Main Sim [Sickbay]: A Flicker of Understanding

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“Watkins, go with them and take full bio and neurological scans. hKh’tol do you have those on Cmdr Kohr yet? Elbbirt see if you can help the Lt over here,” she nodded her head towards Sheridan. Sheridan was stressed, the three security officers were confused, two of them embarrassed, and didn’t like having to detain one of their own. ‘Join the club.

Kalika hadn’t truly been guarded, having come along so compliantly though the trip had been arduous with every hallway containment barrier having to be individually released then reset as they traversed the hall to the medical department. So when she saw Khor, her XO, laying on the floor, she had been stunned just a moment. But when the order to put him on the bio bed was barked, she had dropped her towel that had been draped over her shoulder, and slipped past her half attentive guards to assist those lifting him to the biobed. Being half Orion, she had more strength than most of the others in sick bay and was a great help.

That is till one of her stunned jailers realized what she had done and grabbed her arm to yank her back, half growling in her ear. “Kalika… you can’t help him. You have to be quarantined.” She looked up to growl back and paused. The face looking at her was one she remembered from when she had been found half dead upon her return to this realm. Her body broken, burned and half gone with pain and dehydration. “Your eyes. I remember you. You found me that day.... didn’t you?” The Ensign nodded. “I looked after you then, I’ll look after you now. Now come so you can be cleared. There is no one better to look after the XO than you, at this moment. But not if you aren’t cleared first.”

The medical officers tending to the executive officer grunted as they heaved the Klingon onto a biobed and got him set up. One jerked a thumbs-up in Fayth’s direction before leaning exhaustively against the wall. Kohr was well in-hand.

Watkins nodded, “Lt Darz, come with me please and we’ll get you settled.” She led the Lt who looked like she might have taken a shower in her clothes, to the first quarantine room to begin the scans.

Kalika didn’t say a word and came as called. Obedient, though unwilling, she went along because she knew the Ensign was right. She was no use to anyone until she was cleared.


Watkins entered the quarentine room with her and a tap of the button near the door erected the bio-filter fields. SOP. She turned on the biobed and waited for Kalika to sit down. She pulled the hand held scanner out of her tricorder and began the full physical and neurological work ups that Dr Fayth had asked for. “The scans won’t take too long Lt. But the doctors will have to clear you. Can you tell me anything about what happened to you? Anything at all that you remember?”

“Get it to where you can drop a forcefield,” she barked to Fayth who seemed at a loss for how to proceed. At the same time, she took the pocket phaser Markus had passed her and set the beam width to spread by about fifteen degrees. The motes were smaller than the ones on the target practice range. She set for heavy stun. The type 1 phaser didn’t have as many settings as a type 2, but it still could disintegrate and vaporize targets if she had to. But firing anything more than heavy stun in sickbay? That wasn’t something she wanted to risk, though if she had to she’d step it up to light or heavy disrupt. Even this was only a stop-gap if the force field didn’t work.

Lt j.g. Miranda R. Sheridan, Sci

With the stress and resentment and fear running around the ship, Sharah almost snapped at the woman. She had no idea who she was or what she was doing. Obviously, Sharah was going to try and trap the thing. “You are not shooting a phaser in sickbay. There are patients in here.” It came out harsh and Sharah felt bad immediately. The tension on the ship was rising and getting to her. She turned back to the floating light....was it closer? She moved away from the entry way back towards the main medical bay where a field could be dropped, ‘Come on, follow me. Nothing interesting in there…

Fayth, med

With Sharah distracted by the flurry of activity in both her mind and in Sickbay, she was perhaps too slow to evade the dancing ember. Had there not been so many people and thoughts demanding her attention, she might have noticed the flicker of response the mote gave off to each touch of her telepathic speech. And perhaps, too, she would have sensed its change in both behavior and intent—from lackadaisical to focused, from bored to intense. The moment Sharah’s body began to withdraw towards the main chamber of Sickbay, it was simply there flickering against the skin of her brow.

It did not hurt or burn or tickle or any of the other sensations Sharah might have expected as it moved through her skin and… what? There was no real way for her logical mind to process what she should have been feeling, and the absence almost made her mind ache. She would almost want to laugh for a reason she couldn’t understand. This was all so confusing because she honestly felt better. Comfort, that was perhaps the best word she could describe her emotional state. Though there were others in the room with her, she felt safe and whole. Complete. The voices in the back of her mind—the minds of the rest of the crew, almost ever-present—were quieter now. They weren’t being blocked or shoved away, just not as strong. Closer, but somehow muted. A part of her struggled to catalogue everything; another half of her was content to just be.

It was very disorienting.

Something wasn’t quite right, she finally realized. That feeling of comfort and belonging suddenly gave way to something else, a sense of disquiet. Sharah could feel emotions boiling up within her, emotions she could not find the cause for. They washed over her like a wave, hammered into her mind over and over until it plunged her consciousness under. The room spun and dipped, swam and tilted, then finally fell away. She found herself in a dark space, bursts of light and sound beating against her, threatening to erode her very sense of self!

Sharah stumbled, dizzy and unable to see straight as the emotions drowned her and she sank into this new storm that had taken residence in her head. She was alone and scared in the dark. Then the flashes and light began, memories, life, data, emotions, the nameless input, and she lost her sense of self. In sickbay her body stumbled and a hand reached out to steady herself against the door frame.

Then it was gone as quickly as it had happened, leaving her a touch dazed but otherwise nonplussed. The emotions—contentment, sorrow, confusion, curiosity, dread—clung to the inside of her skull like cobwebs, but the meaning behind them faded more quickly than a dream. It had all happened in a flash, between the space of one breath and the next, but she felt exhausted. It was little wonder, then, when she did not react to the mote of luminescence slipping free of her brow once more to linger in the air. It seemed dimmer now, almost translucent. Then, it winked out in a burst of what Sharah could only describe as thought, a single word that had profound impact on her. A single tear slipped free of Sharah’s restraint, tumbling down her cheek as that word echoed over and over in her mind.


The mote left her, but despite that she was still linked with it. The sadness, the loneliness, the overwhelming need for one’s mother to kiss the booboos and make them better drew a tear from her. And then the life was gone. Simply gone, no longer to exist, alone, desperate, searching for comfort - and then gone. A single sob was ripped from her throat before she forced the sobs back to be held at bay. She simply could not get lost in death. She wasn’t five years old anymore. She would be okay. She could mourn, but not yet. But still the tears streamed down her face. She was aware that she was still in sickbay and whatever had happened to her, must be happening to others. Certainly the motes had at least been in contact with Lt Cmdr Kohr. The tricorder and scanner still in hand she turned it on herself and began taking physical and neurological readings on herself.

The images, the reality faded to nothing more than a vague dream. Only flashes remained and Sharah didn’t want to forget. In a last effort to try and connect with someone the life that had been that light had chosen her, whether it wanted to or not. “Computer, begin recording,” the computer trilled and while she worked the words, the images, the feelings the fading memories poured out of her and into the computer record. Fayth moved over to the main computer display to look at the results of the scans she’d conducted on Fairweather.

“Computer compare the scans from Fairweather, Kohr, Kalika, Fayth, Sigmundsson, D’Val, and Pierce. Note any similarities in their scans.”

There was a small commotion at the door as Semenza arrived with Hab’rabi. “Dr. Semenza, we have the scan results from the detainees in the brig. Cmdr Kohr has been affected as well…and I…” Fayth couldn’t seem to shake the overwhelming grief over the death of the mote, “I was as well. The data is all here,” and she pointed at he main diagnostic display.

Fayth, med

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