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Peter inclined his head “I won’t cause any problems of my own volition” He said simply. He walked forward calmly and put himself in the middle of the group, hands to his sides he looked to either side.

Issac nodded slowly. “Hard ta ask fer much more ‘n that.”

As the two talked, Kohr turned his attention to the nearby computer terminal. Thinking quickly the Klingon set up a sort of rolling force field sequence that would take Forgrave and Sigmundsson to the brig without giving the commander—and potentially the remnant—more than two sections of free movement. The idea was simple: the computer would allow them to proceed into a sealed section and both contain and lock out the previous section until it could be cleared. That way, if the remnant chose to remain behind it would still be contained. While this would effectively seal off the procession pathway to any but the command staff until the sections could be cleared, he could see no other option than beaming them to the brig.

As much as Kohr preferred that simpler method, honor dictated that he attempt to rectify the situation without lethal measures. After all, the remnants had done no lasting damage that they were aware of. If that were to become a truth, however…

He pushed that grim thought away. If it came, he would deal with it; until then, he would do what he felt right. He waited until Sigmundsson was fully in their custody before explaining his intention to Forgrave and his security detail. “Take only as many as you require; the rest will remain here with me. The fewer we risk, the fewer needed to verify.”

Letting out a slow breath, Kohr moved to the terminal opposite the path the others would take and placed a hand next to it. “I, for one, will be most pleased when this becomes unnecessary. Until then, we must do as we must.”
—Kohr, Executive Officer—

Peter nodded respectfully at the First officer’s actions, a good tactical move “I only recall arriving at the Holosuite and exercising, I recall feeling only a desire to do something enjoyable. A need to feel good where nothing else matters” He said as he looked into the room “If the same happens I do not believe I would use force as I have never enjoyed violence beyond a friendly spar.” He explained “But a team of three with phasers set to high stun covering the rear at either end, weapons drawn. That should be enough. I’m not sure if I’m fast enough to take three out at once without cover.” He spoke in a conversational tone “I do recommend having drawn and aimed weapons, otherwise you won’t have time” There wasn’t any bravado or arrogance in his tone, he seemed very sure in his talents.


As Kohr outlined the plan, Issac emptied his pockets into NE Yogesh’s hands. Sigmundsson had given his word to ‘behave’, but Issac had no intentions of arming the man; intentionally or otherwise. He doubted that the man actually needed anything that he wasn’t born with to be deadly, but there was no sense in making things easier for him.

“Hmmmm… You three; with me - stay just shy of the sealed zone that we’re in. Yogesh; please take mine and the Lt. Commander’s possessions to my office. Rest of ya, hang back, see if the Exec needs ya fer anything. Otherwise, let’s see here, you two tail behind our group in case everything goes south. All of ya; stun first, questions later - and that includes myself, ya hear? But only stun; let me be clear on that.” A fierce gaze lingered on his men, waiting for acknowledgement of his orders.

Orders doled out, Forgrave turned back to the intelligence officer. “Well sir; shall we be off then?”

-Forgrave, CoS

With the situation well in-hand, Kohr motioned for the detail set to remain to move behind him before engaging the progression program. The air before him sizzled to life, casting his hardened features in a grim amber glow. There was no end to his displeasure at having to treat his own crewmates in such a manner, but the situation outweighed his personal feelings. There was, however, the briefest respite to his demeanor—a brief twitch of his lip that could have almost been called a smile as they turned away.

And yet, he thought to himself pridefully, the acquit themselves admirably.

Peter nodded his head slowly and began walking “You know Forgrave, I think arresting me gives you the right to call me Peter” He said in a slightly amused tone “Since you are doing my old job” He could still feel his anger simmering at a nice low temperature but it was contained, for now he could simply converse. It had been months since the last time somebody pointed a phaser at him, odd that he missed that.


Forgrave chuckled. “Reckon so? Well Peter; I don’t care for being rude, so feel free ta call me Issac.” He was silent for a moment, considering the man’s words. “Ya used ta be Security Chief? Seems ta be a bit of a trend; going from Security ta Intelligence; though I suppose it does make sense enough ta me.” The trip through the corridors was going well so far, and Issac appreciated the bit of conversation. He felt awkward arresting a fellow officer; doubly so considering he was so new to the ship. He was considering thanking the man for his cooperation; but he thought it might be a touch early for that - there was still plenty of time for something to go wrong…

Peter chuckled rather drily at that “It was some time ago, back when…” He immidiately stopped as the Captain made her announcement.

Through the comm came the captain’s voice to the party, =/\=Rende to Forgrave. We have a possible situation with our guest. Take or send a team and meet medical there.=/\=

Rende, CO

Damn you, Murphy! Issac’s eyes flitted over to Peter; wondering if he was going to try anything. Damn; hard to have worse timing… He considered where they were in relation to their destination; and what bare information had been given. Worst case scenario… we’re all fragged and don’t know it yet. So time don’t matter. More likely, we’re reacting ta somethin’ in progress; but it’s a ‘possible’ situation, so.... we don’t know anything. Damn!

Issac barked out to his comrades “Pick up the pace, we’re on a timeline now!” He sped up into a light jog; glancing to the side to make sure Peter was matching his pace - not that there was much of an option with the rolling force fields. =/\=Read ya Ma’am; I’ll be on my way soon. Escorting Lt. Sigmundsson ta the brig now; sending ya a squad - Quarters or conference room?=/\= He shook his head in exasperation as he got off the comm. “Seems we got a situation with our guest; sorry fer rushing ya along Sir; but seems chaos ain’t waiting for us today.”

Forgrave, CoS

=/\=Quarters on deck 25 where our guest is. NE Sacco reports that he shot Hab’rabi=/\=

Peter simply started jogging alongside the Security Chief, quietly keeping his position at equal distance from all three members of his escort “No need for apologies, normally I’d advise you go on and leave me in the hands of your team but until I’m cleared by medical I can’t be fully trusted” he said it in a blunt straightforward way.


Kohr frowned as the group picked up their pace around the corridor’s curve. What had happened to send them hurried? The flashing of energized fields behind them would have been almost comical in any other situation. Now, they only served to make his hand itch for the hilt of a bat’leth.

Turning to the console again, the Klingon called up to the bridge. He could almost hear the panic in the responding officer’s voice. Hab’rabi had been injured, but how? Knowing protocol as he did, he reasoned that Forgrave would be required to respond with Commander Sigmundsson in custody. Medical staff were already showing en route. If they could not stabilize the alien on-site, they would then have him moved to…

“Coordinate with the security personnel on this deck,” he barked at his detail, storming off in the direction of the nearest turbolift. “Assume positions at all major points of ingress and egress. No one leaves this deck without a confirmed medical scan. Maintain quarantine protocols so long as we are at alert status.”

Not waiting for confirmation, the Klingon slipped into the awaiting turbolift and pressed the door close button. “Sickbay!
—Kohr, Executive Officer—

=/\=Rende to Forgrave. NE Sacco has been detained. When you are finished we need an investigative team down here.=/\=

Rende, CO

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