for a moment before returning to his work and the puzzle in front of him. At the same time he had an ever-increasing nagging feeling in his gut but years of playing cards kept it off his face.

At the same time, he focused on the others in the rooms, taking in whatever empathic and telepathic impressions he could, surface thoughts. it was less intrusion and more just listening, as he had been for a while. But so far he’d gained very little from their guest. Everyone else’s caution was easy to pick up on though, and his own wariness had steadily risen. After the waving-away of the potential survival of others of his species…? That didn’t bode well.

Hab’rabi’s mind was more orderly and advanced than the typical human. His mental discipline rivaled non-masters of Vulcan or Betazed origins. His mood was resigned, but there was some sort of manipulation that he was either considering or actively attempting. He primary thought was how to get the anti-matter for his ship and he was indeed willing to trade himself for it.

After a moment he paused, pursed his lips, then went back to tap-tap-tapping. Then tap, then spared a glance to Captain Rende once more.

Lt Woods, CSO

There was a buzz, unnoticed by anyone else, in her ear and she glanced at the small PaDD by her hand. Ah she agreed. A quick message tapped back asked what the acursed floating lights were.

Rende leveled her gaze on Hab’rabi, “I have no intention of keeping you prisoner. We offered aid and we will do the best we can to help. But just so we understand each other, I will protect my crew.” Rende stood, “Now I can return you to your ship while my crew makes preparations, but I understand you were opposed to our transporter. If you wish to go by shuttle I can arrange that but it will take longer.” She picked out an apple slice from the food offerings and at it.

“I thought I would get a tour of your vessel as part of my visit?” Hab’rabi questioned.

“Let me check in with my officers, and make sure we have what we need to fix your ship. I would assume you would want to oversee the work. My people are good, but it is your ship.”

“You certainly would need some help, I think. But if the anti-matter is definitely coming I can awake the remainder of the crew.”

“I need to go make sure my officers have their orders, Lt Cmdr Korczak will stay with you in case you need anything. There is a refresher through there, and a bed if you wish to rest. There is a small observation lounge down the corridor as well.” She paused considering, “Just one last question, if you would indulge me. The floating moats around you seem to giving my crew some vexation. What are they? I haven’t seen anything like that since Gibveena. There they were sparks of static electricity in the atmosphere.”

Rende, CO

“They are the Remnants, Captain. Some call them spirits, but I don’t event think they are that organized… I think they are what is left of the life force of my kin, when they move on to the next dimension. That undiscovered country from whose bourn no traveler returns.” He shrugged. “Aside from the honored person they represent they do little, but light the room and our way.”

“Our scientists have detected focused patterns that are not random in the lights… so some think that the lights carry memories, but I’ve had a thousand pass through me” He shook his head. “Haven’t had a single random thought = Nothing.” He brushed one with his and and it flew away from him slightly before coming back.

Hab’rabi glanced at the Commander and then back at the Captain. He nodded as if he understood everything perfectly, “Of course Captain.”

Forgrave was captivated by Hab’rabi’s fatalistic attitude; and felt that maybe he could understand the motivation behind it - after all, it was one he had shared at more than one point in the past. When you have next to nothing left, you still have your own dignity and pride to defend - but then; those can be meaningless when juxtaposed against the lives and safety of your companions. And as for the past.... well, ‘what could have been’ was nothing less than a corrosive poison that burnt away at one’s sanity.

-Forgrave, CoS


She motioned for Forgrave, Korczak, and Woods to join her, leaving Forgrave’s two officers in the room. She walked down the corridor and watched for those infernal lights. They made her trigger happy. Ensuring there were no lights anywhere around. “Korczak, if you want to give him a ‘tour’ I trust your judgement to keep him in the dark. Or if you feel you’re better off at the staff meeting we’ll keep him under guard here. Forgrave I want you at the staff meeting. I don’t like that Darz is not where she should be.
Any ideas on that? Woods?” Rende could feel the tension in all of them, but there was something more focused in Woods demenour.

Rende, CO

“Yes Ma’am - I don’t like her unexpected absence either; and certainly not with everything else going on. If you’ll pardon me, I may be a bit late to that meeting - I want to run a few things down first. I’ll try not to be long.”

