Arrival on USS Viking

Posted Dec. 1, 2021, 12:52 a.m. by Ensign Mike Jones (Doctor) (Bob Spicer)

Mike sat in the confines of the small freight hauler and shifted from one side to the other uncomfortably. He kept telling himself that it wouldn’t be long now but that didn’t seem to help the cramping in his thighs. He was pressed in on all sides by crates, boxes, and bags. He was heading toward the vicinity of the Viking while the freight was headed to a half dozen different destinations. As it happened it wasn’t long after this thought that the terminally frowning Captain told him to hold on to his belongings.

In the next instant he found himself standing in the transporter room of the Viking, as the operator gave him an amused look. “This IS the Viking is it not?” Mike asked. His response was a broader grin and a nod from the operator. Mike shook his head, looked around and sighed. Well, he was here. All he had to do now was to find a map of the ship and find his quarters. This he found easily outside of the transporter room. Then it was just a matter of getting there! He was pulling behind him a wheeled bag and had an old canvas duffel throw when across his shoulder. The corridors he walked through now were oddly familiar. Muted white walls from which huge letters and numbers erupted at one on occasion to let you know where you were.

It was sometime later he finally walked into his small quarters. He dropped his luggage then and smiled as he said to the walls. "Wow I made it. Now let's not screw something up!" After sitting down on his bunk a few minutes just to stretch his legs he finally rose and headed off to his next stop. Sickbay!

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