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Posted Dec. 1, 2021, 1:41 a.m. by Sam Haynes

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Posted by Sam Haynes in OOC New Crew

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Attention everyone! We have new crew! Someone who has answered the call to adventure and exploration! He has chosen to test his metal directly and we are sure that he will come out the other side as one of brave and true!

Everyone please welcome aboard Bob Spicer who is joining our Medical department as En Mike Jones. Welcome aboard Bob! You will find sword and shield in your quarters, drink and feasting in the mess hall. Oh and if you see the Cap limping on her hip just remind her to talk to the doc about it. (Or to be safe have her husband tell her).

Welcome aboard!


Hey there, Bob! Welcome to the madhouse. Watch out for the glowing floating bug things. They do things to you.

Sam H.

Howdy, Bob! Welcome to the team. Don’t mind the lights; they’re perfectly safe. Mhm mhm! It’s Sam you have to worry about… and the rest of these jokers.

Hey now, what did I do to deserve that? - sad kit fox eyes

Sam H.

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