“The lights are interesting. Some kind of data link interface that suggests sentience or consciousness. Maybe even… I hate to say it, but ghosts or spirits. But not like from … Think of it like a consciousness construct of sorts. Perhaps simulation. I’m not sure.” His brow knitted in concentration and the rest of his face was filled with consternation. “We should look into the data package they sent over.”

“But there’s more than that. We could tell that his nerve conduction velocity and fidelity and all were heightened compared to a baseline human. About twenty-five to thirty percent. Making him faster. But it’s not just that. He processes faster. Clarity of thought is increased. That would be supposition on the last. But i can confirm it. Compared to the average person, his mind is orderly, neat, clear. Disciplined. Whether that’s natural or from training I don’t know as of yet. But he’s on par with a Vulcan or Betazoid that’s in good shape. Don’t think he’s at any kind of Master level.” He continued quietly, keeping an eye out for more floating lights.

“He’s cunning. Slippery. We know that. The main thing he cares about is t hat anti-matter. And he’s willing to trade himself for it. But I’m not sure it’s for the benefit of his people. I sensed resignation off of him, as well as manipulation or contemplation of it. So whatever is going on, he wants that anti-matter bad.” He paused for a moment, “Devil’s advocate? <anipulation can be for both bad and good intentions. So … this may just be desperation.”

A thought came to him after a moment. “What if he’s not who he says he is? How would we know? For all we know, he could be a fugitive or trying to hijack that ship.” He took a deep breath, letting it out through his nose. “I know if I were on the up-and-up, I’d want to know where more of my people are. Even a Vulcan would. So that doesn’t track unless he’s running. Or it’s a cultural thing and they don’t care. Most advanced cultures are pretty social though. We’re being fed a line of bull and being told it’s candy, Captain.”

Lt Woods, CSO

“You’ve certainly got a better feel for the man than I do, Lt. Woods. I do think desperation is a good word - if nothing else, I think we oughta try and be careful; my concern is that Hab’rabi may make a move out of desperation if pushed. And I can’t speak for y’all, but I sure don’t want to find out the hard way what he’s capable of.”

-Forgrave, CoS

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Hab’rabi looked about… “The ship just dropped out of warp and then back in.” He looked about. The ship went to yellow alert… “What is going on?”

An unnamed security officer shrugged. “I only know what they tell me, but I’m sure it’s nothing that concerns either of us.” He paused again an rocked slightly in his boots. Resting his hands on his waist, one suggestively close to his phaser the officer got a little closer with a squint… “Unless there’s something you know....”

Hab’rabi looked unafraid and unconvinced. The security guard demeanor continued to be slightly hostile and started speaking to Hab’rabi in low tones. “If you want to… remain… ” some unheard words. “why not take whole what they…”

Hab’rabi mumbled back, “That’s madness… I will .... I don’t, won’t … One life is enough to ” The starting of each sentence was more emphatic and thus louder than his other words.


Ensign Sacco looked at his hand for a moment and then dropped his phaser, then reached down to pick it up before stopping and staring it for a moment. =^=Medical emergency… I think I just shot our visitor…=^=

Ensign Sacco

It was a few minutes before Semenza came rushing in, his med kit in hand. As soon as he had arrived, he knelt by the visitor in order to assess his condition. “What happened, exactly?”

~ Lt Semenza, CMO

Sacco stood a couple of meters away from Hab’rabi. His phaser was on the floor between his legs. The security officer didn’t seem to want to pick it up. “I don’t know. I was standing by the door… you know guarding. Then I was standing here, my phaser had just discharged at point blank range.”

Semenza scans of Hab’rabi would show about the same thing. Hab’rabi was stunned at close range and then shot 2-4 times at high stun - these following shots were at point blank into his skull. Hab’rabi was alive, but more than a little unconscious. With that level of fire, at that range, Semenza couldn’t imagine there wasn’t some sort of brain damage. His medical tricorder indicated as much, but the targeting seemed to be in the Pre-Frontal Cortex, burning right to the Hippocampus. His vitals outside of that seemed normal for a person of his race that was stunned super hard.

The motes flew about Hab’rabi in a manner that only could be describe as angrily. There was notably fewer motes, perhaps 3 when normally there was 5 or 6 about him at any time.


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