Sustenance and Shenanigans (Attn All Crew! Everyone Welcome!)

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Rende nodded, “That’s true, last time was…The Dominion War. But I was enjoying semi retirement.” She taught a combat class a couple days a week for the Academy, but other than that she’d been enjoying not working. And being in command was far to comfortable these days. At some point Star Fleet had decided to make the captain’s chair comfortable and being comfortable wasn’t something she thought a captain should be. Then again, her old bones were thankful for it.

The Klingon pushed his plate back with a thumb and folded his arms across his chest pensively. “Assuming we were only stranded with, say, two other members of the crew, I would take Lieutenant Asam and Lieutenant Sharvi. Your mate would be quite adept in the construction of shelters and watercraft, and Tath’ihl is prepared for any maladies we might incur on our journey. Each would offer their own degree of specialization, but their general function could be covered by either if they became incapacitated.”

“Unless, of course,” Kohr chuckled, leaning toward Rende with a flash of amusement in his eye, “your husband does not know the Warrior’s Anthem.”
—Kohr, Executive Officer—

Rende grinned reflecting Kohr’s amusement. It would be a hard pressed fight between her XO and her husband, but Eldorin would hold his own. Just not in the way people were expecting. Of course that didn’t mean he would win in a physical confrontation. Eldorin was an experienced fighter, but it was his mind that made him dangerous, even in a fight. He had no delusions about his physical prowress. He was fit and trained well enough, but he fought smart. Rende was the brawler. She didn’t say anything, Eldorin didn’t need her to defend him and Kohr had issued the challenge.

Eldorin looked towards Kohr and to Rende, a smile on his face as he started to gently hum a tune with lyrics softly making their way from his North Irish accented lips “Qoy qeylIS puqloD Qoy puqbe’pu’ yoHbogh matlhbogh je SuvwI’..... Something like that anyways I think…” Eldorin said, truly reciting the entirety of his knowledge but not giving away that he always got too drunk on blood wine to remember anything after the first three lines. He was after all a light weight and was good at hiding it, Rende knew and for the most part Eldorin enjoyed a drink once and a while but it was nothing that would make a Klingon warrior proud. He pointed a fork at the XO and said, “Me dear XO when was the last time ye took a look at who authored the Starfleet Survival Training guide hmm?” Now to be fair it wasn’t himself or Rende, but he wanted to see what the XO would do. She was consulted and her name did appear in the combat sections as a primary instructor, but he wanted to make the XO sweat a little if possible.

Eldorin, CE

Internally Peter cringed at the song and for a moment his control slipped and he groaned audibly but he covered it quickly with a bite of his salad and managed not to change his expression at all. He did eye the Chief Engineer at his comment, taunting your superior was never a good plan no matter how ancient or well married but he didn’t comment.


Rende didn’t hide her cringe. Eldorin could not sing in Klingon. But the cringe did hide the roll of her eyes as the antics between Kohr and Eldorin thickened. She wasn’t worried about it. She and Kohr had spoken and she’d made it very clear to Kohr that Eldorin would get no special treatment from her. Crew discipline fell on Kohr’s shoulders and she expected him to treat them all the same. If Eldorin was out of line, she expected Kohr to handle it. Of course Kohr was Klingon and off duty expectations were different for them. More in line with how Rende thought. And Eldorin knew this too. Hell when he’d been in command and she’d served under him, he’d given her formal reprimands on more than one occasion. Ones duty did not cross over into ones personal life. But then, they’d had centuries to learn that - the hard way.

Rende, CO

Korczak watched the conversation and smiled. His look was passive… but there was a glint in his eyes that said he found some of what was being said amusing.

Korczak, CNS

Rende picked up her glass and sipped it, hiding a grin and winked in Korczak’s direction. This was going to end gloriously, but only if Rende could stop from laughing too soon.

Kohr did not give Eldorin the satisfaction of a glance in response. Instead, the Klingon took another slow bite of roast with a blithe expression on his face. He had come to know the rougher side to the Asams; one could say they were almost Klingon in their humor when they knew one could take it. The chief would not go so far as to drag him across the table for a headbutt as one would expect in the Empire, but that would not prevent him from barbing Kohr into wishing he had.

“Death cares nothing for names,” he replied with a dismissive grunt. If the chief wanted to trade jibes, Kohr would indulge him. “Knowing the name of Kahless does not make historians into warriors. It is through the use of the bat’leth and the spilling of blood that one finds their ghojmoH!”

Eldorin smiled as he rolled his tongue in his mouth a moment or two before saying, “Suvlu’taHvIS yapbe’ HoS neH” As he let those words sink in a moment he then followed it up with “If you dahn’t study yooehr past you’re doomed to repeat it, and while knowin te’ name o’ Kahless isn’t enooehgh that’s true. Boeht study o’ ‘is tactecs and knowin what ‘e accahmpleshed is.” Eldorin said, his Northern Irish accent thick as he mulled an idea over in his head before giving a wink to Rende.

Rende knew that look, and had seen that particular devil may care wink on Eldorin’s face many times. She almost chocked on her food, but instead got the bite washed down with her drink and cleared her throat slightly. She leaned back in her chair, one heel propped on the edge of her seat, and tore pieces off her bread and ate them.

Kohr gave a sly chuckle and sank his teeth into a hunk of meat from his plate. It was no flank of targ, but it did well to push his point home. A part of him did, however, wish he had a pint of blood wine instead of the softer drink he’d chosen. This gathering was finally getting interesting!
—Kohr, Executive Officer—

It was a gambit that was absolutely and totally a massive risk, on one hand he would have the respect of the XO and make a point that he was engaging with the crew as they would in their own cultures within reason. The Federation after all was a melting pot and not some Borglike assimilation where everyone followed the rules. On the other hand though he could very well find himself with a splitting headache in the brig for assaulting a superior officer. Now it didn’t matter that Eldorin had been a Commodore in past service, he took a voluntary demotion when coming onboard to retain the command structure in place and didn’t mind at all. While he did indeed hold that superior rank when it came to full protocol situations or in an emergency his old rank would take effect, right now he was just a Lieutenant who was about to headbutt a Lieutenant Commander. He stood up and said “In fact I believe tat Kahless wance said dat ‘dere is no vectahry wethooeht cahmbat’ so to prahve me point dere cahmmander” Eldorin remarked before leaning across the table and grabbing the XO’s collar and using as much strength as he had, lifted him up and headbutted the officer before letting go and letting out a great laugh while his vision blurred from the impact.

Picking up on Kohr’s change in demeanor, that he was amused, interested, and even screwing with the chief engineer brought a grin to his face, though he mostly focused on his plate. At the same time he felt some of the tension in his shoulders ease and drop. He knew only a little of Kohr. Some of his history was in his file of course. The guy had been through a lot, and while he might never be able to go back to his own people, Markus couldn’t help but be glad Kohr was on their side and on their ship. THe viking actually had a history of Klingons aboard. What better place for cultural warriors than on a ship that paid homage to warriors of old? That thought alone made him smile more, mostly to himself while waiting to see how the matter would play out.

Lt Woods, CSO

Rende, CO

Eldorin, CE

Kohr blinked, stunned. Not from the impact, certainly; as a Klingon, his head enjoyed the protection of dense bone meant to ward off such feeble blows. No, it was more the unexpected gesture. He couldn’t even bring himself to consider it an attack, as Eldorin was cackling like a madman. Of course, he had almost sprawled into his chair after releasing the Klingon, so perhaps the impact had shaken loose his senses. Kohr blinked again, frowned, and stared hard at the man. He couldn’t believe the elder male—a head shorter and almost half his weight!—had shown the ghojmoH to…!

A growl built low in his throat, rattling around behind his ribs like a snarling razor beast. It boiled and blistered up his throat, shearing bone and sinew as it clawed its way to the back of his tongue. It seared across the back of his mouth, rattled and shook his clenched teeth. In a final surge to break free, it threw himself with all its might against his will and shattered it, forcing the Klingon to lurch forward with jaw parted to bite it back.

Haa!” he barked, a sharp and startling noise that rang against the bulkheads. The one explosive breath nearly robbed him entirely of air, and it was a clear moment before his body found the strength to build up another. “Hahaaa!

Rende watched for what she knew was coming…leaned back in her chair a slight smirk to the corner of her mouth…the chair tipped carelessly back on two legs…her shoulder shaking with suppressed laughter…then Kohr laughed and Rende’s own laughter escaped in a rush…and the chair tipped backwards and hit the floor with her in it. “Oooff.” She laughed for a moment longer before executing an impressive backwards summersault for a woman of her advanced age she came to her feet and righted her chair still chortling.

As if that violent burst of energy had been the only thing keeping him aloft Kohr collapsed backward heavily into his chair, slamming his gloved hand on the table with a cough of laughter. So savage was the blow that the plates and silverware jounced angrily before settling… only to be startled again when he pounded the table repeatedly. The Klingon’s body was racked with wild laughter until finally he lunged forward to sneer at Rende.

Anticipating the slam, the silent Counselor had lifted the plate and glass before him and then sat them back down, never saying a word… just smiling a half smile as he continued to observe the exchanges.

Markus did as well, but simply fanned out his hand. Neither plate nor glass left the table, despite the jostling. Or at least they didn’t hop nearly so much.

“His words are strange and his frame is lacking,” he chortled to the captain, “but he has the heart of a mountain!”

Rende laughed, “Aye and the stubbornness that goes with it.” Then she grabbed a napkin and chucked at Eldorin, “Yer head’s bleedin’ old man.”

Kohr’s arm lanced across the table to strike Eldorin in the shoulder, a gesture of camaraderie that nearly toppled the man from his seat, before he settled with a satisfied grin. The Klingon shared a toothy smirk and a nod with everyone at the table, then lurched to his feet once more.

“I must find something stronger than root beer to—” he gave the chief another bark of a laugh, “—soothe my pride from such a… bestial blow, haha!”
—Kohr, Executive Officer—

Peter had been eyeing the exchange with a stoic expression as he slowly and methodically consumed his salad. He didn’t give much of a reaction when the Engineer headbutted the Klingon first officer nor when the Klingon made his rather expected response. “IF you wish to try something new I recommend brennivín, a spiced schnapps from my home island” He said looking at the Klingon “It’s no stronger than any other Human distilled schnapps or aquavit but the flavor is enjoyable and the burn is soothing. Best drunk chilled and often alongside Fermented shark. When I was a freelancer I’d often trade brennivín for firewine in the Empire.”


Rende, CO

Korczak, CNS

As Peter spoke up, Markus’ gaze landed on the man, filing those bits away. “Fermented shark, you say? Not something I’ve heard of. I’ve heard of shark fin soup, and shark steaks, but never that. Are you talking the real deal, or replicated,” Markus asked. He took a moment to drain the rest of his glass, then made his way over to the replicator, and pulled up a personal program. A moment later he had a whiskey glass, loaded with something amber and that looked decidedly like the real deal and sat down once more. Most of the time replicators produced synthehol. But with only a little work they could be persuaded to make the real thing. And they were off duty, so what the hell?

Woods, CSO

“Real deal. There’s only a handful of sharks used for food every year, no one saw the point in trying to replicate such a specific food as there was no real demand but traditions are traditions.” Peter said in a simple tone “It’s already rare enough to work with actual meat nowadays.”


“I had fermented shark in Iceland. I recommend the drink suggestion. As for the dish itself, I will say it is a… memorable… taste sensation.” Korczak said with a mock shudder.

Korczak, CNS

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